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Soul Seeker 17-08-2021 10:00 PM

Adam sinned, not Eve. Why did Yahweh punish an innocent Eve?
Adam sinned, not Eve. Why did Yahweh punish an innocent Eve?

Be you a believer or not, your life has been affected by the mainstream religions and the myth of Adam and Eve. It is the source of Christian homophobia and misogyny.

There are many strange things in the myth of Adam and Eve.
Was Adam born alone or first?
If Adam was created in God’s image and likeness, who is woman modeled after?
Satan is depicted in part as a woman.
Who was she modeled on and why female? Likely because of evolution and women being men’s biological prize.

In law, to be punished, one must be shown to have evil intent or an evil mind. Latin, Men’s Rea.
This is what human justice is based on.
Was Eve innocent, given that she had no evil intent?

AbodhiSky 17-08-2021 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by Soul Seeker
Adam sinned, not Eve.

What do you base that on? In Genesis 3:6 Eve talks to the serpent then eats the fruit then gives some to Adam and he eats it. Eve started that whole thing by talking to the serpent. Did Adam even know where that fruit came from Eve gave him?

Why was there a serpent running around God's trees, that's what I wanna know.

Morpheus 17-08-2021 11:10 PM

There was an angelic situation involving Adam.
He wasn't like us, who are a result of the Fall.

The scripture says Eve is based upon Adam.

Not sure how you think their story is a source of homophobia. Aside that they were male and female.
But, there's more going on than what we can read.

Things changed after the Fall, as intended by the devil.
I believe it is involved with the Triune Brain Theory.

Traveler 17-08-2021 11:22 PM

Adam and Eve is an interesting fairytale. They're supposedly the parents of mankind. If that were true, inbreeding would have doomed the species long before now. And after they got kicked out of the garden, we learn of other races so they weren't the only 2 humans after all.

AbodhiSky 18-08-2021 12:45 AM

Oh yea Genesis 4:16 Then Cain went away from the presence of the Lord, and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden.

Ghaleon 18-08-2021 03:00 AM

The Adam & Eve story in Christianity is an inverted story of what actually happened. Eve was sent by Sophia (The Queen Of The Stars) as an instructor to enlighten and raise Adam up who still didn't have a soul. She told Adam to "rise" and when she said this Adam came to life. After this he said "Woman! You will be called Mother of the living for you have given me life"

The snake is depicted as being Satan (Marduk) in the Garden of Eden but the snake was an instructor sent by Sophia/Zoe (it is said by some that it was Sophia herself) and asked Eve, "What was it that God told you? To not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Eve answered "He said not only to not eat from the tree but also don't touch it lest you die" The snake replied "don't worry for when you eat from the tree your mind will be sobered and you will be like the Gods knowing the difference between good and evil people and surely you wont die, for he has said this to you because he is jealous" Eve believed the instructor and took and gave to her male counterpart and they ate. When the chief creator had returned to them he did not come to know w hat had happened and he called out "Adam where are you?" Adam answered i have come under the fig tree and he then knew what had transpired. The chief creator said to him why are you covering up if you had not already eaten from the tree that i have instructed you not to eat. Adam said "the woman you have given me told me to eat so i ate" He then turned to the woman and cursed her and said what is it that you have done? She replied it was the snake that instructed me to do so and then he turned and cursed the snake but due to his powerlessness he and the other rulers were blinded by the snake before he cursed it as well and all the offspring of Adam and Eve would be cursed and the Earth and the animals and nature. The chief creator then said "Behold! Adam has become like one of us knowing good from evil, let us cast him out of the garden"

The Authorities and Yaldaboath created man in "their" (or "his" depending on the context of the story his) image but the "likeness" of the human they created was in the likeness of the first human that they saw in the upper region of the primordial waters (khaa). Satan is equivalent to Baal, Amon Ra, Horus and he goes by many many other names. He is En.ki/Yaldaboaths son.

It is very important to understand that En.ki/Lucifer is the God of good but he is also the god of evil. He is the ultimate representation of duality! He has good traits and emotions about him but he is mostly evil. He, Marduk and Ereshkigal are responsible for the majority of problems we are facing here on Earth today.. These three (Four if you count Thoth, En.ki's firstborn son) beings get tremendous amounts of energy via they're worshippers and followers. This is beyond religion and Yaldaboath is the grand master of manipulation amongst other things. It is also important to understand that these G(g)ods and G(g)oddesses dont plan short term, they plan for hundreds and even thousands of years ahead. They don't experience time like we do here in 3-D but if they need to interact and or mingle with humanity, they do so by taking a 3-D body here on Earth (within a pure Elite bloodline) or they take on hybrid bodies held in different storage locations on Earth, the moon or some of the planets (Mars) or moons in the solar system. Yahweh is not a single being but a composite God. YHWH/Jehovah is a composite of En.ki and Marduk respectively who (take on the role) is God to the people of Earth respectively and the schizophrenic personality is the proof.

