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neil 07-12-2019 02:27 AM


Originally Posted by Toe-Knee
The whole reason we're not suppose to check out early is because we can't be fed off anymore.

Would you like to expand on this a little more... ie :- who feeds on us, & in what context do you mean feed.


zastrakoza 07-12-2019 03:24 PM

Yes please

zastrakoza 07-12-2019 03:36 PM

I recommend meditating grounded, which means feet touching the ground. I take my shoes off.

neil 08-12-2019 02:25 AM


Originally Posted by Toe-Knee
Checking out without regenerating doesn't mean we'd come back to live this life again. That's fear mongering. The whole reason we're not suppose to check out early is because we can't be fed off anymore.

Would you like to expand on this a little more... ie :- who feeds on us, & in what context do you mean feed.


Miss Hepburn 08-12-2019 03:35 AM

Thank you, Kah-Len

keren824 26-12-2019 07:37 PM

Great advice! Thanks for sharing!

archangelsecrets 11-01-2020 05:10 PM

There's not a way of knowing your energy level. All this concept is abstract and there's no need to discuss about it

sea-dove 11-01-2020 08:43 PM

Thanks Kah_Len, there was a great reminder in your message for me.

sea-dove 11-01-2020 08:46 PM

The amount of energy a person has doesnt always equate to a persons vibrational level. eg someone who has a higher vibrational level than normal can still be overloaded with energy and imbalanced with energy to the point that their energy blocks up. Then there becomes an issue with energy flow due to the blocks which can lead to health issues. Grounding and maintaining balance is important if working on raising ones energy.

one-light 07-02-2020 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by one-light

A little section from my proposed talks for in my local town on the aura for anyone interested here.

How many of you know what the aura is? The aura is 100% energy and is seven layers of colour that surrounds us, you can't see it it's like gravity, you can't see that either but its there. The aura is egg shaped and surrounds every human and every living creature, and can be seen with a Kirlian Camera. I believe from my research this aura is a human defence shield.

When this shield is intact then we are healthy, when it gets damaged at all then we're heading for the doctors or taking more tablets. And the aura is energy, so again remember to smile to increase aura strength, be nice and It'll repair quickly - also eat more fruit and less meat.

We are all made of energy and there are three ways I recon our bodies can get damaged. 1st, is by falling over and breaking something, or eating or drinking something you shouldn't. 2nd, viruses attacking within, we all know about that one with infections - and thirdly, energy hitting our body and our aura defence shield. We are all made of energy and so is our aura, 100% energy so protect it by being positive and don't stress.

Someone might correct me on the technicality of this - but Ive read that the amount of energy that we on Earth uses daily - 10,000 times that amount of energy hits the planet daily... Was it Spock years ago when he said captain the shield is down - just think about it, science fiction thinking and discussion about the aura or maybe not.

Just to briefly go over it again, invisible energy is constantly bombarding the earth, its like gravity you can't see it but its constantly hitting the earth, and anyone walking on the planet can get hit, that's why we have an aura connected to chakras our 7 energy centers - so you and I should be aware of this its real. Sometimes when a perfectly healthy person suddenly finds themselves in hospital and something serious has suddenly happened and people think why? And of course it could be body malfunction, but makes you think when you know this information to take an hour out of the fast lane of life and just rest and be with nature to replenish your aura.

I would just like to make one thing clear - vibrational energy is not how much we have as in running marathons or entering tour de france - its the 'quality' of it. So many people on here - also very small children and senior age people worldwide can have high vibes as they are not focused on the materialistic world of buying things.

I brought the aura text back up in good view with this new message because I think its important that people should know and understand the possibilities of a damaged aura and problems associated with it - so protect your aura by being kind, don't stress and raise vibrations... And don't forget that walk in nature, so important that - and lose that word fear, remove it, find a way.


So here is an example of good connection with psychic abilities most of you have - so many times we read on here people tuning in to low vibrational beings/entities.

When you tune your radio in, you don't tune on the AM friequency to get a FM channel, do you???

And I'm just using this for an example to explain to people who don't know this... So lets say there are 2 parties going on 'as in when a group of people meet to have a good time' - that type of party going on... Party 1 - low vibrational, low energy party - full of low vibrational entities and beasties as we hear mentioned on this forum many times.

Party 2 - high vibrational, high energy party - Angels / Guides / HS / all your good friends and relations passed on over recent years, who live there - and all there waiting for you to have a good time for a little while.

So which party do you choose - AM or FM.... So why would you dwell on the stress of difficult situations some here are in, and eat loads of low vibes meat as some do, be miserable, again lowering vibrational energy and all fear based........ Spend time to raise your energy vibrations for good connection - and remember to smile, show kindness, look at the words below - lovely gorgeous beautiful light, high good ''quality'' energy - work on it...

And if you're struggling at the moment and need more help while waiting to increase vibrations - ask your Angel's for a 'light shield please' daily and 'clear my space' - in your mind, until your vibes are high - good luck Steve.

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