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lostsoul13 16-04-2021 09:23 PM

I hope somewhere else when I wake up when I die.. in paradise of some sortó if I have enough imagination left!

Busby 24-04-2021 12:18 PM

When we die, be it human, or any other concious being, we go immediately home to that place where we went last night when we dropped off to sleep and from which we came when we were created.
Apart from this centre of creation there is and never has been anything else.

Elfin 24-04-2021 12:25 PM

We wake up when we die... Quote from my boy when he was 6..

Miss Hepburn 24-04-2021 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by Elfin
We wake up when we die... Quote from my boy when he was 6..

Lol!! That's RIGHT!!! :icon_cheers:And we're back Home!

Rah nam 24-04-2021 10:09 PM


Originally Posted by Anala
:biggrin: :hug2: I know I am coming back... young soul and all...
For you old souls out there, do you think so many of you are here to help those of the pandemic cross over?
And us newbies are here to learn and step-up into your big, big shoes?

You don't have to hide your light under a bushel

You are older than you might think.

PureEvil760 26-04-2021 01:27 AM

This is true, that nothing really changes except you don't have a body. If you're not in heaven before death you won't be after, but if you were in heaven before death you wouldn't die. Some astral projectors can see and interact with the dead people in purgatory, they live in fabricated worlds that they think are real for God knows how long, the religious heavens exist there, formed from collaborative human beliefs. However I do believe there is an angel that offers a fast track to heaven when you die and if you refuse she comes back a week later, and if you refuse again you're on your own archangel Azrael.

AbodhiSky 16-05-2021 05:28 AM


Originally Posted by Anala
in the afterlife, if you want to find me, I will either be in the forest hiking or at the diner having a piece of pie!

I don't know if you have seen that movie about the after life (a comedy) named "Defending Your Life" but the hero gets handed like 9 pies! You can eat all you want in the afterlife according to that movie,


ayar415 19-06-2021 04:51 AM


Originally Posted by iamthat
For those not familiar with The Urantia Book, it was first published in 1955.

It was made in America.

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