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Unseeking Seeker 11-10-2022 04:25 PM

God has got our back
Bliss nectar flows, our spineís aglow,
a rapture peaked and yet mellow.
We're tranquil through life's highs and lows.
Our spine's aglow, bliss nectar flows.

Since God's everywhere, look within,
first making our heart free from sin,
That His love with our soul can pair;
look within, since God's everywhere.

God's got our back, an old adage,
felt within body by the sage,
who feels therefore, no sense of lack;
an old adage, God's got our back.

Living lightís crystallised here now
within mind-body, donít ask how.
What matters is, Godís realised.
Here now, living lightís crystallised.

Swap Quatrain

Unseeking Seeker 17-10-2022 01:32 PM

Idle musings
Blissful heart toroidal
Soma nectar dripping
Energy nodes in bloom
No wonder then that
We feel rapture zoom

Cold heat body's sheath
Spinal column energised
Tingling magnetic heat
Void centric divine focus
Godís humming bliss beat

The manifest universe
Known to be but thought
Cajoling us to stand erect
Life that unfolds, a dream
Which we ourselves direct

Linear time is an illusion
Maya makes it seem real
Destiny's already manifest
Unfolding as the present
Thus earth life's but a test

Free will exists at soul level
The egoís driven by instinct
Mind-body earth interface
When our desires are extinct
We then imbibe divine grace

God alone is, a singularity
One manifest as the many
Each soul is His life essence
Thus we here are living light
Blissful is our luminescence

Unseeking Seeker 22-10-2022 01:43 PM

Be thou thus
Let pleasing be, uttered emote
As into the void, our words float
Divine aligned, joyous intent
Distilled by heart, in Godís love boat

Mindfully, each moment present
Bliss beats granting our thoughts consent
That each soul we touch, be aglow
In our aura, luminescent


Unseeking Seeker 29-10-2022 02:03 AM

Maintain vigil
Soul learning goes on,
until egoís shorn,
desires negated
and fears sedated.

Since we're now alive,
it means desires thrive,
suppressed but not dead,
still by our heart fed.

Let's not self-appraise
pastures where fears graze
within our body,
filled with thoughts shoddy.

Make mindful our eye,
lest later we sigh,
on life's gift wasted,
bliss never tasted.


Unseeking Seeker 03-11-2022 12:19 PM

Is-ness of Being-ness
Feeling the energy loop come alive,
enlivened by a magnetic bliss hum,
to the soundless music divine we jive,
each node within form, our sensorium
as soma nectar flows from our bliss hive,
renewing thus rapture continuum,
as secrets divine hidden in plain sight,
bliss pulsating within by day and night.

Magnetic currents heighten while we sleep,
raising our vibration to zenith height,
thus when the void beckons, we take the leap,
entwining with oneness, to soulís delight,
even as Godís elixir seeps in deep
bestowing upon us spherical sight,
whereupon we cognise soundless thunder,
beheld by presence in childlike wonder.

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 12-11-2022 11:43 AM

Such is as it is
Imagine cool heat enlivening our spine,
pulsating therefrom, engulfing feeble form,
magnetic power with which all nodes align,
orbiting spiritual heart, always warm,
wherefrom bliss beats rise as love for love does pine,
enveloping presence in this benign storm.
Oh worthy hermit, this is fact not fiction;
soul's transmutation, egoís crucifixion.

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 17-11-2022 05:22 AM

Joining the dots
The body tires but not our mind,
in lucid dreams, to fears resigned.
Thought spirals grip us in their bind.
The peace we seek seems hard to find.
Why oh God, have we been born blind?
Though voice of conscience does remind,
our hardened heart's no longer kind,
with throb of love soul's misaligned.
Painful has become earth life grind;
we play not our role, as assigned,
wastefully having wined and dined.
Time’s now thoughts be to bin consigned,
thus with ego cravings declined,
we leave our feral past behind.
Fickle heart with bliss furrows splined,
we become the light God designed.


