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Unseeking Seeker 21-06-2022 12:10 PM

Dark night of the soul

There is this strange feeling of emptiness
Dark night of the soul, when all seems in vain
Flickering yet, is light of awareness

We recognise underlying oneness
Yet assimilation is not ingrained
There is this strange feeling of emptiness

What avail intermittent blissfulness
Our blackened soul still carries ugly stains
Flickering yet, is light of awareness

Fearful contractions interrupt stillness
Meaningless seem erst gains, now boon is bane
There is this strange feeling of emptiness

Attention anchored in stuporousness
How may we free ourself from ego chains
Flickering yet, is light of awareness

How long must we remain, in deep darkness
We can bear not, God separation pain
There is this strange feeling of emptiness
Flickering yet, is light of awareness


Unseeking Seeker 25-06-2022 05:35 AM


Consciousness wicker
Humming life potential
Feels the flame flicker
Deep striving continual

Content yet simmering
To enliven nodes within
It’s a burning yearning
As bliss grazes our skin

Vibrational movement
In void of soul’s silence
A transcending current
Bliss mist effervescence

Heart’s desire, life cause
Attachment is now shorn
That that died never was
Becoming the twice born

Unseeking Seeker 27-06-2022 04:57 AM

The vaporised self

Seeking’s replaced by a burning yearning
when pristine presence chooses to connect;
love in love with love, within heart churning,
divine aligned, makes our soul stance erect,
choosing God’s pathways, sublime and perfect.
Boundaries blur between the void and form,
as mind-body is swathed in a bliss storm,
gripped then thus by rapturous magnetism,
cognised as gentle eddy currents warm,
at play here and now, in our body prism.


Unseeking Seeker 30-06-2022 04:59 AM

Soul search

To whom comes this thought,
sunken and fear fraught?
Bid darkness adieu,
of ego’s milieu.

To whom comes desire,
we seem to aspire?
As an earth life test,
shadows manifest.

To whom comes this rage
though world’s but a stage?
Wake up now hermit
to reach the summit.


Unseeking Seeker 03-07-2022 03:13 AM

Choose love and light

Can we abdicate
thoughts that agitate,
which shrivel our soul,
burning like hot coal?

To whom do thoughts come,
that veil God’s kingdom,
shrouding divine light,
making day like night?

In-dwelling this form,
invite bliss pulse warm
to throb in each pore,
whilst keeping no score!


Unseeking Seeker 06-07-2022 04:00 AM

Point to ponder

Can we not let go
hope for an echo?
Why not love outpour,
whilst keeping no score?

Domino effect,
an ego defect,
veiling light of soul,
as we play life’s role.


Unseeking Seeker 09-07-2022 03:16 AM

Ohm reverberation

All that we see is but a divine dance,
bliss of union, pangs of separation,
polarities orbiting Ohm cadence,
making earth life joyous celebration,
for souls dwelling in void of cessation,
whilst for the rest, who yet harbour desire,
they remain befuddled until they tire,
thereupon choosing to unite with God,
consigning ego to funeral pyre,
thus becoming the light, that has us awed.


Unseeking Seeker 12-07-2022 06:41 AM

I Am

I Am
as am
eternally blissful
resident in mind-body
being an earth life vehicle
which I as awareness ensoul
to experience by touch polarity
manifest across all of visible duality
at play both within and around
from the micro to macro level
in a game of hide and seek
of separation and union
of anguish and delight
to slowly recognise
truth of oneness
being the self
who I Am

Unseeking Seeker 15-07-2022 11:12 AM

Awake within the dream
We celebrate trance,
dance that gives a chance,
to move up and down,
with no fear to drown.

We’re bound to a tree
by the Gunas three
that twirl us around
on earth’s holy ground.

Knowing we are soul,
we’re blissful and whole
but if we succumb
to lust, heart grows numb.

Love resonation
is our salvation
in any domain,
free from feral stain.


Notes: https://www.yogabasics.com/learn/the-3-gunas-of-nature/

Unseeking Seeker 19-07-2022 10:49 AM

Beyond thought ego begot

Let go of belief crutch ~
Enable love by touch


Belief is in mind,
we best leave behind.
In heart, sans thought flow,
feel throbs of bliss grow.

In heart we anoint,
joy that scriptures point,
feeling, not thinking;
love and light linking.

Life pulse dyadic
in void triadic,
feels Holy Spirit,
as of soul’s merit.

Beyond narrow thought,
be thou thus self-taught ~
threefold flame of Christ,
is imbibed, not priced.


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