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Anala 16-10-2022 10:06 PM

Flatland Cavalry - Dancin’ Around A Flame

Anala 16-10-2022 10:12 PM

It took a nasty cold to give me the slow down time to catch up with you all! :smile: So happy to listening to all of the beautiful songs you all share here. You are all such a blessing!

Ryan Bingham “Wolves”. https://youtu.be/kaaO3kv3LPQ

Anala 16-10-2022 10:15 PM

Ok, just one more :biggrin:

Shane Smith & The Saints - All I See Is You

kundalinikid 16-10-2022 10:25 PM

Two Steps from Hell - Star Sky


Anala 16-10-2022 10:27 PM

One World (We Are One)

kundalinikid 17-10-2022 12:51 AM

Roy Orbison - You Got It


hallow 17-10-2022 01:17 AM

This song always makes me giggle like a 10 year old a little bit inside. https://youtu.be/xPlqLHcphyw

Anala 18-10-2022 12:34 PM

[quote=hallow]This song always makes me giggle like a 10 year old a little bit inside. https://youtu.be/xPlqLHcphyw[/QUOTE)

It reminds me of my brother

Joe Mc 19-10-2022 05:53 AM

Echoes - Pink Floyd


__________________________________________________ _____________

hallow 19-10-2022 10:10 AM

Robert Johnson, a Delta blue's artist. He is said to be the first rock star. https://youtu.be/zZKH-SKgLoI
This isn't a song, it's the history of Robert Johnson, he has a very short but interesting history. Hope you enjoy. https://youtu.be/L4Ury06WEco. One last song by Mr. Johnson https://youtu.be/Yd60nI4sa9A

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