Unseeking Seeker 20-11-2022 01:51 AM

A note in the wind
Innocence, the paper
Love, the ink
Illumination, the goal
Knowing not the path
On the vast void's brink
Heart's emote is released
Like a note in the wind

The universe conspires
To fulfil love's yearning
Time and space yield
Aligning divine intent
Gods behold from heavens
Reverberations of bliss
Borne by a note in the wind

Unseeking Seeker 27-11-2022 06:37 AM

Subtle, tingling, blissful caress
Wholeness of being, free from stress
Essence of presence celebrates
Each node within, Cupidís address

Magnetic heat, pheromones grates
To music of spheres, soul gyrates
Bliss elixir suffuses form
Soma nectar drips through loveís straits

Mists divine are both cool and warm
Magical is, this benign storm
The false drops away, truth is known
Rapture unbound, is the new norm

Bliss and wisdom, thatís ours to own
Borne of love and light, is home grown
Within our heart, is Godís heaven
Yet each must enter there alone


Unseeking Seeker 02-12-2022 03:03 AM

entwined with existence
I sit alone, entwined with existence
A soothing tranquil peace enlivens me
Ushered by bliss mists loving insistence
My presence frolics, joyous and carefree

My love drenched heart feels blissful and complete
Moment to moment, all moments entwined
I am with divine magnetism replete
My mind, body and soul, with God aligned

Inviting grace invokes love magnetism
Within my heart, love celebrates union
No chasm remains in my mind-body prism
Iím with the universe in communion

Ushered by bliss mists loving insistence ~
I sit alone, entwined with existence


Unseeking Seeker 10-12-2022 01:21 PM

Game on
near and dear ones
have expectations
hoping that we align
with their life goals
in the world external
but we live internally
so cannot resonate
yet we push and pull
in a game of pretence
although we do know
nothing need be done
having been impulsed
in the ethereal domain
being now played out
in dreams felt as real

it is of course absurdity
which serves a purpose
as love tenderly touches
God's life force within all
in a slow dance intimate
of separation and union
concealing and revealing
light that is omnipresent
impossible made possible
by the veil of forgetting
which has now worn thin
but no matter we play on
as an actor does on stage

Unseeking Seeker 13-12-2022 01:12 PM

Hidden in plain sight
Energy zones
Assigned meanings
Take for instance Bindu
Wherefrom bliss nectar flows
And yet on polarity balance
Attributes are replicated
Across all our nodes
Like a hologram
All cells entwined
And yet independent
Pulsate in perfect rhythm
And when bliss chooses to roar
The heightened rapture is resisted
As the instinct for survival intervenes
Unable to readily accept new highs
So offered resistance prevents
Our transmutation as light
Completion put on hold
For the time being
But no matter
Humming bliss
Renewing its purring
Holds us in tight embrace
In a continuum of vibrant stillness

Unseeking Seeker 19-12-2022 04:45 AM

Liken earth life as but a dream
Where merging with God, is soul's prize
Yet not so simple as does seem
Confronted with ego spawned lies
An entrapment of joy and sighs
Though so short is our life's tenure
Within reach yet are heaven's highs
If mind be but still and heart pure

Behold with delight, love's bliss stream
By day each life breath's a sunrise
At night too, soul rides a moonbeam
As we live this life, through God's eyes
Save love, no other law applies
The outer world holds no allure
Soma nectar flow never dries
If mind be but still and heart pure

Heal bleeding souls, who in pain scream
Let not hope in their hearts capsize
All are one; we're on the same team
A deep truth we should realise
As oft affirmed by sages wise
Of this be sure, love is the cure
That from each pitfall, let's us rise
If mind be but still and heart pure

Hermit, have no fear ~ vaporise
Soul's eternal and will endure
In timeless time, false ego dies
If mind be but still and heart pure


Unseeking Seeker 22-12-2022 04:12 AM

If this breath be our last
At lifeís last breath, whatís our regret
Were we driven by mind or heart
If reborn, how will we restart

