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Unseeking Seeker 14-06-2024 09:58 AM

Iridescent luminescence
Power to invoke aesthetic delight,
is found in cave of heart, betwixt bliss beats,
teleporting soul to zenith like height,
love’s refrain that unendingly repeats.

Subtler than the subtlest scent to us known,
God’s elixir sublime enlivens form,
revealing deep truths, to us alone known,
soothed by magnetised mists, both cool and warm.

Slowing down life’s pace, we garner God’s grace,
felt as light radiating from our core,
holding pristine presence in close embrace,
bliss that leaves heart begging for an encore.

In timeless time as we become the flame,
endless bliss rapture is our claim to fame.


Unseeking Seeker 19-06-2024 05:57 AM

path strewn with rose petals
Kind, gentle and mindful, the way to be,
imbibing God’s light through the pores of space,
benedictions of grace that lets us see,
how our Father holds us in close embrace,
as steps to heaven we slowly retrace.
Benign bliss burns bestowed etched on our soul,
are wabi-sabi stains that make us whole,
of a life fully lived, divine entwined,
in vibrant nonchalance playing our role,
our softened heart, with love and light aligned.


Unseeking Seeker 23-06-2024 12:33 PM

Our journey thus far
Wondrous has been the journey of our soul,
beauteously unfolding like a rose,
with garnering God’s grace our sole life role,
sipping soma nectar, whilst in repose.
Perhaps our life sounds like a fairy tale
but oh dear friends, it was not always so,
the turning point being when we set sail,
from our head to heart, in staid stillness slow.
This journey we took, was fraught with danger,
needing us to renounce fear and desire,
deeming ego an unwelcome stranger,
consigning lust to the funeral fire.
Such was the path we took, in our own style;
we walked over hot coals, mile after mile.

We walked over hot coals, mile after mile,
which may seem like an exaggeration
but to evade ego’s serpentine guile,
called for firm focus and concentration.
At first nothing happened in the vast void,
remaining thus therein in deep unease,
continually by dark fear forms toyed,
hoping that we would soon obtain release.
Dark night of the soul, is a lonely place,
wherein we are tested for our resolve,
to deal with demons, as steps we retrace
to our dark past, that we may now evolve.
We would have failed, had not God held our hand;
truth of Self, we began to understand.

Truth of Self, we began to understand,
in as that light, that ensouls feeble form,
felt as pulsations, growing strand by strand,
engulfing us in mists, both cool and warm.
Divine grace in-poured, we were magnetised,
consciousness expanded beyond space-time;
God as white living light was realised,
all this betwixt rapturous bliss beats chime.
Ego death followed, heart became mellow,
light of our Self was embodied in heart,
our aura acquired a luminous glow,
breath by breath feeling bliss ignition start.
We now frolic carefree, joyous and whole;
wondrous has been the journey of our soul.

Crown of Sonnets

Unseeking Seeker 30-06-2024 04:24 AM

The pathless path
We scored goal after goal, yet felt not whole
Goalposts shifted, we found ourselves adrift
We were exhausted as life took its toll
Torn apart thus by our head and heart rift

We stopped flow of fear and went in within
Tiptoeing barefoot, bereft of belief
A soft voice urged us to turn a new leaf
Reclaiming soul’s light from ego-the-thief

With this road map in our unsteady hand
We took a chance and plunged into the void
Touched by grace we began to understand
Truth of our being, pure and unalloyed

As bliss pheromones began to mingle ~
In timeless time, our eye became single


Unseeking Seeker 04-07-2024 03:43 PM

Forever free
Confined, containerised, caged,
by wayward ego upstaged,
free from dark delusion’s chain,
the Phoenix rises again.

Forged from elements of earth,
spirit yet bubbles in mirth,
recognising life’s a dream,
borne by thoughts it chose to stream.

Caged, confined, containerised,
living light is crystallised
but when desires are released,
heaven applauds; God is pleased.

Freedom’s found in every pause,
since therein soul finds the cause,
within heart as flaming bliss,
sparked by Divine Mother’s kiss.


Unseeking Seeker 06-07-2024 11:04 AM

Sea glass
With ego donned, soul’s edge now rough,
discernment as the tool employed,
tranquil at both life’s crest and trough,
sees demons of darkness destroyed.

Refinement is a slow process,
laboured breathing, fear forms sieving,
where we both regress and progress,
strobes of God’s light, in heart weaving.

Caress of love divine sublime,
transforms feeble form from within,
bliss beat chime aiding soul to climb,
exhuming all traces of sin.

Sin’s sea glass littered on soul’s shore,
holds value although it is waste,
for though we choose to keep no score,
it marks the path that made heart chaste.


Unseeking Seeker 10-07-2024 04:38 PM

Soma nectar drips through energy pathways,
both along the spine and over front of form,
enlivened by hum of bliss that always stays,
engulfing us from head to toe in love’s storm.
Our feeble organic form is but an urn,
which we ensoul, choosing to willingly burn,
that whilst pulsating with boundless bliss delight,
we behold our true presence, God’s living light.


Unseeking Seeker 13-07-2024 05:21 PM

Be to become
If we be not vibrant here now,
feeling within, bliss magnetism,
how may then divine grace endow,
igniting our mind-body prism?

How may Holy Spirit touch us,
if we be not vibrant here now,
in silence where no fears nonplus
and ego cravings disavow?

Oh worthy hermit, take a bow,
slow down desires simply because,
if we be not vibrant here now,
we’ll find not God in each breath’s pause.

Trusting God alone, let’s set sail
and consciousness mindfully plough,
for unless we do, we will fail,
if we be not vibrant here now.


Unseeking Seeker 19-07-2024 03:15 AM

Show me God
Solely by God’s grace,
we pierce pores of space,
behind which His light
is seen by clear sight.

Love is God’s heartbeat,
radiant bliss heat,
imbibed by hearts pure,
playful and demure.

God’s luminous sphere,
draws our presence near,
whence we so become,
His transcendent hum.


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