Here in the Patrix everything is an inversion! These (beings) are interdimensionals and can take on any shape or form they see fit which is why in antediluvian times ie the time before the Flood in the second Atlantis some of them can be seen (depicted) as having wings. This world is "they're world" because they have they're control system set up here and they're not about to let it go. This is where the Singularity comes in because The Authorities/Archons and they're Minions The Global Elite have a hard time controlling over 8 billion souls whom can be unpredictable as well so The Singularity which is said to be fully in place by 2045 is they're solution to that. It is my conviction that En.ki is not trying to redeem himself and is working together with his son Marduk against humanity. Also God/En.ki does not love his creations (us) but he certainly can use us to carry out his agenda so its business as usual when it comes to the Overlords. I will say however that En.ki is proud of his creations and has to a degree protected us (for us to further serve his agenda)

I've said this a number of times but i'll bring it up once again. Just because we're not religious don't think for a moment that you are not prone to his manipulation because he has even managed to manipulate the Spiritual/New Age movement with his ascension theme/program, the Law of One and certain other channels, GFOL etc so the traps are all around us!

Unseeking Seeker 18-08-2021 03:12 AM

If we take this story as a metaphor, from the tantric perspective, first there is no separation from God, all one, in the cosmic egg, Hirayangarbha.

Sense of separateness (ego) manifests polarities to feel, thus male & female aspects, male being potential energy, female, kinetic.

The serpent is us as consciousness or kundalini, banished (separated, dormant) from the male aspect (Shiva).

The rest is easy to correlate. All is one. One became two. The two yearn to become one again.

BigJohn 18-08-2021 03:12 AM


Originally Posted by Soul Seeker
Adam sinned, not Eve. Why did Yahweh punish an innocent Eve?


It wasn't Yahweh. It was Elohim.

Ghaleon 18-08-2021 04:11 AM


Originally Posted by Soul Seeker
Adam sinned, not Eve. Why did Yahweh punish an innocent Eve?
Be you a believer or not, your life has been affected by the mainstream religions and the myth of Adam and Eve. .....

I hope my (above) response answered your questions. I did so to the best of my ability without saying more than i could have and narrowed down. If you look into the nag hammadi texts they are written in mostly metaphors but these texts bring up the true Christ although there is hermetic insertions there so you have to use your discernment. Christ as Simon Magus/Thoths message addresses the human soul and spheres (dimensions) within the patrix while the "actual" Christ message was about people waking up to "spirit" and giving them gnosis (esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth and knowledge from the heart) so that they can "transcend" this realm. All of ancient texts, religious texts, cunieform and our myths have truths in them while the rest (once you see the message being presented) is very clever manipulation. Some ancient records were wiped out completely while others are held in the vatican. They do not wish for us to know the true history of Earth because it would affect they're agenda. Also, The Overlords don't necessarily lie to us but they want us to see things from their perspective.

Dan_SF 18-08-2021 10:07 AM

I still seek the correct words (or, to be exact: the correct sequence of words before i want to write about it in my 'other' thread)
This is what i have extracted so far.

Adam is created in light, Eve is created in the Darkness. They are not material human beings, yet.
Adam was created by God.
Eve was created by Adam.
They, both, were still in the "Paradise", when eve was created.

Original Sin means: The Error that started it.

When the Error was made, this is what has happened for them:

Adam confused the Source-God (or the Prime Creator) with "something else", and this "something else" became his new God "in belief".
The new God or the replacement of God i call "God-in-Error"

Because Eve is the creation of Adam, she was in his mind therefore she had to follow.

So far, i guess, i have identified the God-in-Error: It is the World which you see, the Nature, the Material world of things.

To be exact, the "EVE" is this nature, material world.

What was the apple ?
I guess, in eve death happened and adam believed it, instead of believing that there is no death.
Therefore he made that error, placed his belief in it and that is now perpetuated until the final realization is made.
They, both, became material by belief.

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