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Unseeking Seeker 07-02-2023 02:10 AM

Television time
Flicking channels on the television,
how may we enliven moment of shift?
Diving into subconscious mind's scission,
feeling of lack causes us to so sift
through illusions trying to envision
flavour of the moment, that will uplift
joy in our heart, that it may feel fulfilled,
albeit momentarily, as willed.

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 18-02-2023 12:55 PM

The only star for me
The Star of David shines within,
seen by pure hearts, who're free from sin.
Feel it's glow at the heart centre,
orbiting which, love throbs enter.

Symbolised as two triangles,
love’s elixir, fear untangles.
This is our spiritual heart,
where we feel bliss ignition start.

To know who we are, touch this space,
wherefrom in-pours God's boundless grace.
Feel polarities herein merge,
bringing forth within, a bliss surge.

Go in oh hermit, go in now.
God's touch heals us, if we allow.
Break down now, ego’s narrow walls.
The light of Christ consciousness calls.


Unseeking Seeker 21-02-2023 04:55 AM

Be to become
We each walk alone
till fears are begone,
whence becoming still,
voids within then fill.

There’s nothing outside,
love and light’s inside,
forever aglow,
in staid heart mellow.

Resting lower mind,
we escape fear’s bind
and then bliss suffused,
desires are defused.

Soul transcendental
is nonjudgmental,
shining in God’s light,
by day and by night.

Divine entwined soul
playing its life role,
thus becomes the flame,
that’s assigned no name.


Unseeking Seeker 01-03-2023 10:03 AM

Softened attention
Sitting quietly, breathing in and out
Centred presence feels blissful and complete
Bliss strobes within let out a silent shout
Our vaporised self’s awash at God's feet

Time ticks away but we are oblivious
Grazed by bliss mists, we feel its benign burn
Ignition within is continuous
This play is enacted in body urn

When life beckons us, we go out to play
The game is simply embrace and release
To the cadence divine we gently sway
Flowing gently as does the morning breeze

There being no one here to weigh and size ~
Each breath we take, is imbibed in surprise


Unseeking Seeker 08-03-2023 12:16 PM

A surreal, blissful calm engulfs form
Of deep peace emanating from within
Magnetism sublime, neither cool nor warm
Benign burn playing gently on our skin

Bliss mists both transcendent and immanent
Enliven by transmutation heart’s core
Ignition renewal thus permanent
Celebrates is-ness like never before

No labels may assign how love does pine
Rapturous in the time continuum
Throb of aliveness sublime and divine
Now bereft of ego residuum

This life is then a game, with one sole aim
Being all about becoming the flame


Unseeking Seeker 15-03-2023 03:25 AM

“Love is the one size that fits all ~
Feel it within, as a bliss squall”

Stooped stance, plunged into deep despair
Searching for souls with whom to pair
Our heart contracts, we feel not whole
Angst and anguish too deep to bear

Even as dark fear forms patrol
We search for joy scriptures extol
Oh, to feel vibrant whilst alone
Bliss in permanence, our life’s goal

That we may come into our own
Thoughts we nurture, we need to hone
Notice head and heart stand apart
Sins of past we need to atone

On choosing to add love to cart
Living in the now, fears depart
No longer despondent and terse
Each breath we take, marks a fresh start

As joyous presence sings love’s verse
Our muse has no need to rehearse
We are as we are, bliss replete
Connected with the universe


Unseeking Seeker 26-03-2023 07:26 AM

Divine Mother of whom we
speak, empowers us to see
that we’re soul encased in form.
It’s Her love that keeps us warm.

She’s the kinetic aspect
of God’s energy, love flecked,
who enables us to feel
in fullness, bliss beats appeal.

By Mother’s grace, we see God,
no sooner blossoms soul’s pod.
God or Father’s living light,
known when we garner clear sight.

Call Mother by any name,
for pure hearts it’s all the same.
Hermit, etch these words in stone:
She responds to love alone.

Mother takes us to heaven
through body chakras seven,
for souls whose heart is steady,
signalling that they’re ready.

The whole world is Mother’s womb
where soul dons body costume,
propelled on a wingless flight,
needing Her grace day and night.

From God there is no distance,
when ends ego’s resistance
and to this end, Mother’s touch
holds us erect, sans thought crutch.

To Mother, we write this ode,
for we live in Her abode,
so aboard Mother’s bliss bus,
we will go, where She takes us.

Unseeking Seeker 05-04-2023 03:10 AM

Bliss and peace
beats rise
within form,
if we are still
and opt to allow
our innate magnetism
to transmute our mind-body,
whereupon light of truth shines forth,
that transcends labels assigned by mind,
beholding God’s soft white light, face to face.

Our false self, being but a thought construct,
bursts noiselessly, as does a bubble
and our true Self, as son of God,
which is made in His image,
oozing eternal light
is the pinnacle
of all that is:
and pure


Unseeking Seeker 07-04-2023 04:16 AM

Because I live
“I Am as I Am, vibrant, centred and complete ~
I dance to the rhythm of God’s magical bliss beat”

Because I live, my heart wishes to know
Who in truth am I, what keeps me aglow
Trapped in the open, I am free within
Dwelling in silence, I am free from sin

It’s clear that in futile mind games I’m caught
Body ages but innocence does not
Memory reveals that life’s but a dream
Looking back I smile at thoughts I did stream

In staid silence, I yet remain aware
Free from fears and desires, my soul’s stripped bare
All that remains is love and light and bliss
I exult from the rooftops, ‘I am this!’

Because I live and this truth I now know
I repay daily, debts of love I owe
There is no further doing to be done
For my mind, body, soul and God are one

Unseeking Seeker 11-04-2023 02:40 AM

Is-ness of being-ness
divine magnetism hums within our form
ushering ineffable bliss
our soul’s enlivened by this benign storm
feeling complete, nothing’s amiss
joyful heart exults, ‘I Am This!’

Quintain (English)

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