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Unseeking Seeker 16-09-2021 10:20 AM

Consciousness shift

Neither repression nor sublimation
allows our breath to flow in calm tranquil,
transmutation requiring cessation
from mind games making mountains of molehills;
silence ushering divine miracles.
Desire release alone puts us at ease,
ridding us of all ego spawned disease,
whereupon with no more fears to assuage,
flowing like the breeze, granted new life lease,
soul turns a page, free from erst feral rage.


Unseeking Seeker 19-09-2021 03:09 AM

Each breath intake

Each breath intake, rotates polarity
Rise, pause and fall in continuity
Void of cessation is when we awake
Provided thought flow, we therein forsake
Attaining tranquil calm serenity

Escape oh hermit, our captivity
Bemused no longer by transient beauty
Enter void of silence, rippleless lake
Each breath intake

Let go with ego, past affinity
Staid blissful stillness bestows clarity
Fleeting is this earth life, like a snowflake
Get rid of ego, by a shake-shake-shake
Reclaiming now, innate divinity
Each breath intake


Unseeking Seeker 21-09-2021 02:37 AM

We choose to suffer

Picture perfect, hollow inside
As contracting fears heart deride
Our trauma bonding with ego
Aspect clinging, loathe to forgo
Oscillating thus, side to side


Unseeking Seeker 24-09-2021 02:38 AM

Be to become

Why would head accord heart consent
Itís calculations self-serving
Voice of conscience is thus dormant
Behold, consciousness contracting

We are where we choose to be at
Why would head accord heart consent
Go lean, get rid of feral fat
By being here and now present

Ego threatened, will not relent
Going by this recognition
Why would head accord heart consent
So plunge into meditation

Standing erect, head and heart merge
Reclaim true self, luminescent
Feel oh hermit, divine bliss surge
Why would head accord heart consent


Unseeking Seeker 27-09-2021 02:51 AM

Embrace and Release

Donning the cloak of anonymity,
under an outer form assigned label,
we believed soul to be non-entity,
spewing episodes of ego fables,
with narrow agendas on our table.
Yet, we can have the cake and eat it too,
each moment reborn, as life pulse renews,
flowing like the breeze, with nonchalant ease,
taking from our heartbeat, this vital clue:
from desires unfreeze, embrace and release.


Unseeking Seeker 29-09-2021 01:29 PM


We search
the source
by going in
deep within
all knowing
plunging fearlessly into the dark inky void
holding our attention in animated stillness
our mind body shell empty in wonderment
in cessation
intent pure
yet receptive
devoid of fear
no resistance
to the impulse
that in-pours
as magnetism
bliss ineffable
that fills form
as Godís gift

Unseeking Seeker 02-10-2021 03:38 AM

Voice of conscience

hark the love song
sing alongside
the gong of truth


Unseeking Seeker 05-10-2021 10:12 AM

The Ďmethodí

letís keep softening attention
until thought vaporisation
flowing always in the moment
cognisant of the joy current
making this our meditation


Unseeking Seeker 08-10-2021 02:16 PM

God realisation

Balancing external and internal
by awakening inner sentience,
the time continuum, Gods miracle,
as we amble along in nonchalance,
love suffused, dancing in exuberance,
recognising we are not mind-body,
nor a this or that, labelled somebody,
distilling attention, we vaporise,
distancing ourself from ego shoddy,
purity of heart, does God realise.


Unseeking Seeker 11-10-2021 08:36 AM

The meek shall inherit the earth

The gong of truth resounds within
for pure hearts, who be free from sin
poised attentively in silence
much to the false egoís chagrin

If we but hark voice of conscience
we glow in self-luminescence
becoming a bliss mist divine
rekindling childlike innocence

No sooner head and heart align
gathering under the love sign
our emptiness is magnetised
filled with bliss as God does assign

Nonjudgmental eye, nothing sized
in timeless time, God realised
swathed in rapture through day and night
erst lower nature, vaporised

We are as He, we are the light
gliding here on a wingless flight
trusting the magnetic current
pure love discerning wrong from right


Unseeking Seeker 14-10-2021 04:03 AM

Celebrating is-ness of this-ness

Recognising the game of life to be but a play
Essence of presence in childlike joy celebrates
The eternal witness observes attention sway
Recognising the game of life to be but a play
Makes the vibrant throb of love our mainstay
Inner and outer merge as bliss within elates
Recognising the game of life to be but a play
Essence of presence in childlike joy celebrates


Unseeking Seeker 17-10-2021 12:00 PM

Is-ness of being-ness

Earth goals no longer grip our attention,
although we play out our role as ordained,
positioned in the void of cessation,
feeling compassion for fellow souls stained,
in whose hearts love is yet to be ingrained.
Such is the case, although we do admit,
this neophyte is far from the summit,
yet having vaporised, empty within,
heart to throb of love, in joy does submit,
feeling magnetic bliss heat on our skin.


