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BigBlue 08-03-2017 01:50 AM

System Well Ultimate Immunity and Cordycepts
I heard God likes to have people take System Well Ultimate Immunity and Cordycepts so He he can plant whole dimensions absolutely full off trees with mushrooms sticking out of every square inch of bark to the buzzing sounds present in Rife Frequencies by MindMatrixGury's youtube videos, such as Heavy Metals Detox, you know to send off those trees to find cures to all of planet Earths diseases. The demons probably thought the gods would just waste the demons, yet, they are cursed with life for thousands of years as each tree, with all those mushrooms piercing out.
And colonies of ants with mushrooms sticking out of their heads.
The examples of humans on Earth that serve as examples, well whether they get one or 10,000, Gozer's magickal intent is that that is exactly how each one will feel when they are trees for millennia.
I think I will test the song called Black Velvet at eight, My time. See how good I got it working so far. I want it measured, I was short a penny pound on the Johnny Cash song the other day. Oh Lord I'm gonna make it happen, take the world in a love embrace, fire all of there guns at once and... now I told you I already did explode as a machine head into before I was born, so we will need to time this part right also, practice makes perfect..

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