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GoldenWhiteAura 06-08-2020 10:39 PM

I have some exercises which I used to tie a LOT of pain to smoking, and a LOT of benefit to no longer smoking.

I was able to quit without even craving a cigarette afterwards. Message me directly if you'd like the exercise!

ErickDiZ 22-08-2020 07:31 PM

Best Thing You Can Do to Quit Smoking
How marijuana can be illegal, and a bottle of whiskey isnt.. Ill never understand. Given the number of alcohol related deaths and accidents, and health related issues.

Especially medicinal marijuana. If it can give some relief to someone in need, I say WHY THE HECK NOT ????

linen53 28-08-2020 02:06 PM

When you quit, never pick up and smoke the first cigarette and you will never have to worry about smoking the second one.

WhiteWarrior 29-08-2020 11:53 AM

I got hooked on cigarillos once. They are cigars in cigarette shape; pure tobacco, no filter, yummy taste. I miss them. But one day I went for a brisk walk and felt prickling all over my legs, and I understood where things were heading. That was my oxygen distribution going clang. I never touched a cigarillo again. And I never got that prickling sensation again either.

hazada guess 29-08-2020 01:27 PM

I used to smoke so much, I got vascular disease. I could hardly walk. I gave up by vaping.Guess what,No vascular disease.

linen53 29-08-2020 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by hazada guess
I used to smoke so much, I got vascular disease. I could hardly walk. I gave up by vaping.Guess what,No vascular disease.

I'm going to have to tell my friend about this. Her husband can't quit smoking and he is in danger of having his leg amputated. Thanks.

WhiteWarrior 29-08-2020 02:55 PM

Both of my grandparents on my mother's side died from lung cancer. He had smoked all his life. She had never tasted tobacco - but she lived with him.

My dad smoked 40 a day when I was a kid. I recall sitting in the back of the car opening the tiny little back seat window trying to breathe fresh air through it. But he quit one day and never had a cigarette again.

I started smoking when I was 18 and got hired for the summer on a construction crew. Everyone else were gnarly old guys and they were all smokers. I felt silly during the smoking breaks being the only non smoker, so I got on it as well. The only thing construction crews smoke(d?) is rolled tobacco without filters. That's pretty rough stuff. Once I became a student I entered a different environment and lost the habit fairly quick.

As a military history reenactor I found the clay pipe very nice. There's a lot of time on shows between battles where you just walk around in uniform and I found all the fiddling with the pipe and the sailor's tobacco very historically correct. But I never did that stuff outside such events.

I don't think I have had nicotine now in what, twenty years? Time passes so quickly. I still think nicotine has some potential benefits. But the health issues outweighs them. In my country now, nicotine is practically vanished. Social tastes changed, smoking laws killed smoking in social settings, and the taxes on all tobacco products make a pack of twenty cigs cost 15 dollar in shops. I have better use for my money - and for my lungs.

Mattio 29-08-2020 03:24 PM

smoking tobacco ,spiritual reason and healing
smoking tobacco

cigarettes and the like

I had always wanted to know why people did this

the real reason , the spiritual back ground

I found out a few years ago when digging in all the hows and whys

of energy stealing

let me explain what I found out now the spiritual reason for

smoking by Louise L Hay is under addiction

a few things are there like running from self ,fear , not knowing how to love your self

I know so many who smoke and they seem to have successful lives

and well working position in the economical system and normal family life

still they smoke there must be a reason .. yes the have energy drama as so many

I went paying attention what exactly there where different reasons with the same result

subtle energy stealing methods they used , that could be described as diminishing others

self worth to add to there own in how they communicated to singe individuals other

where of a type that dis approved of whole groups for certain reason that made them self feel

stronger . but than how smoking ? by taking energy away from others this created a pattern in

reflected reality , that made the universe take energy away from them selves , so for this reason

they had lack of self love , what they did to others they did to them selves , so energy was drained ways

and this lack of self love or 'not knowing how to love them selves' was so created .

let me summarise

you steal love that is in the group of personal strength of others

this that is drawn away from your self again a karma or universe reflecting back to you what you did to others

so with this tap open and running , how can you love your self ? smoking takes place .

at the time I was shown all this while in discussion with my guide to find out the workings of this

there are many more ways self value is diminished that make people smoke

an other example was an late teen age girl looking at her self in the mirror and applying make up

and doing this to look better , but so saying I don't look good enough and creating that reality depleted self value

smoking as result .

BigJohn 30-08-2020 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by Moo16
Hi there,
there are actualy many ways to quit smoking
can you help me ?

Our brain can help us to stop smoking.

I tell people the best way to stop is to go and prostrate yourself in front of the toilet. Then stick your head in the toilet and count to 10. If you still want to smoke, stick your head back in to the toilet and add 10 more to the count. Keep adding 10 more to the count till you no longer want to smoke.

So far, no body has prostrated themselves before the toilet..............
.......... just the thought of sticking your head in the toilet ........

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