Unseeking Seeker 20-10-2021 02:44 PM

Nip it in the bud

vibrant cessation
an upward curve
of bliss in renewal
seeming fullness
vaporises free will
whereupon action
merely resonation
with divine vibrance
reflected by presence
tested by the universe
for itís true voidness
when the tides ebb
shrouded in darkness
which soul celebrates
with undiminished joy
recognising the play
uncaring of outcomes
being a mist of bliss
offering no rancour
for identity to anchor
thus free and unbound
walking on holy ground

Free verse

Unseeking Seeker 22-10-2021 02:04 PM

Is this the house Jack built

win or lose, whatís our reaction
do outcomes determine traction
does waxing and waning of moon
impact the way our heart does swoon
choose then oh hermit, cessation

Unseeking Seeker 24-10-2021 06:27 AM

Ego - Persona non grata

Pre-puberty years
Playful innocence
Warm ready embrace
Quarrels, aberrations
Rapidly erased
An uncluttered mind
Open, forgiving heart
Reborn each morn anew

Growing up, ego manifests
Taught to be street smart
Testosterone levels high
Feral instincts prevail
In the game of one-upmanship
Need to win our obsession
Heart shrouded in darkness
Conscience whispers in dreams

Upon expending our energy
Recognising earth life transience
We look at dark thought spirals
A Frankenstein we created
Remorseless devouring our soul
We are astonished and dismayed
Looking at these sunken vibrations
We have chosen to stagnate in

To erase negativity from its roots
We stop the flow of turbid thoughts
By shifting our attention inwards
Into the hidden recesses of our heart
In time stretched stillness and silence
Negating the oscillations that surface
Until we become a rippleless lake
Choosing to remain for eternity thus

In timeless time, the false falls away
Fulcrum of our consciousness, space
Our mind-body now an empty shell
Cleansed of erst ego borne dark stains
Reveals from deep within our heart
Our true self shining, bubbling with bliss
Magnetised by the healing light divine
Suffusing all nodes with ecstatic rapture

Boundaries blur between others and us
We feel underlying interconnectedness
Recognising in time that love alone real
All other vibrations but thought constructs
Entrapping our attention in myriad illusions
Plunging our consciousness in delusion
Thus we meld head with heart and love
Twice born here now in the flesh, erect

Earth dream life yet plays on in as ordained
We enact our role in resonation with love
Our vaporised self is immune from harm
Simply because there is no identity within
That that is, is a bliss mist, a living light
Empowered by the sublime breath of God
Thus we inhale vital life force with gratitude
With exhalation in simplistic childlike surrender

Unseeking Seeker 26-10-2021 01:55 PM

All roads lead to Rome

Matrika: progression
Malini: destruction
Both ending delusion

Unveiling, a slow tease
Awakening, release
When lower desires cease

So simple is the way
Let not attention sway
In stillness, as we pray

Unseeking Seeker 29-10-2021 03:21 AM

Christ consciousness

Christ consciousness, being Gods light within
Awakens in pure of heart, free from sin
All is enabled in the flow of stillness
On choosing life of desirelessness
Consigning lower mind to the coffin

All we do is simply choose to begin
Getting to the roots of soul origin
Heart oozing compassion and lovingness
Christ consciousness

Our burning yearning ushers discipline
Love alone real, so we dwell therein
Knowing God alone is, the That oneness
Making unbroken pristine awareness
Ending separation; each breath virgin
Christ consciousness


Unseeking Seeker 03-11-2021 03:02 AM

Practicing the Presence

Bliss roars, gripping us in rapture
Heightened delight, marks our stature
As of heartís will, fierce or gentle
Love both our consort and teacher

Shaped upon the divine mantle
Presence beholds Godís miracle
Caterpillar now butterfly
Upon choosing pathways simple

Resting thoughts of how, when and why
Divine entwined, we wingless fly
Ceasing to size, we vaporise
Suffused with bliss, God soon draws nigh


Unseeking Seeker 07-11-2021 01:42 AM

Where are we headed

Recognition of our limitation
not resignation to our circumstance,
introspection pointing out direction,
cessation from our ego dalliance,
wherein viewing our attachments askance,
we choose to plunge into the oneness void,
softened attention therein overjoyed,
ensconced in the rapturous bliss current,
no longer by our lower urges toyed,
always present, cognisant and vibrant.

