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Unseeking Seeker 12-02-2024 03:48 AM

Agape love
The spiritual heart pulsates,
radiating potent power;
throb of rapture never abates,
drenching us in a bliss shower.

Having discarded thought flow crutch,
we now imbibe God’s love by touch,
who calls to us and we respond,
forging with Him a childlike bond.


Unseeking Seeker 19-02-2024 04:28 AM

Slow motion transmutation
Unmonitored is the dance of bliss beats,
with essence of soul presence looking on,
enraptured by purity of love’s tweets,
causing dormant nodes to be now reborn,
within feeble earth form which we adorn.
Divine magnetism is a benign burn,
setting aflame spirit in body urn,
caress of delight, bestowing clear sight,
that thus doing nothing we slowly learn,
that God nurtures us by day and by night.


Unseeking Seeker 22-02-2024 03:11 PM

We are the all that is
As a wave in the vast ocean,
inseparable from the whole,
conditioned belief, a notion,
that shows us not, light of our soul.

There is nothing we need to do,
as a wave in the vast ocean,
every breath new, as we debut,
celebrating life in motion.

Distanced from thought flow commotion,
we meld soul with the all that is,
as a wave in the vast ocean,
radiating love, light and bliss.

Befriending silence, truth is known,
sipping soma nectar potion.
God walks with us, we’re not alone,
as a wave in the vast ocean.


Unseeking Seeker 28-02-2024 03:43 AM

The practice
attention fixated on one object at a time
a flaw of our differentiated perception
unless soul focus be void-centric
we indulge in self-deception

each form is breathed by God
thus seeing in all entities Him alone
moment by moment recalling this truth
our stuporous awareness we gently so hone

Unseeking Seeker 04-03-2024 04:47 AM

burning yearning
we cannot lie
our heart searches
for that magical scent
elixir divine sublime
for soul’s ascent

with bated breath
we wait to be touched
by love’s wafting magnetism
that colours of the rainbow
set aflame body prism

Unseeking Seeker 17-03-2024 06:27 AM

“Oh hermit, our eye cannot be single ~
unless polarities within mingle”
~ quote by poet

Narrow is our perception,
leading to misconception,
which if we take to be true,
makes delusional our view.

Sensory inputs and mind,
an inexorable bind,
yet within the gap, the pause,
we may escape from its jaws.

Polarity interchange
frees our soul’s cognition range,
by abiding in silence,
resting thought form violence.

Sans thought, awareness heightens
because load on heart lightens
but most take this as fiction,
due to thinking addiction.

To transcend mind, we rest thought,
whence no longer by fears fraught,
we see ourselves as we are,
luminous like yonder star.

What silence ushers is this:
we imbibe love, light and bliss,
which radiates within form,
propelled by magnetism warm.

Obtaining spherical sight,
entwined with bliss beat delight,
as we slowly come undone,
we see God and soul are one.

Looking back, we now can see,
that whence free from our mind tree
and on adding love to cart,
we sense God within each heart.


Unseeking Seeker 20-03-2024 03:52 AM

Walk the talk
Each monk who saw, asked us to thaw,
feral instinct that’s self-serving,
observing love’s the only law,
of which each soul is deserving.

Such is the path that scriptures teach,
affirming God is within reach,
for which our heart needs to transform,
imbibing bliss magnetism warm.


Unseeking Seeker 27-03-2024 08:21 PM

A wasted wish
On earth man stands against man,
so performing a soul scan,
we heard a voice from within,
of fall from grace due to sin.

Behaviour wayward and coarse,
employing use of brute force,
stems from ignorance of mind,
instincts savage, soul’s eye blind.

The voice went on to assure
that for our ills, love’s the cure
and then granted us a boon
to be invoked at full moon.

Granted one wish, what we asked
that within feeble form casked,
may all shift from head to heart,
adding therein love to cart.

That’s two wishes, the voice said,
yet we’re all free, by love led
but man’s succumbs to ego,
which he’s now loathe to let go.

To dance with love cheek to cheek,
we must plug energy leak
but this choice is up to us,
joyous aboard God’s bliss bus.

The wish we made, though granted,
failed since man’s stance is slanted,
so we must choose as our muse,
love and light, without excuse.

Unseeking Seeker 10-04-2024 06:06 AM

The exorcist
Our hosts were attentive, yet displayed fear
in their demeanour, noticed by our soul,
so emoting love, we let hearts draw near,
that thus invoking grace, they may feel whole.

They spoke of dark fate, caused by black magic,
of demons they needed to exorcise,
that future life by joyous, not tragic,
for which they asked for help from a priest wise.

Cajoling them to shift into silence,
we asked our hosts to be still and observe
vibrance of stillness sans thought violence,
reclaiming soul’s light with gusto and verve.

Affirming God’s light shines within each heart,
we smiled as we saw their demons depart.


Unseeking Seeker 13-04-2024 08:49 AM

Walking the path alone
If we be spirit and this form a vessel,
affirming that we are boundless like vast space,
thus resting thought flow, in our heart we nestle
with pulsations of love, inpouring by grace.
A rebel, a nerd, we follow not the herd,
choosing to rest ego cravings untoward,
knowing that if God is, He must be within
the cave of our heart, so we go in therein.


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