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Aknaton 28-07-2019 12:37 PM


Originally Posted by one-light
I would like to write about concentration and meditation.

This is for my new found friend Aknaton and to Jesus who helped me so much with my studies, which I will be forever thankful - and anyone else that might need help with concentration/focus issues...

To me concentration is focus - if its a lack of focus during the day, then choose your time of day to try this - write down 3/4 small jobs that need doing - then clear your mind of what you've just written, take deep breaths and rest for 10 mins, or longer if meditating, just relax - Imagine a gentle waterfall of pure water falling on you, cleansing your mind and body and aura..... your aura is important i'm going to write about that tomorrow.

If you can't relax then imagine eating your favorite food and no calories and you should be able to taste it. Just think of those two things and be at peace and breathe... Then after rest say 'ok get on with it' - and get on with the jobs, moving sharply, and I like the think of the fraze 'open your mind' - I tell myself this to give me focus or concentration, raise your eyebrows a little, then its mind power - move around and get on with the jobs, keep mental chatter eg worries right out of the way, get those jobs done, eg cleaning a drawer, wiping dishes, yes pension the dishwasher off - gardening is good, take the dog out after if he/she is on the jobs list.

So when the jobs are complete and this important just rest 10 mins make a drink and just be 'in the moment' to complement yourself on what you've just completed, yes tiny tasks but important for mind power to appreciate it, and say jobs out of the way, completed - its more than that because you're helping your mind to get stronger. And just notice how you feel after the little tasks you've just completed, just take a moment to notice, better?

I'll write more tomorrow...

Thank you one-light, I am honored! I will try the waterfall technique with my wife today and will share the results on here. I am very much a vegan; no meat, no milk and oil... just veggies, fruits and grains, I think I'm on the safe side. And no alcohol either, separating a man from his whiskey... challenging, but possible. Thanks for this one!

dawn infinity 31-07-2019 02:01 AM

I agree with u hundred percent one light,i try to keep my vibrations up, its very hard to , living with my mom &sis they can be so negative , they can get to arguments with each other i can feel the negativity around the house ,sometimes i feel like i gotta get out of here. , i think to myself i don't think a high archangelcould stay around those two ,it makes me feel depressed ,my cat is the only thing hete i can feel good at night when she purrs next to me , , i do try &not each much meat fruits &vegetables mainly let me ask u one light how can i keep my vibrations up being around my mom & sis?

one-light 31-07-2019 09:18 AM

Hi, dawn infinity I read on another post where you say easier to change friends but not family, so true... All i can say as ive spent the last years increasing vibrations my wife has lifted hers as well for better health. A few years ago she was strong minded but very grumpy - that's all gone now as we've both learned to smile again - try avoid aggressive films if they feel uncomfortable - I consider my v energy very high and literally cannot watch violent films. And if this is the case for you then don't feel embarrassed to say I'm going in the other room read a book.

Dargor 31-07-2019 12:07 PM

Correction: work on being a decent person instead and do as you please. Just treat others the way they treat you, or treat others how you wish to be treated (both are fine, but it depends on your style). I managed to open several new doors in my life this way that would have never happened if I was too occupied with that magic vibration nonsense, so I can guarantee you it's worth a shot.

Aknaton 31-07-2019 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by Aknaton
Thank you one-light, I am honored! I will try the waterfall technique with my wife today and will share the results on here. I am very much a vegan; no meat, no milk and oil... just veggies, fruits and grains, I think I'm on the safe side. And no alcohol either, separating a man from his whiskey... challenging, but possible. Thanks for this one!

I did the waterfall technique once, and as I sat, I saw myself sitting in lotus position by the pool of water near where the waterfall was. And then it started raining heavily with thunder and lightening.
End of Meditation.

one-light 31-07-2019 01:08 PM

wow never had that happen to me Aknaton - interesting...

one-light 02-08-2019 12:44 PM


Just to go over the basics of energy again - everything in the universe is energy, and everything vibrates.... All is energy - including our nails, hair, organs, blood all made up of 100% energy, so if we took away all the energy from us there would be no piles of bones on the floor, there'd be nothing, all energy. You and me this building and the tables, all energy, difference is our energy vibrates at a higher level than stationary objects, so the point is we all have to improve our energy vibrations for better health, and to feel stronger and healthier. Angels energy vibrates at a very high level, negative entities very low level, and somewhere in between there's us - so improving our energy vibration is important for correct connection or tune in.

