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SpiritualFreedom 06-04-2021 03:05 PM

Hijacking A Monster Body!
Doing an out of body the other day,

I went into the bathroom of my house, and my own reflection was a monster!

I was fully dark and black as the universe, but I also have vivid digital red stripes along my body.

I wasn't scared at all, I was thinking instead "Dude, I look soooo cool and badass. But if somebody encounters me on this form, it's probably going to think I am the devil or something"

I spent a lot of time in the mirror looking at this monster body.

I am still not sure If I have a monster body in other dimension currently, If I Hijacked this body that is not mine, or If morphed into it

The lesson of this experience was, If you see a dark entitity when you do an out of body experience, don't be afraid!

It could be a cool guy that it isn't even aware of what form it has

Try to operate a monster body next time you do an out of body

astralsuzy 08-04-2021 05:34 AM

That can happen. Nothing to worry about. It could have happened because you were thinking of monsters, reading about it or watching TV. It could be on the back of your mind and you did not realise it. If it happens again, just say confidently I will look like my normal self now. If it does not happen, keep saying it until it does.

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