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O 29-01-2018 01:47 PM

"As a singular being, the power you hold to heal is immense. Your internal structure is the mirror to the entire collective consciousness and your galactic family enjoys and delights in your ability to manifest physical energy. What many of you forget is that your physical energy is the currency by which the essence of your being is Healer, Manifestor, Creator. Through your singular experience here you are expanding worlds, creating worlds, honoring history and holding the space for collective healing. Enjoy this time on earth. Your personal transition is the anchored in rebirth of a new history here. Its interesting how you segment your timelines. You call one your spiritual journey or spiritual quest and another your personal experience. We are here to tell you that the personal experience is the spiritual quest. The healer that you are holds meaning in every action and interaction in which you exchange energy. So many of you are placing your assignments outside of yourselves, and you do such beautiful work with others, are of service in the collective consciousness. But where are you of service to yourself? Where are you using your energetic currency to re-write your own history? Do you realize when you do this, you affect the history of others in expansive and iconic ways? That is what we come to help you remember. The timelines you create for yourself and the way you maneuver through those timelines is the mirror by which collective energies manifest into experience. You are all intertwined in the magic and wonder of collective consciousness in physical form. Feel the joy and relief in this statement for a moment. Let itís meaning wash over your soul. You are the One. You have always been the One."
-Micheila Sheldan (download from Council Of Light)

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