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one-light 24-07-2019 04:32 PM

Yes thespiritual1 don't be near when on charge radiation dramatically increases, we are all in contact with some radiation but when on charge increases 1000 times, that's your problem my friend you should feel better by tomorrow just keep on charge in another room, it only comes off for about 1cm finger thickness but its glowing bad energy, see how you feel tomorrow before having a word with your doc that is, if its that you should improve fast.

I know a taxi operator when I was designing his website and his phone was on charge, and he was telling me such bad headaches - so i said to him you are not answering that thing for work when on charge, yes he said - 24 hours later he was like a new man, good luck.

one-light 24-07-2019 05:09 PM

ThatMan - while you're trying to get your energy vibrations up which should be on the way now as we chat - to stop any negative energies attaching, ask your Guardian Angel/s for a light shield - look it up if you want to 'angels light shield' - wow that helped me so many times when I was low energy, you can think/say light shield please, it only lasts 24 hours though - and think of this as going to sleep not as repeating it just thinking you've asked, keeps your mind strong and high energy as well 'power of thought'.

Lucky 24-07-2019 05:12 PM

I love this topic, and hopefully I can add my own experiences as we go along.

Raising my vibrations was not a quick and easy process. It has taken a few years and has been a slow, gradual process of undoing conditioning, breaking old mental patterns, sorting through emotions, and recognizing the difference between my ego and authentic self. I had spent most of this time along my spiritual journey paying attention to the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects while neglecting the signs and care my physical body needed. Without being properly grounded and anchored in my physical body, it led to a lot of mysterious physical symptoms and brought my spiritual development and abilities to a screeching halt.

Just a few months ago, I got serious about taking better care of my physical body and most if not all of my physical ailments cleared up. I have also given up some bad habits and started some new good habits. I never understood how people in the spiritual community talked about sudden intolerances for certain foods, etc. but now I know first hand that when your body is ready to rid itself of what is no longer beneficial it will let you know! As a result, I feel all the layers of my energy body are working more cohesively and my intuition and abilities have become sharper.

What a wild ride!

one-light 24-07-2019 05:23 PM

Nice to hear from you again Lucky, you know your stuff energy wise... When someone is really low though that can be turned around very quickly then its a day to day process, slowly building up the physical/energy body at a steady pace. wow when I was in trouble dealing with matters I went totally off cheese I love the stuff, thankfully that corrected itself 6 months later as i started to build up, now my guides have taken me off the beer, i miss it though so much but its for a reason...

Lucky 24-07-2019 05:44 PM

All along, I didn't have any teacher who really helped me...in fact they only confused me more and each one contradicted the other so it has been a lot of trial and error. I did have one terrific long distance mentor though and I learned a lot from her.

Yes I hear you loud and clear about quitting things you love....I had slowly been cutting down on drinking wine at night while cooking and with dinner but after a recent kidney infection and round of strong antibiotics I have been strongly guided to avoid wine altogether. To be honest, it has only been two weeks and every night I miss it but I'm heeding the signs and just letting my body heal and detox.

one-light 24-07-2019 06:12 PM

Ive been off the beer 2 months now getting used to tea love the stuff. I got off the rum about 8 months ago wow did the body complain 50 years of drinking whisky and rum, 11pm that evening felt so unwell body was saying where's my rum - checked blood pressure 200 had to go back on the blood tablets for a week.. Strange times so much to learn and adapt to.

Lucky 24-07-2019 08:59 PM

I love tea now too! I never thought I'd get accustomed to having wine every day but like clockwork, come dinner time I craved it. A year ago I quit having an after dinner drink and my drink of choice was whiskey. I have never been drunk once in my life, that was never my motive, but before I knew it I had built up a tolerance. That stuff is the devil. These changes have been hard without a doubt but eventually we have a wake up call or health scare. It's been a gradual process of stripping away what doesnt serve my highest good. I'm not ashamed to share this because I believe real strength is in recognizing and overcoming it.

one-light 24-07-2019 09:17 PM

Yes I know that word craved, Lucky - I too never remember being drunk but I did like a beer and bit of wine or rum every day - oh I miss you beer.. Just joking yes, 'mind' get on with your thoughts of tea its lovely, and yes it is.

one-light 24-07-2019 09:17 PM

I would like to write about concentration and meditation.

This is for my new found friend Aknaton and to Jesus who helped me so much with my studies, which I will be forever thankful - and anyone else that might need help with concentration/focus issues...

To me concentration is focus - if its a lack of focus during the day, then choose your time of day to try this - write down 3/4 small jobs that need doing - then clear your mind of what you've just written, take deep breaths and rest for 10 mins, or longer if meditating, just relax - Imagine a gentle waterfall of pure water falling on you, cleansing your mind and body and aura..... your aura is important i'm going to write about that tomorrow.

If you can't relax then imagine eating your favorite food and no calories and you should be able to taste it. Just think of those two things and be at peace and breathe... Then after rest say 'ok get on with it' - and get on with the jobs, moving sharply, and I like the think of the fraze 'open your mind' - I tell myself this to give me focus or concentration, raise your eyebrows a little, then its mind power - move around and get on with the jobs, keep mental chatter eg worries right out of the way, get those jobs done, eg cleaning a drawer, wiping dishes, yes pension the dishwasher off - gardening is good, take the dog out after if he/she is on the jobs list.

So when the jobs are complete and this important just rest 10 mins make a drink and just be 'in the moment' to complement yourself on what you've just completed, yes tiny tasks but important for mind power to appreciate it, and say jobs out of the way, completed - its more than that because you're helping your mind to get stronger. And just notice how you feel after the little tasks you've just completed, just take a moment to notice, better?

I'll write more tomorrow...

one-light 25-07-2019 02:02 PM

I'd just like to say if any people trying the thought process of a pure gentle waterfall or eating favorite foods - there are other options as well, obviously do a bit of research on 'power of the mind to help' - one of my favorites is use mind power and visualise riding your bike around your favorite park or fly, yes fly, the mind can do this and it calms it as well which is the objective here - also try visualising a massive chocolate cake and invite some film stars to join you lol - yes this is possible.

So in meditation these relaxation formulas are to relax you, then 'clear you mind' be calm and in peace and breathe deeply and just relax the mind, and focus on your breath gently in out, in out.

I'll write later about what Ive researched on the aura for protection, it might just help someone besides me with what ive learned over recent years, its information I 'didn't know' at 60 years of age and i'd done some miles on the planet by then...

thespiritual1 - thatman - you been working on energy vibrations, any signs of any improvement energy wise yet? or are we hoping too much too soon just give it time.

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