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Unseeking Seeker 05-01-2019 02:24 AM

This open thread, short & crisp, intuitively shooting straight from the hip, say your piece, in peace, with love


Unseeking Seeker 05-01-2019 02:32 AM

The moment of death ... death of form, the form we did adorn, if there be remorse or regret of love we did forget to joyously disperse, instead being terse, the gift of life, consumed in rife-strife may find us so discontent that our soul & spirit may not relent, being unwilling to accept the negativity we have kept and so we return, for another earth life sojourn, to begin anew.


Unseeking Seeker 05-01-2019 07:50 AM

The thought some of us nurture, seeking greener pastures, without knowing what it is we are seeking, discontent with contracting egoic delusion, arising in turn from attachment to ephemeral illusions ... such thoughts, if we mull awhile, will make us smile at our voluntary needless adoption of the contortion of the unreal, which does yet appeal to our unconscious mind, enmeshed in the egoic bind.


Unseeking Seeker 05-01-2019 08:28 AM

Having been given the training to water outdoor plants daily without complaining, he continued to do so even when it was raining.


Unseeking Seeker 05-01-2019 08:38 AM

One more please for my greed is more than my need and I am unable to appease my feral instincts insatiable, for I have so chosen my own hemlock potion, which now consumes me and unless I exhume the serpent of desire, the raging fire & toxic fumes within will prevent me to begin, as a consciousness sanguine, anew.


Unseeking Seeker 05-01-2019 05:00 PM

Clarity gives rise to simplicity in how we say what we wish to portray that absolute truth forsooth, which seems complex at first glance, when the choreography of the divine dance beauteous appears incongruous with our consciousness vibration sporadically discontinuous, its syncing not synchronous with the entirety of the That Oneness.


Unseeking Seeker 05-01-2019 05:01 PM

The instinct of self-preservation gives rise to some measure of hesitation that contracts consciousness and detracts enableability of non-self presence pristine purity to instantly connect with the That Oneness as and when we intuitively choose to select, the chasm self-created by doubt debated arising from egoic force, not yet abated.


Unseeking Seeker 06-01-2019 02:02 AM

Doing by non-self presence is in effect by a non-doer doing, the dynamism of moving accomplished by just being, still in the stillness, intuitively feeling, knowing based on direct seeing, the cognition: illumined divination, the vision: spherical, the love: Universal.


Unseeking Seeker 06-01-2019 02:03 AM

The time continuum wherein we are engaged in outpouring of love stops movement of the thought pendulum and it is only upon exiting that state of bliss ineffable that the functioning of thought again becomes amenable to movement, resurrected from its momentary bereavement and so, the clue is to continuously renew our thought free be-ness, in meditational stillness if we would merge into the sea of the That Oneness.


Unseeking Seeker 06-01-2019 02:04 AM

The certainty of consciousness’s perennially divine connected enableability & be-ability by non-self presence of childlike innocence is the cognition realised during prayerful meditation.


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