Unseeking Seeker 09-11-2021 06:26 AM

Gayatri Mantra
Salutations to The Divine Mother
Who envelopes us in a bliss shower
Godís divine essence aglow in our heart
Innate aliveness enabling each breath to start
Effulgence of a thousand suns dispelling darkness
Entwining our mind-body to the That oneness
Moment to moment in a joy continuum
There remaining no ego residuum

Oh Mother! We are bemused by illusion
Senses externalised, desires beget delusion
Fallen from grace, we have forgotten our nature
Your fragrant touch alone restores our true stature
Awaken Mother, here in form, love and wisdom
May our consciousness rise to the sensorium
Dual polarities melding, illumining our soul
That bliss suffused, we again feel whole

Notes: For literal translation of the mantra, visit -

Unseeking Seeker 12-11-2021 03:58 AM

Stable stance

quickly getting to the centre
fulcrum at which bliss throbs canter
smiling at erst stuporous gaffe
carefree to let out a loud laugh
life lived thus in carefree banter

Unseeking Seeker 12-11-2021 04:00 AM

Inner luminosity

bliss energised heart vibrating
to pulse divine resonating
rapture that captivates our soul
essence of presence feeling whole
our auric field scintillating

Unseeking Seeker 14-11-2021 01:40 PM

Swim or sink

Swim or sink, dear pilgrim; feel free to choose
Wary of despair when we have the blues
Hold steady courage, surfing on the brink
Optimistic view, colour of our ink
Succumbing not to ego spawned ruse

All around life vibrates, offering clues
Stillness imbibes bliss, so whatís our excuse
Soma nectar flowing; plunge in and drink
Swim or sink

Know Godís breath alone, powers our sinews
Surrender allows bliss to form suffuse
Delusional ego our only chink
Vaporise mind, forging with God a link
Discarding here and now, erst narrow views
Swim or sink

Unseeking Seeker 16-11-2021 12:00 PM

Wispy Whispers

Hark to whispers of our conscience
Being the voice of God within
Cognised by inner sentience
Feel subtle touch of love therein

To sense bliss, silence outer din
Hark to whispers of our conscience
Known to pure of heart, free from sin
Shining in their luminescence

Head-heart balance, begins romance
Divine domain vibrational
Hark to whispers of our conscience
Life simple, each moment joyful

Transfixed in sound current divine
Soundless thunder rapture cadence
In staid silence, with love align
Hark to whispers of our conscience

Unseeking Seeker 19-11-2021 06:03 AM

Bubbling bliss bursts forth

Both liberation and bondage
The touch of love and acts savage
Sensed at the centreless fulcrum
Where no mind-body battles rage

Our soul, in this here body prism
Once aligned with love, leaves no chasm
Nestled at Godís feet, bliss replete
Bliss bursts at our sensorium

Head melds with heart, at the love seat
Greeting each face we chance to meet
Truth dawns without aid of mirrors
Savouring soma nectar sweet

In joy imbibing bliss tremors
All are love and light reflectors
Luminous in the vibrant void
Delighting in bliss borne shivers


Unseeking Seeker 23-11-2021 01:30 AM

Kundalini cajoles

bliss magnetism rising
hidden chasms bridging

throb renews, ask not how
all we do is allow

in timeless time, truth known
light sublime, in heart grown

Unseeking Seeker 25-11-2021 02:48 AM

Magic show


With love

The void


We feel
Bliss pulse

Our heart



All voids

Of form
Here now


As we
Just watch

In trust
With joy

Godís dance
At play


Unseeking Seeker 28-11-2021 04:32 AM

The matrix

dark desire, anchors thoughts therein
addictive indulgence, our sin
as feral vibrations ravage
blocking our soulís right of passage
freedom ours, in silence within

Unseeking Seeker 01-12-2021 02:15 AM

The direct path

When we be still, surrendered to Godís will,
neither seeking nor anticipating,
blessings in-pour, as all voids within fill,
magnetised by bliss throbs scintillating,
simply choosing, with love resonating.
Resting thought, we abide in deep silence,
following heartís impulse in innocence,
vibrant cessation, the life path we choose,
recognising each soul as God essence,
joyous as ignition within renews.

Unseeking Seeker 04-12-2021 01:27 AM

Soul affirmations

Time and again, reaffirm the one truth,
that God alone is, etched upon our soul,
for earth life sojourn, caged in body booth,
deluded thereby, seeking earthy goals,
until His touch, again makes our heart whole.
Death the release, putting our soul at ease,
yet here-now too, we may flow like the breeze,
moment to moment, building love quotient,
choosing tenderness, embrace and release,
dissolving ego in the bliss current.