Our Aura...

Someone might correct me on the technicality of this - but Ive read that the amount of energy that we on Earth uses daily - as in powering our phones, cars, houses - 10,000 times that amount of energy hits the planet daily... So that's why we have an aura and its our defence shield IMO - so its important to take 10 minutes a day to rest and reinforce the aura. Was it Star Trek years ago when Spock said captain the shield is down - just think about it, science fiction thinking and discussion about the aura - probably not.

Auras can be filmed using a Kirlian Camera, and certain people can see it as well. So basically if you keep going in the fast lane of life, you need to take time to rest.

Just to briefly go over it again, invisible energy is constantly bombarding the earth, its like gravity you can't see it but its constantly hitting the earth, and anyone walking on the planet can get hit, that's why we have an aura - so you and I should be aware of this its real.

So again to strengthen your aura, be nice to people, think good thoughts, walk in the rain occasionally, and sometimes just step out of the fast lane for an hour and be near to nature.

We are all made of energy and there are three common ways I recon our bodies can get damaged. 1st, is by falling over and breaking something, or eating or drinking something you shouldn't. 2nd, viruses attacking within, we all know about that one with infections - and thirdly, energy hitting our body and our aura defence shield. We are all made of energy and so is our aura, 100% energy so protect it by being positive, smile and don't stress, and rest for ten mins during the day, or more as in meditation.

So that's 'sometimes' IMO why a perfectly healthy person can find themselves in hospital for no apparent reason, because they've not taken time to rest and repair their aura after it gets hit and damaged - then gets hit again a week later, so just take time to rest and clear the mind daily, that helps so much.

one-light 04-08-2019 09:52 PM

Sometimes on the Internet you see really low vibrational energy words, and of recent months and years ive been aware that you can counter balance them with high vibrational words - but only the last couple of days ive really given this some thought and ive come up with a list - I would like to share with you all... The idea is really good for getting to sleep, ive tried it.

When I meditate and early mornings I see blue, and this morning I kept repeating these words in random fashion when seeing the blue, and as I kept thinking of words at random, it seemed to excite or up the energy of the blue and swirling mist and the colour became purer. So whatever colour you see or what you may see, maybe it will enhance your experience as your energy heightens, and you shine higher and brighter xx to us all shining higher and brighter in God's name x Steve.

Love Paradise God Beaming Elated Beautiful Light Believe Joy Beneficial Bliss

Fabulous Joyful Jesus Calm Jubilant Delight Heaven Generous Divine Effective Fabulous

Happy Giving Harmonious Delightful Healing Angels Cheery Sincere

Kindness Lovable Radiant Sensational Sensible Thoughtfulness

utopiandreamchild 05-08-2019 12:04 AM

The only way to raise your energy vibrations is by being positive. Being consistently negative will lead to poor health and is contrary to life. Love life.be positive in all that you do. Therefore raise you vibrational levels. Amen

one-light 05-08-2019 03:48 PM

Just to explain here about energy vibrations for people who are not sure - being positive is so important, but also is being nice and helpful to people, just to make this clear... If it was just being positive 'only' then every rich person on the planet would be high vibrations, most are not especially the ones in the give me give me, how much can I make mode... You have to work at vibrations, with love and being kind to people, this is so important - two and a half years ive researched this and the vibrations level can be turned from low very quickly, but then its a slow process daily, being kind and helpful, being in nature when possible, its all on my notes on this thread.

Basically he or she on this planet who keeps big wealth to themselves is rewarded with 'low' vibrational energy... As in some parts it mentions in the Bible if you store it up for yourself, then you've had yours...

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