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telah777 13-03-2021 05:22 PM

Are evil spirits connected with drugs?
Attn Admin: I have a genuine question that I need help with, please don't delete this post because I mention drugs. I am in no way glorifying drugs, I just need some insight. Thanks for your understanding. I tried to post this on Amino and they deleted my post. I just need answers.

This happened when I lived in Everett Washington in July 2020. I was living with my brother and his roommates friend came over around 2 am and with him this really evil energy that I felt. (My brother told me his roommate liked to do m*th.) This energy felt terrifying and it woke me up out of my sleep. I asked my angels to keep me safe and clear the negative energy but I didn't since any relief from the negative energy. I also tries salt, sage and crystals, but none helped. The next day I went to my sister's place to spend the night and I remote viewed what was causing the negative energy and I saw a big black snake coiled around the house. I researched the snake and got that it could have been Apophis from Egyptian lore. Note: I have never done m*th personally but I can sense the negative energy associated with it. Has anyone had similar experiences being around people on m*th?

asearcher 13-03-2021 07:49 PM


Originally Posted by telah777
Attn Admin: I have a genuine question that I need help with, please don't delete this post because I mention drugs. I am in no way glorifying drugs, I just need some insight. Thanks for your understanding. I tried to post this on Amino and they deleted my post. I just need answers.

This happened when I lived in Everett Washington in July 2020.....


I don't know about meth in particular, but my experience and from what I have found out, that I trust in is that we are energy and there is energy on the other side too. Closest to the earth realm is the low level realm where negative energies stores up.

I have for years not been able to get the image in my head away when I suddenly opened my eyes and saw dark entities surrounding my then boyfriend, from the back to the side, one with opening mouth, taking in his energy, or our energy? The boyfriend was grieving, and during this grieving period increased his drinking to the point where I thought he had a big problem on his hands. His aura changed, all of our does if we have not gone through some pain the right way, that in itself can loure in negative energy to us.

I believe your experience. To me it make sense. When people do drugs, alcohol or go through abstinence the walls, the skin gets more vulnerable to the energies on the other side. The ones who whish to break down this wall, the one closest by hand are from the low level realm.

Someone who is doing drugs could be doing it to escape the pain they have inside, in their aura, and then they mirror these negative feelings that is the energy on the low level realms, attracting to it. One has to have something within one self for it to be a connection.

I'm sorry you had the experience you had. I was ashamed and confused for years to too confess to mine, but I know what I saw, I will never forget it. I was so shocked and staring as I could not believe my eyes. I had no one to talk to about this. I did not dare to talk to him about it. It happened during love making. I think I was able to see what I saw because I was in some other state, my brain was. I was sober, not doing drugs.

I think too anything with rhytm lets in other energies, if one think about it it is used in other ceremonies, the repeat, the increase - the rhytm, people have known this hundreds and hundreds of years but to me it was very much news. The one doing meth, had been somewhere where for instance lots of for music, rhytm, energies been at?

There was of course rhytm during our love making, it went away as he saw my terror and my body go paralyzed. Wondering with innocence what was wrong, had he accidently hurt me, or something. Could be because the rhytm stoped that too made it more difficult for it or they to come through.

I did not know it then but years later he would tell friend that someone of negative energy was felt on his back, disturbing his sleep too, but that was in another home so I don't think it was stationed where the home was but something following him.

telah777 13-03-2021 08:09 PM

Hi Asearcher, thanks for your reply. Yeah there is some crazy stuff out there huh? But we make it through.

Hologram8 13-03-2021 09:13 PM

good people and evil people do it ~ they're not all evil

PureDevotionGirl 18-03-2021 08:05 PM

My older brother told me a story once of how he was doing lots of different drugs and having a lot of sex in college, then one night, he saw a pure black spirit sitting in a chair in his room. It scared him so bad, he converted to Catholicism and so far, he hasn't seen the spirit since. I agree with you guys, doing drugs must open you up for those things to attach or something or make you more vulnerable at least.

Please make sure to do lots of energy work, healing, and cleansing after using drugs or going through anything traumatic...

desert rat 22-03-2021 07:28 PM

My guess hear is that some people that used drugs in live just stay around as a ghost to influence others to use drugs . Let the ghost know there dead , its time to move on and there are beings that will help them on the other side , ect.

Clio_86 24-03-2021 12:54 AM

Think of why many people abuse drugs and alcohol. Not always, but often people are trying to escape their reality. They have some trauma that they are not dealing with or people who get into abusing substances maybe did not have trauma but the downward spiral eventually led to them being in a negative place. It is that negativity that attracts the darkness.

pdizzle45 29-03-2021 02:39 AM

Water is the cleanser of spirits in the darkness. Clarity of body, helps clear those "evil" spirits. Drink water, feed your body a healthy environment and intake.

Don't forget how drugs exacerbate already exsisiting emotions.

GlitterRose 02-04-2021 01:05 AM

Even if you were to only think of this in a psychological way, inner demons also exist...and as within, so without.

People should always seek clinical help, but also emotional and spiritual help, as well.

There is always the danger of taking the cure to the extreme, and people in this situation can have a tendency to become fanatical about religion because they lean on it to overcome addiction. The idea is to get back into balance, and not tip the scale the other way. There's an abyss waiting on both sides.

telah777 03-04-2021 01:32 AM

Thanks for all of your insight and wisdom everyone. :) Just so you guys know, I moved away from Everett Wa. and am in a better living situation.

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