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Lucky 1 06-07-2020 03:25 PM

Composer Ennio Marricone Pass's away at 91
I just found out that Italian composer Ennio Marricone passed away today in an Italian hospital at the age of 91

For those of you not familiar with him or his work....he was best known for writing scores to movies and wrote music for more than 400 films.

He was an extremely prolific composer though and film scores are far from being the bulk of his work.

Personally I consider him to be one of the greatest composer's of the last 100 years and he was renowned for using the human voice not to sing words and lyrics but as another musical instrument to add emotion to the music.

Here is Ennio conducting my own favorite piece, "The Ecstacy of Gold" from the 1966 western "The Good ,The Bad, and The Ugly" featuring Italian soprano Susanna Rigacci.

What an amazing and moving piece of music!


Joe Mc 07-07-2020 08:44 AM

RIP Ennio Marricone

Hey Blondie !!!! :)

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