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gigi33 16-12-2021 09:21 PM

Removing Love Spell From Self

I have a question. If you suspect
That someone put a love spell or any
Kind of spell to make you wait for them,
Are there side effects that would happen if you are able to remove the spell from yourself?

Thanks in advance!

asearcher 23-12-2021 06:14 PM

Hi Gigi33!

I see you wrote this about a week ago and still no replies.

There are those who say they can remove spells from you, who do it as part of their profession.

I have once been told that there has been black magic on me, that was removed, but I don't even know how, and I don't know who did it (that is made the black magic on me).

I have googled and looked at you tube at how to remove if spells are made on you, but I do see some good spells as the same as prayers really, I can't really see the difference but I could be wrong there too. If I look at it that way I get why some people are in to it.

However, I don't think it is right to ever try to manipulate someone else using spells for their own good.

If I have understood it right, anyone is welcome to tell me I am wrong, I am no expert, is that these spells collects various energies, spirits even, for the purpose of the spell and than that in turn influence the person to feel a certain way than how you would not if you were not "under a spell".

I once saw ever so briefly but the image haunts me still of my then boyfriend having what I would presume were low level or dark energies, beings that were on his back and his neck and on the backside of his arms like this huge air of these beings there.

I have had my suspicion that they were low level who fed off his feelings, he had a troubled past and he would develop a drinking problem. Beside from that he was really a wonderful, giving human being with a good heart and I'm sorry he traveled in the direction he did. If my eyes did not fool me and these creatures were real, that to me could also indicate (another theory) that perhaps dark magic had been displayed on him, and that's what I saw. Because of all my personal experiences with low levels and what can happen I certainly would never play around with this against or fore anyone. However, there seem to me to be spells that are like prays, where I really can't see the difference, but again I don't know what is being summoned which makes me weary.

When I was more open and did much more meditations than I do now (I hardly do it now as I understand then I am being more seen by the other side) I could actually feel how another energy, being, spirit, was trying to influence feelings to my family, so with that experience I do think we can be influenced, some more than others, to another beings feelings to the point that we think it is our own feelings, when it really isn't. I can tell it comes "from the outside" but I can also tell other people in my surrounding assume it does not, they don't recognize the difference. They just walk around in it and think it's their emotions.

I was hoping someone who is more of an expert within this field could answer you and help you out, but sorry to say it is just me here right now. I do feel for you, and hope you get it removed, somehow.

astralsuzy 30-12-2021 09:30 AM

The way to remove a love spell is not to believe it.

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