It is too late to place our bet
Head and heart were not hand in glove
Thus no blessings poured from above

Far and wide spreads dark desireís net
But surely that is no excuse
We succumbed to ego borne ruse

Love and lightís within; go, fetch, get
Conscience speaks as the voice of God
We but need to give it our nod

God alone is, all else forget
The truth is simple; follow this
We are His light, throbbing with bliss

At lifeís last breath, whatís our regret
It is too late to place our bet
Far and wide spreads dark desireís net
Love and lightís within; go, fetch, get
God alone is, all else forget

Constanza poetry form (invented by Connie Marcum Wong)

Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2022 02:06 PM

twist in the tale
the universe presents before us
a live portrait of what we had desired
offering it to us for our consumption
but now no such craving exists
so we yawn and move on
sprinkling rose petals of love
onto all the actors whoíre on stage

Unseeking Seeker 29-12-2022 03:43 AM

Priceless beyond measure
What oh hermit, should we hold dear
Objects of desire disappear
Horizons shift, we are adrift
Where lies true bliss, of which we hear

We know this life's from God, a gift
But how may we, vibrations lift
To get to peace that does not end
Escaping strife and needless rift

If ear to conscience we do lend
And our will to love divine bend
Upon so choosing to do this
Weíll feel clearly, our soul ascend

This is the direct path to bliss
Rapture of Divine Motherís kiss
As we be to become Godís light
Recognising He alone is

Getting thus to boundless delight
Teleported to zenith height
In joy that does not come and go
Bliss beats throb within day and night


Unseeking Seeker 31-12-2022 03:54 AM

Child in slumber
Quiet as a child in slumber
Relentless as an eagleís dive
Soft whispers of skyline amber
Is vibrancy of soulís bliss hive

Innocence glows in virgin hues
Quiet as a child in slumber
Rapture within our heart renews
Pulse magnetic, soundless thunder

Erst fears no longer encumber
Soul presenceís now divine entwined
Quiet as a child in slumber
Playing earth role in as assigned

Bondage to desire, long since shorn
Our abodeís in heartís love chamber
Egoís dead; weíre here now reborn
Quiet as a child in slumber


Unseeking Seeker 05-01-2023 12:04 PM

Shhh - it is a secret
Waking up in the wee hours of morning,
pristine thought rested presence opens eyes,
when suddenly without any warning,
wave of bliss fills form; tremulous heart sighs.

Acceptant soul being in surrender,
gently flows wherever bliss beats so choose,
imbibing with joy, this divine wonder,
which ingrained deep within, becomes its muse.

Such are divine secrets for us alone
and there is no book which guides the process
but suffice to say, those with pure hearts hone
the secret technique for rapture ingress.

There is no doing in this becoming,
for it is simply dear, our home coming.


Unseeking Seeker 17-01-2023 03:03 AM

Godís love and light
Godís love and light headed our way,
is attracted to innocence,
radiating as loveís incense,
that causes heart to gently sway
by day and by night everyday,
as bursts forth soulís luminescence ~
Godís love and light!

Oh hermit, gentle way we pray
in rhythm with loveís soothing cadence,
that bliss nectar effervescence,
transforms this feeble form of clay ~
Godís love and light!


Unseeking Seeker 26-01-2023 04:01 AM

Love in love with love
yearns to touch
a friendís hand

bubbling hearts
flow like mists

love exudes
blissful scents
souls glisten


Unseeking Seeker 07-02-2023 01:10 AM

Television time
Flicking channels on the television,
how may we enliven moment of shift?
Diving into subconscious mind's scission,
feeling of lack causes us to so sift
through illusions trying to envision
flavour of the moment, that will uplift
joy in our heart, that it may feel fulfilled,
albeit momentarily, as willed.

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 18-02-2023 11:55 AM

The only star for me
The Star of David shines within,
seen by pure hearts, who're free from sin.
Feel it's glow at the heart centre,
orbiting which, love throbs enter.

