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Tea Break 25-06-2011 09:39 AM

Thanks Norseman. That really is a good tea-break's worth :smile:

Weekend Angel Blessings to All :angel8:

LadyVirgoxoxo 26-06-2011 02:57 AM

Thanks Norseman! That was awesome!

norseman 26-06-2011 08:25 AM

:D Nothing to do with the Sidhe but would you like a longer, better quality video ?
Written, Produced, and Starring The Norse and his Demon Steed :rolleyes:


[if you click on "next", you will get my favourite photos made up as a continuous film strip :D. All in my "patch"]]

Boldylocks 16-07-2011 01:15 AM


Originally Posted by norseman
"Riders of the Sidhe" painted by John Duncan


There is a place in the Pennines/Dales where I walk which is called Gunnerside - the original spelling was thought to be Gunnar's Sidhe ! It was a Norse settlement. They constructed pastures beside the river for hay to feed their cattle in winter, and terraced the sides of the valley into strip fields to grow barley. There is a tradition, going back centuries, that the hay is never cut until the wild flowers have set their seed. In the later spring, the pastures are a riot of colour. And, yes, it is a magical place !

Pastures at Gunnerside. Look carefully and you might make out the strip fields.

Wow, that really got my attention! It ties in with my experience with one Sidhe woman... 3 years ago I had a very beautiful Faery encounter with one of the smaller Pixie faeries-- she looked to be of some sort of royalty with her Kind., She uncannily resembled Brian' Frouds' version of male Pixies- only she was much more regal and softer- and more innocent looking.
After that encounter, I had no more doubts that Faerie actually exist- so I went ahead and made a faery garden for them-- and made the decision to let the Faeries, Pixies, Elves, etc., --all Faerykind, have their way with the garden. I only pull out the crabgrass and water where needed-- and have added some violas, and such to enhance it for them.

During that time I realized that since, apparantly, the Faery DO exist after all- I better start picking up trash when i see it, and start appreciating the little plants I used to pull up and toss away-- including the little baby Maple tree saplings that always spring up in our yard .

Well, after a night of playing music for the Faery on my CD player-- one morning shortly thereafter, right before waking up for work, I heard a woman singing this verse to me: "You are helping the flower to seed; all things are precious"

Who sang this verse to me was someone my size or taller, and after reading about the Sidhe, I have come to the conclusion that it was one of the Sidhe- I have read from others that the Sidhe are very concerned about what humanity is doing to this planet- and they are not too thrilled with mankind's warlike , greedy and egotistic mentality. They know we are spiritually immature, however, so the more spiritually inclined groups of Sidhe have pity for us, but they are trying to reach those of mankind who are open to hear.

My take on these Beings is that God created them long before mankind was created- we humans are the youngest of all- and the most prodigal of all Intelligent Beings. I believe that many of the Sidhe probably are in communion with the Creator- and perhaps work under the archangels on behalf of this planet-- just a hunch.

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