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hesitant_man 28-05-2018 07:37 PM

What are the consecuences of suicide?
First of all, I just ask this question just to know it, not for planing anything like this.

I have thought about several cases which could apply:

1. One have a normal life and, for some reason, decides to take this decision.

2. One have some chronical disease.

3. One have some kind of disability.

4. One sacrifice himself to save others.

5. One decides to take bad habits to "speed up" the dying process.

I would like to apologise if this question has offended to anyone.

Dargor 28-05-2018 07:53 PM

The worst thing that could happen is that you go to hell for the rest of eternity (according to some). Something less cruel but still harsh is that you possibly get reincarnated and have to experience the same life again in order to overcome your struggles. If not, I suspect you will become an earthbound ghost and won't be allowed into Paradise for p#ssing off your guides, higher self, and/or whatever forced you into this miserable life that made you commit suicide. But maybe if you're lucky you will be pardoned if the cause of your suicide was any of the more legit and noble reasons you mentioned.

Either way, most likely nothing good will happen so I wouldn't recommend anyone to give it a go unless you have a good excuse that no one in the afterlife would get mad.

innerlight 28-05-2018 07:55 PM

None of us really knows for sure, because we are all still living. So no answer is 100%. In my most humble opinion, I would say, a person would end up in a state of low vibration. Because if you are open to the idea of suicide, even if it's to end illness, physically or not, you are in such a state where you are so down from it, you are giving up so to speak. Well, that is a crass term to bluntly say "giving up" because I know it is more than that.

In that state where the turmoil is so deep, and so strong, it's going to leave a mark on you, even after you pass. Putting you in a low vibration. I would not be surprised if many that do, that end up up taking them selves, have a higher chance of becoming earth bound, and just wandering around for a time, until they regain themselves.

Burntfruit 28-05-2018 11:02 PM

In the book Nosso Lar, the main character is deemed to be a suicide.

It was not a conventional suicide, he just drank a lot and ate a lot of rich foods.

So with that criteria, many people would be suicides - smokers, drinkers, fast food eaters.

So in his afterlife, he ended up in a dark swamp, but eventually, he was rescued and sent to the spirit colony where he lived as normal.

My personal opinion is that suicide does not damn you in any way.

Tobi 28-05-2018 11:26 PM

Most natural deaths create a state of what's called "low vibration". I don't think we should be afraid of that or be horrified by it when it happens. Even a little bit of illness naturally lowers "vibrations". That's usually lifted on leaving the body and the physical world and entering into the new state ....but not always. It depends how things are clung to, identified with. Some people identify completely with certain passing states of being, then it can take a little while before those bonds are let go of. It depends. Those with a more free spirit are just glad to get out and away from the illness and raise up again as soon as they do.

But with suicide, it's a bit of a different scenario. More pain may be taken with the Soul at passing. A psychological pain and concept of great suffering. Some also hope death means annihilation and it's a big shock when they find that it isn't; that they are just the same as they were before they took the life out of their body. That must be a very shocking and disappointing experience.

I do feel that we create to some extent what we encounter on the other side. We have to be open to what we receive or else we wouldn't be able to experience it -even if it was there! But I also do feel that when that troubled Soul starts to get glimpses through to a larger reality, they will also see that there is no harsh judgement except their own, and there are loving Souls there (if they can perceive them through their own barriers!)

Tobi 28-05-2018 11:38 PM


Originally Posted by Burntfruit

It was not a conventional suicide, he just drank a lot and ate a lot of rich foods.

So with that criteria, many people would be suicides - smokers, drinkers, fast food eaters.

....hang gliders, snow boarders, mountain climbers, explorers, people who have to work jobs under stress, people who have butter on their toast, anyone who drives a car in busy traffic, anyone who eats sugar...etc etc....the list goes on, and not everyone who does these things, or worse, smokes a cigar every night! is going to find themselves in a mud swamp in the next world.

All choices which could be detrimental and cause death of the body. But suicide? I always thought that part of Nosso Lar was a little heavy-handed.

o0A0o 28-05-2018 11:53 PM

FWIW and just something to consider. I got this from my wife's angels. She channeled several angels among other guides. They said when you commit suicide you are placed in a sort of hold "waiting for your destiny to catch up with you." You have things in the works. Suicide is usually aborting your plans. In a practical sense if we choose a life and its potential lessons we have the ability to bail out. Living typically includes investing in a future whether consciously of not. Every step of the way we have built a life and future in which that life is to live. While living we are also building towards existence after this life's death. We have plans to have learned certain things and anticipate growth from the experiences. We have timed things to coincide. When we choose to leave "prematurely" there are things already in the works in which we anticipated leaving here having lived through. We take things experienced with us and some of those are not yet ready so we must wait for them as a consequence of suicide.

linen53 29-05-2018 12:03 AM

Well, I commit suicide in my last life and I do remember what happened afterwards. I commit suicide because I was a virgin who was sexually violated. It was complicated. I had an overbearing father who was looking to marry me off and if it was found out I was not a virgin all hell would have broke lose. I was very terrified of my father's wrath. So I commit suicide.

