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Unseeking Seeker 11-06-2022 05:17 AM

The Knowing

Intelligent energy,
forging with life synergy,
feels by touch, each sensation
from fulcrum of cessation.

Thus, both ascent and descent,
frictional burn by consent,
that be we in any realm,
desires do not overwhelm.

Each octave of the spectrum,
varied notes therein does strum,
simply for our heart’s delight,
until we choose to alight.

Beyond opposites, stillness
entwines with the That oneness;
union and separation ~
unending celebration.


Unseeking Seeker 13-06-2022 03:02 AM


During lucid dreams, we respond
without forging therein a bond
with any creature, place or thing,
nonchalant to what thought streams bring.

Awake within the dream, we’re still,
playing our role, as of God’s will;
although ego trace does remain,
our childlike heart is free from stain.

Waking state’s another matter,
for here there’s endless mind chatter;
an organic form that decays,
nudging us toward wayward ways.

Our soul’s fault line is attachment,
veiling true-self, luminescent.
Ego anchors us in darkness,
until we choose void of stillness.

Sans fears and desires, ego dies,
freeing us from this world of lies,
as we realise who we are,
knowing God’s within, not afar.

Getting to this recognition
simply requires thought cessation,
whereupon bliss pervades our form,
as a benign magnetic storm.


Unseeking Seeker 15-06-2022 03:12 PM

Descent and ascent

Soul eternal descends into matter
Whilst retaining yet it’s divine essence
Being love and light, free from thought chatter
Thus aglow in vibrant luminescence

To feel fully each sunken vibration
Soul agrees to enter hypnotic trance
Becoming a lifelong aberration
Estranged from love, as ego spirals prance

Soul’s unbound and free at every moment
Heart’s enmeshed by attachment to desire
Thus anchored in low, feral sentiment
Indulgence makes us suffer, till we tire

Delusion then, cause of all suffering
Cessation ushers bliss, God’s blessings bring


Unseeking Seeker 18-06-2022 09:01 AM

Delusion to Illumination

Thought spirals orbit narrow slots
Fears and desires tie us in knots
Knowing not our true soul nature
Our aura reflects darkened blots

Body’s but soul’s caricature
Yet why sunken heart our stature
In void of stillness, bursts forth light
As Holy Spirit’s signature

Bliss pheromones heighten delight
Cascading within, day and night
Head-heart aligned in quietude
Awakens to spherical sight


Unseeking Seeker 21-06-2022 12:07 PM

The purpose behind it all

Glacier releases a drop of water
Flowing upon bosom of Mother Earth
Separation births power of prayer

Karmic journey is long, with no waiver
Conflicting emotions entwine at birth
Glacier releases a drop of water

Fearless traveller melds with the river
Low self-esteem and feeling lack of worth
Separation births power of prayer

Safe in dark depths, heights bereft of shelter
Brave drop vaporises to take rebirth
Glacier releases a drop of water

In timeless time, this soul becomes purer
One with the flow, joyous in bubbling mirth
Separation births power of prayer

Mere actor on stage, God the director
Now grown is girth of this humble stalwart
Glacier releases a drop of water
Separation births power of prayer


Unseeking Seeker 25-06-2022 05:33 AM

The light within

Time dissolved ambedo trance
Indulgence in ache of melancholy
Feeling each nuance of this death dance
Heart suffering therein before soul exits slowly

Bubbles of ego delusion having roots in identity
Burst noiselessly in the void of inner stillness
For a moment, ripples scarred serenity
Soul restoring radiant blissfulness

Innate is our playful innocence
Feeling contrast of love and discord
At our core shines God’s self-luminescence
Revealed upon severing off ego attachment cord

There is no burden that we need to here carry
We are free to flow like the morning breeze
With love aligned, head and heart marry
Throb of life, gently hold and release

Unseeking Seeker 30-06-2022 04:56 AM

Is-ness of being-ness

Is-ness of being-ness,
the now-continuum,
unbroken awareness,
moment to moment thus,
in vibrant blissfulness.

Is-ness of being-ness,
wherein we so cognise
expanded consciousness,
encompassing all worlds,
when entwined with oneness.

Is-ness of being-ness,
throb of soundless thunder
enlivening stillness,
which our heart celebrates,
in childlike playfulness.

Is-ness of being-ness,
soma nectar dripping,
heightened rapturousness,
aligned with love divine,
magnetised in fullness.


Unseeking Seeker 03-07-2022 03:10 AM

Love alone is real

Little by little,
desires soul whittle.
We hark not conscience,
thus scar innocence.

God-connect yearning,
our earth life learning.
When our eye’s single,
we’ll feel bliss tingle.

Melding head with heart,
is where we should start.
Inner conflict ends,
soul thereby ascends.

What does this entail,
as we wingless sail?
Each thought, word and deed
must ride the love steed.

God in-dwells us all.
Pay heed to His call.
Each soul’s our brother.
Love one another.


Unseeking Seeker 05-07-2022 04:56 AM

As we be breathed

Surfing the divide between heart and mind
We celebrate the dance of illusion
Having vaporised, free from ego’s bind
Holy Spirit dispels soul’s confusion

Duality manifests through space-time
The universe appears and disappears
We cognise in heart, the cosmic Ohm chime
As benign bliss beats, each node of form spears

What are we but a splash in the ocean
Moment to moment, being by God breathed
Partaking of the divine bliss potion
Delighting as light of soul is retrieved

Playing our life role, in as is ordained ~
We burn in the void, that cannot be stained


Unseeking Seeker 09-07-2022 03:21 AM


Essential first is love enablement,
transiting to unity consciousness,
presence vibrant in tranquil contentment,
magnetised thus in joyous blissfulness,
cognisant and entwined with That oneness,
after which we fully reflect God’s light,
discerning the truth by spherical sight,
aligned at all times with His supreme will,
as bliss currents heighten rapture delight,
soul dancing with joy, as voids within fill.


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