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Miss Hepburn 21-04-2019 06:00 PM

I wish I could show you when you
are lonely or in darkness,

the astonishing light
of your own being.


TheGlow 21-04-2019 06:12 PM


This is one of my favourite songs. The lyrics are a rumi poem, or part of it.
Sung in Persian it moves you without even knowing the words.
Mind you the words make it even better.

Translation is apparently inexact so here are a few.


Joyous, blissful moment, sitting on the porch, you and I
Two forms, two faces, yet one soul together, you and I
Cast aside absurd stories and nonsense, you and I
You and I united as one in the ecstasy and delight

------------------------------------------The poem in full translated
One Soul, You and I
Ghazal 22141
23477 That moment (is) joyous and blessed when we are sitting
(together) in the veranda, you and I; with two forms and faces,
(yet) with one soul, you and I.

The gifts of the orchard and the speech of the birds will offer (us)
the Water of (Eternal) Life2 (at) the moment when we come into
the garden, you and I.

The stars of the (night) sky will come as our observers, (and) we
will reveal the moon itself3 to them, you and I.

23480 You and I, devoid of "you" and "I" due to extreme joy and
delight,4 will be united (in friendship); (we will be) happy and
without concern about absurd stories and distracting nonsense,5
you and I.

All the parrots of the sky will be (happily) chewing sugar6 in a
place where we will laugh in such a way, you and I.

This is (even) more astonishing: that you and I (are) in one corner
here, (yet) in this moment we are both in `Irāq and Khorāsān,7 you
and I.

23483 (We have) one form on this earth and another form on that
(world) in everlasting Paradise and the (Home) Land of Sugar,8
You and I.

--From The Dīwān-é Kabīr (also known as "Kulliyat-é Shams" and
"Dīwān-é Shams-é Tabrīz") of Jalaluddin Rumi.
Translated from the Persian by Ibrahim Gamard, 7/12/03
© Ibrahim Gamard (translation, footnotes, & transliteration)

Notes on the text, with line number:

1Ghazal 2214: Compare to: the translation by R. A. Nicholson,
"Selected Poems from the Dīvāni Shamsi Tabrīz," no. 38, p. 153,
1898 (based on an older, inferior text); the translation by A. J.
Arberry, "Mystical Poems of Rumi: Second Selection, " no. 280, p.
64, 1979 (based on the oldest manuscripts); the translation by
Annemarie Schimmel, "Look! This is Love - Poems of Rumi,"
1991; the version by Jonathan Star (based a translation by Shahram
Shiva), "A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of
Rumi," p. 141, 1992.

2(23478) the Water of (Eternal) Life: a legendary stream which
bestows immortality upon those who drink from it. A frequent
image in Rumi's poetry, symbolizing eternal spiritual joy.

3(23479) the moon itself: means a beautiful radiance will be shown
to the stars about which they have never known, similar to the
luminous beauty of the full moon (but a spiritual illumination).

4(23480) devoid of "you" and "I" due to extreme joy and delight:
means the state of ecstatic consciousness that occurs during
moments when the personal and separate self or ego passes away
in "annihilation" [fanā].

5(23480) absurd stories and distracting nonsense: may refer to the
gossip circulated by disciples and the people in the town of Konya
where Rumi lived--many of whom were jealous because of Rumi's
devotion toward his beloved spiritual master, Shams-i Tabrizi.

6(23481) chewing sugar: parrots were rewarded with sugar when
teaching them to speak. "Sugar-chewing parrots" is a frequent
image in Rumi's poetry, symbolizing the bliss of the souls blessed
by God.

7(23482) `Irāq and Khorāsān: the first country is in the Near East,
the second in Central Asia (eastern Iran extending into

8(23483) the (Home) Land of Sugar: means eternal delight and
enjoyment in Paradise. The meaning here is that Rumi's soul is
united with Shams' soul in a state of Heavenly bliss, while at the
same time their physical bodies are in different locations.

Miss Hepburn 21-04-2019 07:52 PM

If I Adore You

If I adore You out of fear of Hell,
Burn me in Hell!
If I adore you out of desire for Paradise,
Lock me out of Paradise.
But if I adore you for Yourself alone,
Do not deny to me Your eternal beauty.
Rabia al-Basri

Wally 22-04-2019 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by janielee
The Stairway of Existence

Are not
In pursuit of formalities
Or fake religious

For through the stairway of existence
We have come to God’s

We are
People who need to love, because
Love is the soul’s life,

Love is simply creation’s greatest joy.

The stairway of existence,
O, through the stairway of existence, Hafiz

You now come,
Have we all now come to
The Beloved’s

~ Hafiz

fake religious laws? I wouldnt call them fake.
Not a fan of legalism but also not a fan of disrespecting the laws. Laws are there for a reason. To guide us. Not browbeat us.

JosephineB 22-04-2019 08:30 PM

I have a lovely book with Rumi's love poems. Which one to choose :-)

All the precious words
you and I have exchanged
have found their way
into the heart of the universe
one day they'll pour on us
like whispering rain
helping us arise
from our roots again


Miss Hepburn 23-04-2019 03:32 AM

My body is flooded
With the flame of Love.
My soul lives in
A furnace of bliss.

Love's fragrance
Fills my mouth,
And fans through all things
With each outbreath.


JosephineB 23-04-2019 08:14 AM

I shall talk to you
with no words
I shall whisper to you
no ears will hear
even if among the crowd
I tell my story
I know my tales
can only nest in your ears


TheGlow 23-04-2019 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by JosephineBloggs
I have a lovely book with Rumi's love poems. Which one to choose :-)

All the precious words
you and I have exchanged
have found their way
into the heart of the universe
one day they'll pour on us
like whispering rain
helping us arise
from our roots again



janielee 23-04-2019 09:01 PM


Sufi poets and mystics = Beautiful

JosephineB 25-04-2019 04:55 PM

Lets have another look in the book.

you are the letter
written by God
you are the mirror
that reflects the divine
seek inside for
all you want is all you are
there is nothing
above and beyond


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