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Miriah 05-04-2021 01:13 PM

Psychic smells
Theres a specific smell that scared and disturbed me enough to make me have nervous breakdowns in a restaurant as a child.
No one seems to smell this smell but me. it is so distinct but indescribable and like nothing I have ever smelled before.

I woke up this morning smelling the smell on me. yet again, i was the only one that smelled it.

I wonder if it could mean Im marked for death soon.

I can also distinctly smell/taste energy, but this is more an energetic feeling sort of thing.
The smell I mentioned above smells very physical to me, but despite just how overwhelming it is to me, no one knows what i might be smelling.

Native spirit 05-04-2021 02:04 PM

You can smell spirit as well as taste them it is the Energy. it does not mean you are going to die.
i would advice you to go to a spiritulist church near you.
they could give you some advice of what you are having. and help you.


asearcher 05-04-2021 07:47 PM

Hello, I've had smells too and I'm not dead yet. I have become alarmed too. I think one or two senses over the ordinary will work even with the sensitivity to energies, smelling is one of them, feeling the energies or a person's energy getting sick is another, seeing is a third, and hearing... It's alright, you're not going to die from it =) it will pass.

lomax 07-04-2021 04:07 PM

Agree with the above posts.
Also can you describe the smell?From what i experienced so far,angelics smell real good.
For example,Michael's energies taste like 'iron' and it smells like burnt or something.Others are more 'perfume like'.

GlitterRose 10-04-2021 05:43 PM

People who have had some sort of spiritually transformative experience tend to be sensitive in various ways. Sensitivity to smells is just one example.

Apakhana Akshobhya 20-04-2021 02:09 AM

Iomax is right, smell has it's elemental correspondences to specific angelic forces like our other senses do. While this is known to allot of people the exact method of what to do about it has been deeply concealed.

You aren't dying, you are part of something that can't ever die or not exist anyways, but the body can lol. If it does die (and it will) eventually then we should spend our time trying to seek out a teacher that can deliver the methodology to us which we need to correct ourselves and leave this realm for good, lest we find ourselves stuck in the cycle of reincarnation over and again.

zastrakoza 27-04-2021 06:05 PM

Your post reminds me of the smell of fear. It is a very intense and unpleasant scent, that smells a little like a carcass. When physical beings are intensely afraid, they emit this smell.

Maybe something scared you so bad when you were young that you emitted this scent and were able to identify it. You may recognize it again on you after a nightmare or other unpleasant experience.

Please don't be afraid of it. Instead when it comes, ask it where it comes from and why it is here. It may be here to provide information.


BigJohn 29-04-2021 04:37 AM

Sounds like you have quite a few psychic gifts...... as Native Spirit suggested, you might want to go to a Spiritualist Church or something like that to 'fine tooth' your 'gifts'.

Elfin 29-04-2021 08:22 AM

Oh my goodness.... I am just so SORRY that all of this left you feeling fearful, and as though you were going to die..
You are very very gifted...
And given that you have these gifts , it certainly does NOT mean you will die any time soon.
You were given these gifts for a reason...
Because you are an important messanger and still have work to do here.... ( Yawn yawn.. I know !!! We don't always want more work !!!! )...
But when that "work" is to help others, and you see that you are helping others, that's where your reward comes.
Try not to worry...
You are one of the "chosen" ones...

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