I'm surprised you did not include those who have been hurt in some way and find suicide the only way out.

Anyway, I wrote the following in another post recently about my suicide and what happened afterwards.

There was no hell, no judgement other than me judging myself. There was nothing but support and understanding.

Anyway here's what I wrote.

I commit suicide in my last life. I remember having my life review and being very disappointed in myself. I was so shameful. I wanted to go somewhere to think. I just couldn't seem to grow spiritually beyond a certain point. Many lifetimes of distractions in some form or another.

So several guides/angels took me to a gray planet. We passed through space passing planets and even a group of people floating in space engaged in group sex

Once we got to the gray planet I was directed to what looked like a huge bubble. The surrounding terrain was gray and flat with no vegetation or other landmarks. I could see an oasis inside the bubble with trees, a cottage and a horse next to the house.

I walked in the bubble and was amongst the oasis setting. This bubble was like a hologram (Star Trek). I could go for miles and miles once inside the bubble. But once I was inside, I couldn't go out of the bubble. I was in this bubble for quite a long time.

There were residents who lived on the gray planet who would come and watch me. I called them the 'murmurers'. They wore plain robes with sandaled feet and all they did was murmur (gossip) amongst themselves. They irritated me to no end. Eventually they would go away (murmuring). But every so often they would be back.

While I was in this bubble I took walks, rode the horse, there were orchards, streams, meadows, just about everything you would expect in the setting. I would use the cottage when I needed privacy from the murmurers or just to take a nap. I don't think there was night there.

As I said I was there for a very long time.....thinking. And when I had thought it all out, a Being appeared and took me out of the bubble (long story short).

I went before a 'council' and told them what I wanted to accomplish in this lifetime and how I wanted to accomplish it. It was pretty ladened with some bad stuff. And they truly tried to discourage me. But I was adamant. And so I am here.

Oh, I also remember my soul coming back to this plane. I was falling. Falling. Falling. I was excited and thinking of what I would accomplish in this lifetime and all the stuff that would happen to me and how that would occur. I was positive that this time I would get past my stumbling block. All the while falling.

As I fell further it went from bright to dim. And dimmer and dimmer. And I remember taking note of that. And as things became dimmer I felt myself further away from the Source of Light. And as I was further away from the Source I began to have doubts as to my life-plan. And then everything went black.

There are many, many, many, many planes of existence on the other side, which one may term 'heaven'. All of them are different and are at a different vibration. Where one goes when they leave the body depends on their own individual vibration, i.e., where they are spiritually. And also where in their subconscious, they term 'heaven' as being.


Tobi 29-05-2018 12:17 AM

Bless you linen. I was very moved, reading that. Thank you for sharing such a deep thing . Hugs.

innerlight 29-05-2018 01:23 PM

Wow!! What a story linen. A story, no doubt that will be with you for the remainder of your life. I'm sure we've all been in a place like that within this life, where we just want to be left alone and not bothered for the rest of eternity. Glad to hear you were able to find what you were looking for in that place, and are able to apply those teachings to this life.


Originally Posted by Burntfruit
In the book Nosso Lar, the main character is deemed to be a suicide.

It was not a conventional suicide, he just drank a lot and ate a lot of rich foods.

So with that criteria, many people would be suicides - smokers, drinkers, fast food eaters.

So in his afterlife, he ended up in a dark swamp, but eventually, he was rescued and sent to the spirit colony where he lived as normal.

My personal opinion is that suicide does not damn you in any way.

I think when it comes to it, it all still revolves around the emotional state one is in, within their lives, especially at their time of passing.

While it may seem like a small "innocent" thing, a lot of times, it actually is masking something more. Such as a person who is addicted to something, or become a constant drinker, they are more than likely using it to escape the realities of their life and world all around them. In a way there is a void within them, and they are using stuff whether it's food/drink/expensive stuff to try and fill that void.

If one is in that state when they pass, they will still be stuck in that state when they pass. Which, would be akin to hell. And is probably where the idea of being in hell for all eternity come from. It's not forever. It's just, until they wake up from it and leave that state. Upon passing, it is much harder to do so. As you are in a plane that is more emotional/mental than here in the physical. So it will affect you more than it would here.

Most of that turmoil in the realms beyond this one, is self judgement. Fear of being judged. Feeling like a failure, and consumed by it. Which does not help with clearing themselves of their own baggage.

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