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ragdoll 07-04-2021 03:21 PM

Bicycles, dogs, old house, mean kids, dead people
This was a very strange dream that mixes the location of the most recent old house with the actual oldest old house I grew up in (two houses). I spent a while on a bicycle that squeezed in and out depending on which way the pedals were. So as you rode the bike, the wheels would come in, your seat would go up, then the wheels would go out, and the seat would go down. It was hard to ride, and I spent a lot of time walking. I was trying to get to the oldest old house, but for some reason was on a street near the most recent old house. A bunch of mean teens kept following me and accusing me of living in fear for wearing a mask. I basically was like ugh ok if you're going to be a dumb kid, do it somewhere else. The oldest kid who was like, 17, was making fun of a littler kid, and I was like, you really have nothing better to do than pick on a kid? Act a little more your age. They thought I was THEIR age, and was like, who are you to tell us what to do? I said, I'm a millennial, and they suddenly respected that and were quiet.

I manage to find the turn-in for my old street. Suddenly I have no bike, and am with our dog that just passed away, a yellow lab, let's call him D. I am met up with a girl named Sandy who used to live on the same street, but died of breast cancer when she was 24. I haven't thought of this girl in a very long time, so I am surprised she showed up. Although no one I know lives on that street anymore, we went up it. She told me she comes here often to visit her aunt. I have no idea if her aunt lives there in real life, so I may check. As we go up the street (this oldest old house sits at the very top of a cul de sac, and Sandy's old house was right next door to it) she suddenly has a French Bulldog with her. Someone's dog ran out and bit her dog. I kept trying to get D to come with me, but he transformed into a half lab, half bulldog, and kept slipping his collar, which turned out to be a scrunchie, lol. I go into the oldest old house, and suddenly D is not with me, and neither is Sandy or the dogs.

The house has been completely remodeled. The kitchen is now where the front door used to be. Bathrooms sit on either side of the new kitchen, and all the doors in the house are suddenly very narrow. The area where the kitchen used to be is now a sitting room. I have no idea where the rooms are. My mom is there, and she says the new owners are letting us stay there, so cool, I unpack luggage and we stay there, but then all of a sudden we notice the new owners coming back (never actually see them) and my mom panics. She begins to get dressed but doesn't bother packing her bags. I asked her how long we were allowed to say, and she said 3 more minutes. I had a feeling that we weren't supposed to be there. I got dressed in clothes that were not mine and then the dream ended.

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