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Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2018 05:26 AM

Short & crisp, so forgive my lisp, lend a helping hand, for me to stand :smile:


Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2018 05:27 AM

Cognised in stillness that All being Oneness, karma is nothing but the echo which returns, tables turns and if our orientation be WE instead of ME we have nothing to fear for all were and are dear. The law of cause & effect, has this defect, love does relent, so we may if we so will, love & joy overspill, with nary a care of the karmic scare.


Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2018 05:34 AM

What can I say that God cannot? I dont see you ... please reveal yourself! Ha! What a scare; got you there! :smile:


Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2018 08:31 AM

Within form our consciousness does adorn, we may engage across all frequency bandwidths as of our endowed enableability as long as we form no patterns & grooves that bind, anchor, enmesh and thereby suppress our expansion and what it means is that free of addiction to images in the ephemeral external, we are, as we are, complete. Senses & thought are instruments we begot so use them & release, as we please but let not the tail wag the dog.


Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2018 08:32 AM

Thought origin is not virgin being merely a resonation drawn in from the Universe correspondent to our chosen vibration, which in turn is determined by our orientation.


Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2018 01:14 PM

Conditioned to analyse & measure, being in the domain of linear time and energy precipitated as matter, we hem in ourselves within this narrow realm awhile, until we mirrorlessly acquire spherical vision that envisions Oneness of the all, cognising & transcending all limitations.


Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2018 01:16 PM

All is, as is, optimal for soul evolution. It if it is inconvenient for the ego, we do apologise even though he was never invited to the party.


Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2018 01:18 PM

The slow down mode being our preferred abode, we assimilate our learning, through life’s churning and with this as a given, to awaken chakras seven, it is up to us to be either joyful or sorrowful about our voluntary decision to immerse without chance to rehearse within seeming duality offering experiences emphatic, voice of conscience often stifled by the egos disorienting static.


Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2018 01:22 PM

Anticipation & expectations are self imposed limitations leading inevitably to contractions of consciousness, yet memory linked perceptions, though often cause of deception, can neither be dismissed nor trusted unless thoughts are rested, so the key seems to be to be humbly & nonchalantly unexpectant carefree about outcomes, knowing that what we know is only peripheral. Or in a word, cheerfully acceptant with ego decadent.


Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2018 03:03 PM

If good looks have us hooked while despondent expressions trigger an involuntary shudder of repulsion, it takes no high IQ to deduce that in the ascension queue, we are way behind, with an unconscious mind.


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