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TheLegacyFHP 08-04-2021 05:48 AM

Where u wake up when you die
3. The First Mansion World
47:3.1 (532.7) On the mansion worlds the resurrected mortal survivors resume their lives just where they left off when overtaken by death. When you go from Urantia to the first mansion world, you will notice considerable change, but if you had come from a more normal and progressive sphere of time, you would hardly notice the difference except for the fact that you were in possession of a different body; the tabernacle of flesh and blood has been left behind on the world of nativity.

hazada guess 08-04-2021 01:04 PM

Interesting.Where did you get that from?

Native spirit 08-04-2021 02:05 PM

I was going to ask the same question


TheLegacyFHP 09-04-2021 12:17 AM

The Urantia Book. Paper 47

iamthat 09-04-2021 01:27 AM

For those not familiar with The Urantia Book, it was first published in 1955. It is about 2,000 pages, covering the nature of the superuniverses and our local universe, the history of Urantia (our planet Earth), the role of the angels and rebel angels over the past 500,000 years, and the life of Jesus. It is quite dense, but also fairly readable.

An easier read is the series of books by Timothy Wyllie regarding his own life from the perspective of a rebel angel, which also includes a lot of information from The Urantia Book. I found these books both interesting and entertaining. Some of it may seem far-fetched, and yet it all makes a certain sense.

Who knows!


hazada guess 09-04-2021 07:51 AM

Oh Urantia is Earth.In that case,it does make some sense.Thanks iamthat.

Native spirit 09-04-2021 10:04 AM

Well if Iamthat had'nt put that down i would'nt have had a clue what it was about


bobjob 09-04-2021 07:12 PM

Where do we wake up when we die? We'll only know for certain after we've passed over but teachers and guides have told us for many decades what can be expected.

If you're from a generation which heeds the words and ideas of mortals then you may read or hear different accounts based on where their details originated.

caveat emptor

Bill1673 10-04-2021 04:42 AM

Iamthat: Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm going to have to check it out.

GlitterRose 10-04-2021 05:56 PM

Urantia gets a lot of heat because it seems pro-eugenics.

There are passages that don't seem very enlightened, regarding race, either.

Just FYI.

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