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Dawn 28-10-2012 12:55 AM

Your Favorite Color
I've been thinking about this one for a while.

Almost everyone has a favorite color or colors. They find themselves inexplicably drawn to / favoring one or two colors over the others. Like, for me example, my main favorite color is blue, but I'm also attracted to silver (not that I want to wear silver, but I find it attractive as a color).

Over the years I've been curious and went searching for the answers to these questions. What do colors in the aura mean? What does your favorite color say about you? Etc. etc. etc.
Now I'm at the point where I'm asking this question. WHY do so many of us find ourselves drawn to a particular color? Were these physical forms born under a specific spectrum of spiritual light / energy? What is the purpose behind it?
I mean, yes, sure, it probably comes off sounding like a ditzy question to ask, muchless to be wondering about, but... really.
WHY do we find ourselves drawn to a single dominant / preferred color? Any ideas? I'm curious to read what you want to share about this.

Henri77 28-10-2012 01:43 AM

"Blue indicates love of celestial truth"

just found this as well, to illustrate diverse interpretations worldwide.

In Chinese culture, colors corresponded with the five primary elements, the directions, and the four seasons. Blue was associated with wood, east, and spring.

Blue, blue-green, and green are sacred colors in Iran, where they symbolize paradise.

In India, paintings of the god Krishna often depict him as having blue skin.

In Mexico, blue is the color of mourning.

In Aztec culture, blue symbolized sacrifice.

In Greece, the color blue is believed to ward off "the evil eye."

As a red head it's flattering, so I tend to wear that a lot.... but it's also a peaceful color and that suits me.

Love of truth specially in my youth was very evident....seeking truth

Henri77 28-10-2012 01:47 AM

Good topic, I'll be curious what others share, as I know little about this.

My teacher saw very dark blue, almost black, as the color of truth.

Elfay 28-10-2012 01:57 AM

Interesting topic, its funny for years I use to have a favorite color but as of late I don't but was drawn to the color pink for months and wore it often, now its more purple and blues ... but I can't say I have a favorite color.

Bodhi_Spirit 28-10-2012 02:03 AM

lol blue and silver are my two favorite colors also. I really have no idea why though?

TGPK 28-10-2012 02:04 AM

... They're all good... even the ones not in this dimension.

Dawn 28-10-2012 03:38 AM

Henry77, Elfay, Izzaga, TGPK, thanks for your thoughts on this one.

Henry77, thanks for sharing but...erh... you're describing what other places hold as a meaning for the colors. Not that I'm not appreciative, but I'm wondering why people are drawn to them to begin with.

Elfay, that's really curious. This is just my 2 cent's worth here, maybe your drawn to colors is more of an aura / energy thing and why you don't find yourself dominantly drawn to one particular color over your whole life?
I've heard it talked about here and there that for some people, (and one woman I knew, lovely lady) they are sensitive to colors and are often drawn to wearing a particular color or colors because it'll, in a sense, feed them or rejuvenate them with that color's energy. Such as blue can help to calm, yellow helps to perk up, red or deep red helps the appetitie (heard it talked about on tv that some restaurants actually color their walls deep red because studies have shown that "Red is often used in restaurant decorating schemes because it is an appetite stimulant."), so on and so forth.
Not saying I'm right about it, but defiantely some food for thought.

Izzyga, awesomeness!
Short version is, from having looked into color research a bit myself, blue is a soothing color while silver is spiritual. (You can easily do a google search for spiritual color meaning and come up with a whole slew of different sites that tell you pretty much the same stuff about colors.)
What gets me is how right a bunch of the descriptions are for those two colors with my own personality.

TGPK, indeed.

Henri77 28-10-2012 04:13 AM

It's a reflection of who we are, how we feel or want to feel.

I've always sought truth, as a kid I was contemplative, studied philosophy in college, am here at SF. Blue induces peace- enhancing contemplation.
THIS shade is a bit electric but less boring than navy text.

It's a soothing yet an energizing color in some hues, like this text.... and this suits me.

I never wear red, yellow, rarely ever black, only occasionally certain greens.

Tan is ok but boring.

I wear red socks only when ill and need the healing energy.

Bought soft pink tee shirts to enhance love, when in public.

But I mostly wear blue, white..... just feels right

I love purple-violet but rarely wear it, as it looks odd with my skin tone-hair. Had a muted purple scarf I loved as it enhanced that in my aura, around people,

My ex bought some fire red folding kitchen chairs and I insisted we exchange 'em for white, as i couldn't sit on red or even look at 'em, without getting very edgy.... she didn't wear red but thought they looked colorful.

My very fave outfit is faded blue jeans & blue Levi jacket, white tee shirt.

Elfay 28-10-2012 04:43 AM

Yes its an aura thing with me. I knew it when I wrote what I did but didn't want to explain it but that's what its all about with me. I usually dress what my aura colors are, not intentially but as it turns out that's the color of my aura. I pretty much like all colors, drawn to most but favore
none. Certain colors wil either compliment my aura/energy or totally clash with it making me feel pretty blah. I don't always read my own aura.

Rin 28-10-2012 04:55 AM

Ochre ........

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