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Unseeking Seeker 09-11-2022 12:58 AM

God vision
Glimmers of white light beckons us from space,
as a veil invisible flickers thus,
shifting a bit that we may see Godís face;
so boundless is His compassion for us!
In astonishment we imbibe Godís grace,
following the scent of love without fuss,
gripped in rapture of the divine bliss beat,
borne of Divine Motherís magnetic heat!

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 15-11-2022 11:52 AM

Dare we
one end of the net
is always open
the way we swam in
but gossamer like patterns
exert a hypnotic pull
trapping us therein

there now remains no choice
except to liquefy form
becoming the water element
to secure release

Unseeking Seeker 20-11-2022 01:45 AM

Rapture ineffable
Bindu, Third eye and Crown
Entwine with the heart's jingle
Bliss pulsations rise, therein we drown
Behold oh hermit, how pheromones mingle

Unseeking Seeker 30-11-2022 03:43 AM

Our hidden eye
Our hidden eye, feels each life thrust,
in aspect embrace and release,
knowing this dream to be a tease,
inevitable, on earth's crust,
which for soul learning is a must,
as long as pain does not so crease,
our hidden eye.

Free from desire and feral lust,
unfettered, we do as we please,
each life breath is from God on lease,
in our heartís soulís cognition just ~
our hidden eye.


Unseeking Seeker 07-12-2022 03:39 AM

What are the odds
Hoping Godís wisdom will fall into our lap
without choosing to shift in thought, word and deed,
are we blind to the yawning head and heart gap
and cravings of ego we are yet to weed,
as form ages and we feel energy sap
while we deludedly try to pick up speed,
dreaming that we will find love and light within
even though God search we are yet to begin?

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 11-12-2022 03:07 AM

All encompassing light
Flakes of wisdom carried by mists of bliss
osmotically permeates our form,
gripped in rapture as polarities kiss,
carried away by this benign love storm,
in joy currents that are both cool and warm.
Pranic pathways within transport nectar,
enlivening nodes sector by sector,
as ignition renews by day and night,
until vast space becomes the bliss vector
and then all that remains is but God's light.


Unseeking Seeker 14-12-2022 12:59 AM

Before I Am
Beginning with I am so and so
We drop identity label
What's left is I Am
An affirmation
Of aliveness
But before I Am
Is that that causes
Spanda ~ life movement
It is there where seeking ends

Unseeking Seeker 17-12-2022 05:38 AM

we engage in debate awhile
with the fundamentalistic eristic
he seeks to win and we are here for fun
head and heart lines do not intersect
what is truthful is not convenient
so let the impasse remain
inked with compassion

Unseeking Seeker 19-12-2022 04:25 AM

Eureka moments
"Drop that thought ego begot
Hermit, be thou thus self-taught"


an invisible tumbler falls
a hidden veil drops away
a bubble of delusion bursts
urging others to follow suit
unglued from tendencies

Such eureka moments
lead us back to the source
where we are and were
but momentarily clouded
by thought now relinquished

Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2022 01:20 AM

Benign bliss burn
Here we go again,
dancing in the rain,
Ďtwixt dew drops of bliss,
where void and soul kiss.

How may we translate
the way nodes gyrate,
when grazed by love's touch,
without thought form crutch?

Rising from within,
bubbling on our skin,
divine magnetism
ignites body prism.

Rapture heart imbibes
transmits sublime vibes,
holding in embrace,
outpourings of grace.

Layered silence yields
to power love wields,
for none can resist,
touch of God's bliss mist.

As nodes within stir,
all boundaries blur;
we become the all
drenched in this bliss squall.


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