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lomax 08-01-2021 04:51 PM

Thanks for the song Anala.A classic one.

lomax 08-01-2021 04:52 PM

Heatwave - I Surrender

ImthatIm 08-01-2021 08:43 PM

Alabama Shakes - Hold On (Official Video)


sentient 08-01-2021 09:27 PM

Gotta love Fat Larry’s Zoom:

Although I do think it is about heroin – ‘smack’.
Knew too many heroin addicts in Copenhagen.
Gets to you after a while when they turn into skeletons with scabs boasting about how high a dose they now are taking, and when there is nothing you can do about it ....


Oh, the last 3rd World song I posted missed the good bit
Let's give love a try.
Let JAH control, control your destiny.
We owe it to ourselves, yes, we do.
To live happy, eternally.


Then going silent/nonverbal within and dancing to that intention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf19wryrIbg
From 4:03 to 6:38

Jamaicans so had it at that time …


GlitterRose 09-01-2021 01:27 AM

Song of the Day for me is the live version of Perpetual from VNV Nation.

Let yourselves be...let yourselves be...neverending light.


Anala 09-01-2021 01:51 AM


Originally Posted by Lucky 1
Oh man Anala! That photo! It does look like the beach! If you look at the photo I posted out my backyard on the canal I live on out on North Padre Island....where I live looks like another world from where you live...and I guess it kinda is!

Rowan and Martins "laugh In" I had not heard that in a looooong time! That song by Herb Alpert was actually used on TV's "The Dating Game"

Do you remember that show???

Here's something for everyone to think summer and warmth! (It might make a few of you think of "On Hold" music! LOL!)

Bebel Gilberto - So Nice (Summer Samba)


Your photo reminded me of my grandparents house on the canal in Fort Myers, FL. :smile: except the pool and patio had a huge screened in porch.

Now you see why I love you warm beachy, surfy, umbrella drink, dance the night away music! I can listen to it while I shovel snow. :laughing6:

Yes! that is it, the dating game! I could not put my finger on where I had heard it. :D

I listened to CJ Box Audio book while filing today! And the story had a description of a winter storm on the mountain with 3-5 feet of snow,... Imagine! Okay,... time to warm up with music. Let’s have a listen. :D

Anala 09-01-2021 02:15 AM

Wow! You all are all “on point!”

Lucky 1 with the ambience! I did a double take after that song as to whether it was still winter in my world. (Opps, let the dog out, and the icy blast confirms!)

Lomax! love the title! :biggrin:

The ImthatIm, that woman’s voice! All I can say is Wow! Definitely turned up the volume on that one!

Sentient! Love the disco ball and the tinkly sound! Reminded me of Chris Cross!
**Lomax, have you heard, Cross Cross is making a come back?

And Glittering Rose! Welcome to our musical fun house! While ImthatIm’s song was grounding, your song shifted me right into the astral!

LOL! All in a half hours time listening... traveled to another season, around the world, to another time and then shot right out into the universe,... no drugs required. I love music!:biggrin:

Chris Cross - Sailing Away https://youtu.be/MEO6gYCFbr0

Happy Friday! :hug2:

GlitterRose 09-01-2021 03:04 AM

Thanks Anala. Happy Friday to you too!

A lot of VNV Nation songs are that way. Too many to mention, but you will likely hear them all at some point...right here. :)

Anala 09-01-2021 04:13 AM

GlitterRose, I look forward to it! :biggrin:

So, my song of the day,... I started looking for drums,... all kinds and then stumbled on this.

This song moves me, U2 and Harlem Choir sing “I still have not found what I am looking for” https://youtu.be/M8Wt3dhF4fU

Anala 09-01-2021 04:48 AM


Originally Posted by sentient
Ha ha @ their costumes .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=god7hAPv8f0

That was about the same time I was listening to this:
Oh Yeah - still good ...

Another one from the same timeframe, no?:


And the same timeframe I was visiting Jacob - listening to his stories and watching his slide shows:


Yes, the costumes of Earth, Wind and Fire, crazy! Have you ever seen MC Hammer? And his ballon pants. Funny to look back at clothing trends.

I had forgotten about Donna Summer... :-) Yes, same time frame! :smile:

Ah, I think I saw Jacob Holdt at a lecture at University long ago when he was much younger. I remember his pictures, stark reality. Important to remember.

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