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thatoks 20-08-2019 12:32 PM

EVP Ghost Box Hardware Vs Apps
I have always wondered which is better to use
The Ghost Box hardware
The Ghost Box Apps?

I know some people like the hardware over the apps
some people use the hardware as well as the apps.

Which one has more of a higher % spiritual contact result?

BigJohn 22-08-2019 11:55 PM

Which Ghost box hardware and which apps are you looking at?

A lot of the ghost box hardware dealers do not seem to tell much about the boxes.
Hard to be able to compare one box from another, in my opinion.

Some of the apps have limited recording channels.

Shivani Devi 26-08-2019 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by thatoks
I have always wondered which is better to use
The Ghost Box hardware
The Ghost Box Apps?

I know some people like the hardware over the apps
some people use the hardware as well as the apps.

Which one has more of a higher % spiritual contact result?

Welcome to the forums.

I am wary of ghost box hardware or apps which have an inbuilt sound bank.

Such devices will spit out choice words at regular intervals like "demon" or "evil" or "help" and it is pretty easy to spot the algorithms within a timeframe of continued use.

The best thing is to get an old, hackable Radio Shack or Sangean radio and go from there. This gives the clearest and most precise interactions.

All the best.

Lynn 31-08-2019 05:02 AM


Worked with a lot of the "So called Ghost Buster" stuff and honestly its a joke.
We all have something with us its called "intuition 6th sense" that gut feeling where we can tap into more of what is around us.

I have over the years listened to hours on yours of EVP recordings looked at so many pictures, and video and know well that as a Medium I get more from using nothing.

I have worked with groups of Paranormal investigators and while they seek to find "evidence" to prove its real what they get at times is someone in spirit just playing games with them. Or in many cases sadly contact where they need help to cross over not be that play thing.

We have to remember that when your looking for ghosts or spirits that they were once flesh and blood like we are now. Respect is needed and its not a game for the weak of heart at times doors are opened that do not so easily close.

Its not a game yet too many TV shows portray it as that a game to find evidence.


leadville 04-09-2019 09:25 PM

I try not to be judgmental but I'm not persuaded by the merits of these electronic devices. I'm sure that some individuals will achieve success at some level but that may be simply because they are sensitives, psychics or mediums - knowingly or unknowingly.

Whatever results are achieved they should be properly evaluated - and that may need a sound understanding and ideally some experience.

desert rat 27-10-2019 03:07 AM

The spirit box is a.am or fm radio set to keep scanning all it does is pick up random broadcast . I don't think any of the phone apps work . A e v p. Is something different. It's picked up on a recorder , it takes time to go through a recording and most investigators don't want to do it. There is what is called a Tesla spirit box. It's basically a crystal radio set with an amp . I plan to build one ,if I get any thing interesting I will post them. There is also a mic. inside a box made out of mirrors, I don't know what results have been got with it.

Pastthemirror 27-10-2019 05:27 PM

I would have thought the apps, at least most of them, would be complete nonsense. It’s hard enough to find a decent game on the App Store among all the garbage, how on earth would you tell any real app from the scams?

thatoks 26-05-2020 06:22 PM

Thank You So Much For Your Reply��

Silver01 23-09-2021 01:31 PM

Agree with LEADVILLE

SW2022 03-01-2022 12:52 PM

I have worked a lot with ITC stuff over the years and for me it depends on what you are doing and what your trying to achieve. Before using any device you should always make sure you have a good connection to spirit and you are well protected as the connection spirit use with these devices comes from you, and to be honest sometimes receiving messages in this way can have untold effects.

I personally use the humble SB7 ghost box with a speaker and I analyse the footage later using Sony Vegas, As far as apps are concerned I use the SCD2 from ghost hunter apps.com and afterlife box.

Do not go into this research without having a grounding in what your doing and what your working with as it can be influenced from outside sources, so I use them for validation purposes only, however when I have used them, there are three trained mediums in the room with about 15 years experience each. I don't want to detour anyone from experimenting I just encourage people to do it in a safe way.

If you are starting out and you have the grounding, etc, then perhaps Ethereal would be a good option for you because as a base it uses high frequency sounds rather than your standard AM/FM or internet radio sources.

Hope that helps.

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