Symbolised as two triangles,
loveís elixir, fear untangles.
This is our spiritual heart,
where we feel bliss ignition start.

To know who we are, touch this space,
wherefrom in-pours God's boundless grace.
Feel polarities herein merge,
bringing forth within, a bliss surge.

Go in oh hermit, go in now.
God's touch heals us, if we allow.
Break down now, egoís narrow walls.
The light of Christ consciousness calls.


Unseeking Seeker 21-02-2023 03:55 AM

Be to become
We each walk alone
till fears are begone,
whence becoming still,
voids within then fill.

Thereís nothing outside,
love and lightís inside,
forever aglow,
in staid heart mellow.

Resting lower mind,
we escape fearís bind
and then bliss suffused,
desires are defused.

Soul transcendental
is nonjudgmental,
shining in Godís light,
by day and by night.

Divine entwined soul
playing its life role,
thus becomes the flame,
thatís assigned no name.


Unseeking Seeker 01-03-2023 09:03 AM

Softened attention
Sitting quietly, breathing in and out
Centred presence feels blissful and complete
Bliss strobes within let out a silent shout
Our vaporised selfís awash at God's feet

Time ticks away but we are oblivious
Grazed by bliss mists, we feel its benign burn
Ignition within is continuous
This play is enacted in body urn

When life beckons us, we go out to play
The game is simply embrace and release
To the cadence divine we gently sway
Flowing gently as does the morning breeze

There being no one here to weigh and size ~
Each breath we take, is imbibed in surprise


Unseeking Seeker 08-03-2023 11:16 AM

A surreal, blissful calm engulfs form
Of deep peace emanating from within
Magnetism sublime, neither cool nor warm
Benign burn playing gently on our skin

Bliss mists both transcendent and immanent
Enliven by transmutation heartís core
Ignition renewal thus permanent
Celebrates is-ness like never before

No labels may assign how love does pine
Rapturous in the time continuum
Throb of aliveness sublime and divine
Now bereft of ego residuum

This life is then a game, with one sole aim
Being all about becoming the flame


Unseeking Seeker 15-03-2023 03:25 AM

ďLove is the one size that fits all ~
Feel it within, as a bliss squallĒ

Stooped stance, plunged into deep despair
Searching for souls with whom to pair
Our heart contracts, we feel not whole
Angst and anguish too deep to bear

Even as dark fear forms patrol
We search for joy scriptures extol
Oh, to feel vibrant whilst alone
Bliss in permanence, our lifeís goal

That we may come into our own
Thoughts we nurture, we need to hone
Notice head and heart stand apart
Sins of past we need to atone

On choosing to add love to cart
Living in the now, fears depart
No longer despondent and terse
Each breath we take, marks a fresh start

As joyous presence sings loveís verse
Our muse has no need to rehearse
We are as we are, bliss replete
Connected with the universe


Unseeking Seeker 26-03-2023 07:26 AM

Divine Mother of whom we
speak, empowers us to see
that weíre soul encased in form.
Itís Her love that keeps us warm.

Sheís the kinetic aspect
of Godís energy, love flecked,
who enables us to feel
in fullness, bliss beats appeal.

By Motherís grace, we see God,
no sooner blossoms soulís pod.
God or Fatherís living light,
known when we garner clear sight.

Call Mother by any name,
for pure hearts itís all the same.
Hermit, etch these words in stone:
She responds to love alone.

Mother takes us to heaven
through body chakras seven,
for souls whose heart is steady,
signalling that theyíre ready.

The whole world is Motherís womb
where soul dons body costume,
propelled on a wingless flight,
needing Her grace day and night.

From God there is no distance,
when ends egoís resistance
and to this end, Motherís touch
holds us erect, sans thought crutch.

To Mother, we write this ode,
for we live in Her abode,
so aboard Motherís bliss bus,
we will go, where She takes us.

