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Unseeking Seeker 10-12-2022 02:21 PM

Game on
near and dear ones
have expectations
hoping that we align
with their life goals
in the world external
but we live internally
so cannot resonate
yet we push and pull
in a game of pretence
although we do know
nothing need be done
having been impulsed
in the ethereal domain
being now played out
in dreams felt as real

it is of course absurdity
which serves a purpose
as love tenderly touches
God's life force within all
in a slow dance intimate
of separation and union
concealing and revealing
light that is omnipresent
impossible made possible
by the veil of forgetting
which has now worn thin
but no matter we play on
as an actor does on stage

Unseeking Seeker 13-12-2022 02:12 PM

Hidden in plain sight
Energy zones
Assigned meanings
Take for instance Bindu
Wherefrom bliss nectar flows
And yet on polarity balance
Attributes are replicated
Across all our nodes
Like a hologram
All cells entwined
And yet independent
Pulsate in perfect rhythm
And when bliss chooses to roar
The heightened rapture is resisted
As the instinct for survival intervenes
Unable to readily accept new highs
So offered resistance prevents
Our transmutation as light
Completion put on hold
For the time being
But no matter
Humming bliss
Renewing its purring
Holds us in tight embrace
In a continuum of vibrant stillness

Unseeking Seeker 19-12-2022 05:45 AM

Liken earth life as but a dream
Where merging with God, is soul's prize
Yet not so simple as does seem
Confronted with ego spawned lies
An entrapment of joy and sighs
Though so short is our life's tenure
Within reach yet are heaven's highs
If mind be but still and heart pure

Behold with delight, love's bliss stream
By day each life breath's a sunrise
At night too, soul rides a moonbeam
As we live this life, through God's eyes
Save love, no other law applies
The outer world holds no allure
Soma nectar flow never dries
If mind be but still and heart pure

Heal bleeding souls, who in pain scream
Let not hope in their hearts capsize
All are one; we're on the same team
A deep truth we should realise
As oft affirmed by sages wise
Of this be sure, love is the cure
That from each pitfall, let's us rise
If mind be but still and heart pure

Hermit, have no fear ~ vaporise
Soul's eternal and will endure
In timeless time, false ego dies
If mind be but still and heart pure


Unseeking Seeker 22-12-2022 05:12 AM

If this breath be our last
At life’s last breath, what’s our regret
Were we driven by mind or heart
If reborn, how will we restart

It is too late to place our bet
Head and heart were not hand in glove
Thus no blessings poured from above

Far and wide spreads dark desire’s net
But surely that is no excuse
We succumbed to ego borne ruse

Love and light’s within; go, fetch, get
Conscience speaks as the voice of God
We but need to give it our nod

God alone is, all else forget
The truth is simple; follow this
We are His light, throbbing with bliss

At life’s last breath, what’s our regret
It is too late to place our bet
Far and wide spreads dark desire’s net
Love and light’s within; go, fetch, get
God alone is, all else forget

Constanza poetry form (invented by Connie Marcum Wong)

Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2022 03:06 PM

twist in the tale
the universe presents before us
a live portrait of what we had desired
offering it to us for our consumption
but now no such craving exists
so we yawn and move on
sprinkling rose petals of love
onto all the actors who’re on stage

Unseeking Seeker 29-12-2022 04:43 AM

Priceless beyond measure
What oh hermit, should we hold dear
Objects of desire disappear
Horizons shift, we are adrift
Where lies true bliss, of which we hear

We know this life's from God, a gift
But how may we, vibrations lift
To get to peace that does not end
Escaping strife and needless rift

If ear to conscience we do lend
And our will to love divine bend
Upon so choosing to do this
We’ll feel clearly, our soul ascend

This is the direct path to bliss
Rapture of Divine Mother’s kiss
As we be to become God’s light
Recognising He alone is

Getting thus to boundless delight
Teleported to zenith height
In joy that does not come and go
Bliss beats throb within day and night


Unseeking Seeker 31-12-2022 04:54 AM

Child in slumber
Quiet as a child in slumber
Relentless as an eagle’s dive
Soft whispers of skyline amber
Is vibrancy of soul’s bliss hive

Innocence glows in virgin hues
Quiet as a child in slumber
Rapture within our heart renews
Pulse magnetic, soundless thunder

Erst fears no longer encumber
Soul presence’s now divine entwined
Quiet as a child in slumber
Playing earth role in as assigned

Bondage to desire, long since shorn
Our abode’s in heart’s love chamber
Ego’s dead; we’re here now reborn
Quiet as a child in slumber


Unseeking Seeker 05-01-2023 01:04 PM

Shhh - it is a secret
Waking up in the wee hours of morning,
pristine thought rested presence opens eyes,
when suddenly without any warning,
wave of bliss fills form; tremulous heart sighs.

Acceptant soul being in surrender,
gently flows wherever bliss beats so choose,
imbibing with joy, this divine wonder,
which ingrained deep within, becomes its muse.

Such are divine secrets for us alone
and there is no book which guides the process
but suffice to say, those with pure hearts hone
the secret technique for rapture ingress.

There is no doing in this becoming,
for it is simply dear, our home coming.


Unseeking Seeker 17-01-2023 04:03 AM

God’s love and light
God’s love and light headed our way,
is attracted to innocence,
radiating as love’s incense,
that causes heart to gently sway
by day and by night everyday,
as bursts forth soul’s luminescence ~
God’s love and light!

Oh hermit, gentle way we pray
in rhythm with love’s soothing cadence,
that bliss nectar effervescence,
transforms this feeble form of clay ~
God’s love and light!


Unseeking Seeker 26-01-2023 05:01 AM

Love in love with love
yearns to touch
a friend’s hand

bubbling hearts
flow like mists

love exudes
blissful scents
souls glisten


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