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Unseeking Seeker 12-02-2022 11:50 AM

Recognising the path

This play of attraction and repulsion
plays out within the realm of space and time
wherein free will may choose resonation
with vibrations of divine love sublime

Slowed down vibrations in our waking state
enable us to calibrate our heart
that by abiding in stillness sedate
we recognise all are one, none apart

Fixating attention in the vast void
we relinquish control by surrender
throbbing with rapture, by bliss currents buoyed
beholding our soul ascent in wonder

Thought rested, love suffused silence the way
Through day and night, to rhythm of God sway


Unseeking Seeker 15-02-2022 01:24 AM

The precipice of the unknown

Looking toward skies, feet on ground
Fears and desires, twirl us around
Although soul seeks God’s love and light
Patterns of habit, hold us bound

Scriptures speak of spherical sight
Bliss in permanence, day and night
Ours for asking, if our thoughts die
Ego death contracts heart in fright

Clinging to life’s the reason why
We attempt not to wingless fly
How may we dissolve in the stream
Fear of unknown, makes our heart sigh

We’re told that this life but a dream
Within us in-dwells God supreme
Die to be reborn is the clue
Counsel unheeded, since fears scream

Within our form, flows life force dew
Bliss nectar; truth known to but few
Cognised in stillness, if heart pure
Melding therein, blessings accrue

Ego warns ‘how can we be sure?’
Thus trauma bonding, pain endure
In dark dungeons of delusion
Even though conscience does censure

Brave souls who exit illusion
Put an end to all confusion
Fusing head with heart, love aligned
Bringing about divine fusion

Playing life role, in as assigned
In timeless time, clear truth’s divined
That ego shorn, we are twice born
Free from transient attachment’s bind

Hark oh hermit, to God’s love horn
Too long in darkness, we’ve lived on
Time’s now to see God face to face
Let Christ consciousness, soul adorn


Unseeking Seeker 17-02-2022 03:32 AM

Bliss continuum

Bliss enlivened stillness, poised in the void,
holds still love animated attention,
with innate vibrancy, thus overjoyed,
cognisant of enlivened elation,
feeling and distilling each vibration,
infusing therein souls lucid intent,
to imbibe and amplify the current,
becoming thus, a beacon of pure light,
with universe conspiring in consent,
teleporting presence to zenith height.


Unseeking Seeker 19-02-2022 03:19 AM

Illusion of death

of death
all other fears,
since we’re mistaken
that we’ll be extinguished
upon what we term as death.
The truth that we are soul is veiled,
therefore we seek to enhance pleasure,
seeking to make permanent, the transient.

Near death cases listed are now common,
leaving no doubt that our life goes on
even though our feeble form dies,
signalling that we are soul,
for a sojourn on earth,
in this mind-body
to learn by touch
throb of life,

we know
we are soul,
on earth to learn,
our perspective shifts;
fear of death fades away,
boundaries blur, we ascend,
energised by the bliss current,
transcending limitations of form,
that God’s will be done here, as in heaven.

Unseeking Seeker 21-02-2022 02:51 AM

Pratyabhijna or Recognition

Unfocused gaze rests in vast space
Made possible by divine grace
Propelled by mind and senses five
Flowing thus, at an easy paces

Breathed by God’s love, we are alive
Soma nectar brightens heart hive
Gripping us in boundless rapture
Dormant nodes begin to revive

Vibrant bliss mind cannot capture
Makes erect now, our soul stature
Seeing space as body of God
Ego fades, soul becomes mature

No sooner lower mind is sawed
Erst narrow vision outlook broad
Recognising God in-dwells all
Deep truth leaving us overawed


Unseeking Seeker 23-02-2022 02:59 AM

Mindful Eye

The mindful eye
Feels each strobe
Sees soul disrobe
As heart does sigh

Impulse rise and fall
Embrace and release
Doing as we please
Whilst standing tall

Wary of indulgence
In a narrow band
We do understand
Ego scars innocence

Enclosed rhyme

Unseeking Seeker 26-02-2022 11:40 AM

Delusion to Illumination

heart’s desire
seeking objects
in world of transience,
which are doomed to perish,
thus either which ways we shrink
trying to seize and grasp shadows,
prolonging our pain and anguish here,
self-blocking divine throb of bliss within.

Cessation of desires the only way
for us to exit cycle of pain,
simply abiding in stillness,
devoid of all narrowness,
trusting in God alone,
with an open heart,
eager to meld
with His love,
here and

Unseeking Seeker 28-02-2022 09:22 AM

We are He who we seek

What is this strange place we find ourself in
Vast space, linear time, therein confined
Trapped in the open, we are free within
Bemused by illusions, consciousness blind
Weary we are now, going through life’s grind
Something’s not right here, something is amiss
Clear truth’s been shared with us, by sages kind
God alone is, nothing else is, know this

Scriptures speak of love, as also of sin
But are we not in bondage, trapped in mind
Cave of heart is open, let’s go therein
With love and light, choosing to be aligned
Exiting narrowness and thoughts unkind
Cravings of ego, bottomless abyss
Who we really are, let’s here now find
God alone is, nothing else is, know this

Dwelling in silence, shutting off thought din
We leave erst fears and desires far behind
Feeling then joy currents, tingle our skin
Soma nectar flows, through pathways assigned
Layer by layer, consciousness refined
Hearts joy throbs heighten, transmuting to bliss
Ego dies, we become divine entwined
God alone is, nothing else is, know this

We stand erect, soul with spirit streamlined
Gripped in bliss of a never ending kiss
We know we’re He, who we sought out to find
God alone is, nothing else is, know this


Unseeking Seeker 03-03-2022 11:45 AM

Burning yearning

A deep burning yearning consumes our soul
Transcendence to divine luminescence
A need to feel complete, blissful and whole

In world of illusion, no worthwhile goal
Fears and desires, consigned to decadence
A deep burning yearning consumes our soul

Save love pulsations, nothing to extol
Endless is divine entwined dalliance
A need to feel complete, blissful and whole

In void of silence, bliss throb on a roll
Rapture heightens, imbibed by sentience
A deep burning yearning consumes our soul

Head melds with heart, as we grant God control
Trusting loving counsel, of our conscience
A need to feel complete, blissful and whole

The one as many, appears as a shoal
This wisdom etched within, shines in brilliance
A deep burning yearning consumes our soul
A need to feel complete, blissful and whole


Unseeking Seeker 05-03-2022 05:19 AM

Ingrain here now love

Ingrain here now love, wisdom and power
Three fold attributes that make us complete
Rejoice hermit, in love’s blissful shower
Melding with oneness, sitting at God’s feet

Here in third density, love does love greet
Why-for then does our heart in fear cower
All one; there are no rivals to unseat
Ingrain here now, love wisdom and power

Rise higher, oh lama, don’t sink lower
Ego doership takes us down a dark street
Trinity’s within; reclaim through prayer
Three fold attributes that make us complete

Deep within our heart, we all hark love’s tweet
An endearment that blossoms hour by hour
Our soul becomes divine, with joy replete
Rejoice hermit, in love’s blissful shower

Negating desires, let’s make thoughts slower
As ordained, we imbibe magnetic heat
Heart lotus within, begins to flower
Melding with oneness, sitting at God’s feet

In-form nodes dance to cadence of love’s beat
We’re still, as God Himself does empower
Bliss ignition continues to repeat
Across boundless space, our soul does tower
Ingrain here now love

Rondeau Redouble

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