Unseeking Seeker 05-04-2023 03:10 AM

Bliss and peace
beats rise
within form,
if we are still
and opt to allow
our innate magnetism
to transmute our mind-body,
whereupon light of truth shines forth,
that transcends labels assigned by mind,
beholding Godís soft white light, face to face.

Our false self, being but a thought construct,
bursts noiselessly, as does a bubble
and our true Self, as son of God,
which is made in His image,
oozing eternal light
is the pinnacle
of all that is:
and pure


Unseeking Seeker 07-04-2023 04:16 AM

Because I live
ďI Am as I Am, vibrant, centred and complete ~
I dance to the rhythm of Godís magical bliss beatĒ

Because I live, my heart wishes to know
Who in truth am I, what keeps me aglow
Trapped in the open, I am free within
Dwelling in silence, I am free from sin

Itís clear that in futile mind games Iím caught
Body ages but innocence does not
Memory reveals that lifeís but a dream
Looking back I smile at thoughts I did stream

In staid silence, I yet remain aware
Free from fears and desires, my soulís stripped bare
All that remains is love and light and bliss
I exult from the rooftops, ĎI am this!í

Because I live and this truth I now know
I repay daily, debts of love I owe
There is no further doing to be done
For my mind, body, soul and God are one

Unseeking Seeker 11-04-2023 02:40 AM

Is-ness of being-ness
divine magnetism hums within our form
ushering ineffable bliss
our soulís enlivened by this benign storm
feeling complete, nothingís amiss
joyful heart exults, ĎI Am This!í

Quintain (English)

Unseeking Seeker 28-04-2023 10:57 AM

ďIgnorance is the veil, we need to lift ~
If we be silent, soulís ascent is swiftĒ

Time and again we find that we have failed
to embrace that joy of which scriptures speak
and so truth of existence remains veiled,
since indulgence in desires makes us weak.

Ceasing striving, if we simply be still,
bereft of thought flow, identity dies
and thus fully surrendered to Godís will,
we feel within form, bliss magnetism rise.

The shift then is from thinking to feeling,
by choosing to align head with our heart,
we unveil what ego was concealing,
as bliss ignition within us does start.

Oh hermit, know that God and soul are one ~
Save coming undone, nothing need be done


Unseeking Seeker 01-05-2023 11:34 PM

If only I could
I would, if I could, plant a seed
A spark of joy that love may lead
But cold hearts sing not in chorus
Whispers of soul, they're yet to heed

How may I make your heart porous
Peering through the eye of Horus
I see your soul, as yet asleep
Dormant still, is your heartís torus

I would, if I could, take the leap
Enter your subconscious mind deep
That our hearts be not asunder
Bliss in permanence, ours to keep

Head over heart, a big blunder
Insentient to bliss thunder
Humming within by day and night
Rapture unbound, divine wonder

I would, if I could, use God's might
To set between us, all things right
But for now, methinks I must wait
Till you garner spherical sight


Unseeking Seeker 13-05-2023 02:49 AM

We see it now
Space flickers, revealing white light
If we pause to blink, weíll miss it
Godís blessings, bestowing clear sight
Signals we are at the summit

When void-centric becomes our view
Space flickers, revealing white light
Within form, as bliss throbs renew
Rapturous is our heartís delight

Suffused with joy, by day and night
Unendingís our meditation
Space flickers, revealing white light
The source of all of creation

In heart resounds, soundless thunder
The truth of oneness, now shines bright
We behold in childlike wonder
Space flickers, revealing white light

Unseeking Seeker 28-05-2023 01:38 PM

We know we know not
We canít see God, so use braille,
scent of bliss marking our trail,
feeling love, gently by touch,
having rested thought flow crutch.

By following bliss beats beep,
soma nectar seeps in deep
and thus heeding Godís love chime,
assured is soulís upward climb.

Recognising we know not,
we loosen up heart strings taut,
imbibing wisdom by grace,
beholding God, face to face.


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