Unseeking Seeker 06-12-2021 03:23 PM


Mindful eye
Fickle mind
Blown away
By thought forms
Like a leaf
Having fallen
Now at the mercy
Of the fierce winds
That abound

We celebrate
This delusion
Offering to God
The experience
Of limitation
In this lucid dream
Of earth life
Seemingly real
Hijacked by ego
Bubble of illusion
Which lives on
As long as
We feed it

Unseeking Seeker 09-12-2021 10:10 AM

Journey without movement

ďWhat is this strange place, we find ourselves in
Weíre trapped in the open, yet free withinĒ


As subject looking at object
Ego impulse makes thoughts suspect
Nudging us in paths self-serving
Scars on soul reflect this defect

Choosing ourself as deserving
Feral cravings clip our soulís wing
Until we enter our heartís womb
Therein to love beats, in joy swing

Separateness, ignorance tomb
Layer by layer, which we comb
Dwelling thereafter, in the void
As bliss anoints us with aplomb

No longer thus, by ego toyed
Vaporised self, is by love buoyed
Magnetic heat, rapture blissful
Transmutes soul; delusion destroyed


Unseeking Seeker 11-12-2021 03:32 PM

Monk mode

this dream unfolds; why carry stress
whilst ensconced in divine caress
let nonchalant be our response
with love divine, our steadfast sconce
from path of truth, never digress

Unseeking Seeker 14-12-2021 08:16 AM

The pathless path

Ego upturns, so we learn to discern
Urge of mind-body versus cry of soul
For God we yearn, as love for love does burn
In midst of action, playing our life role

Ceasing to weigh and size, we vaporise
Open arm embrace for all souls alike
Heart transfixed with joy, as bliss currents rise
Magnetism within continues to spike

Mind-body becomes an empty vessel
Cleansed of erst cravings of our lower mind
Each breath intake, God bestowed miracle
Fetters of fear and desire, left behind

Our emptiness charged with bliss in fullness
Boundaries blur as we meld with oneness


Unseeking Seeker 17-12-2021 05:18 AM

Trauma Bond

Flicker of disdain, cause of pain
It shouldnít be so but it is
Bondage to imagined love chain
Her broken heart, distanced from his

Traumatic is separateness
Flicker of disdain, cause of pain
Tremors cognised by consciousness
Sunlight shrouded by clouds and rain

Jibe replay, again and again
His eyes donít lie and so she sighs
Flicker of disdain, cause of pain
When will come, the final goodbye

She sees now, ebbing ember light
Love fragrance fades, best to rest lain
Day after day, night after night
Flicker of disdain, cause of pain


Unseeking Seeker 19-12-2021 12:49 PM

A shout into the void

Trapped in the open, free within
Heart beckons, we tip toe therein
Thought rested stillness, self-aware
Pristine vibrant void, free from sin

Sans thought, no fear of ego snare
Within silence, heart secrets bares
Time dissolves as we vaporise
Presence with oneness, gently pairs

In timeless time, ego urge dies
No oneís here to size or apprise
That that is, is soul all aglow
Ecstatic as bliss currents rise

Resistance free, in joy we flow
Each nuance felt, in stillness slow
Simply being, here now present
Aura bright, beauteous rainbow

Free will grants divine touch consent
All we do is follow loveís scent
Mind-body, by bliss magnetised
God Himself steers, our soulís ascent


Unseeking Seeker 21-12-2021 11:38 AM

First things first

First things first, as we age, bliss bubbles burst
With flow of life flirt, free of desires erst
Essence of presence, vibrant innocence
Carefree dance, waits not for a second chance
On our heart hangs a warning: joy alert

Ego urge reversed, no fears to avert
To divine love and light, our soul reverts
Cognisance of inner luminescence
First things first

Be it need or greed, we retain one thirst
May bliss magnetism continue to spurt
Nestled in silence, tuned to loves cadence
Divine entwined parlance, our indulgence
Agendaless joy, with each breath assert
First things first


Unseeking Seeker 24-12-2021 01:09 AM

Instant Nirvana

he who seeks rapid ascension
what knows he of meditation
floundering hither and thither
dithers as dark desires slither
fears shrouding him in contraction


Unseeking Seeker 25-12-2021 02:07 AM

The That

Paused in the void of no-thingness
Still, in thought rested awareness
We are there but nothing else is
All that is, is pulse of oneness

Bliss renewal, rapturous fizz
Teasing, seductive divine kiss
At play, within our heart centre
We know then that, the That is this

Unseeking Seeker 26-12-2021 05:10 AM

Walking the path

Taught to believe God dwells somewhere above,
we distanced ourself from source
No longer with love, were we hand in glove,
pursuing desires using force,
till in our heart, felt deep remorse

Trapped in the open, we were yet free within,
during moments of silence
Our conscience beckoned, so we went therein;
embracing soulís innocence,
rekindling inner sentience

Not rituals then but silence the way,
receptive to the bliss current,
wherein seeking nothing, we choose to pray,
becoming self-luminescent,
our innate native element

Once head melds with heart, as itís boot camp,
we instantly become free
God, who indwells within, lights the love lamp,
so with light of truth we agree,
each breath entrťe, in joyous spree

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