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Greenslade 12-06-2018 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by Starman
Me having seen hundreds of people die, I have come to the conclusion that we all die when it is time for us to die and not before. When we die, in my opinion, is predetermined, and the only question is the method of our death.

Surely suicide and what leads up to it as as valid an experience as any other, if it is predetermined and there are such things as Karmic Obligations/Life' Purpose? In those contexts wasn't suicide not chosen by us as Spirit prior to coming here?

Colorado 12-06-2018 02:24 PM

I have changed my point of view on this a tad bit. When I had my NDE, it would've been considered a self induced NDE. If you remember my story posted several times...I didn't see a hell, or anything...I did see an angel(even thoughI'm agnostic, I was raised in church, my dads best friend was a pastor and he had a lot of kids and so did we, so spent time together in church and summer camps) After I had my NDE, Instarted reading everyone else's experiences...I also started asking why certain bad things had happened to me. I do believe I was shown throu dreams and glimpses of this life and a past life. I was shown that I decided to come back and face those same challenges which led to the past life NDE, and I was shown that I was also going through the consequences after the NDE. This is what I believe happened after an NDE. However, I do think Imdecided that, and I think I am a lot stronger than what I gave myself credit for. I don't believe now, that my path is the same for everybody. I believe one of the biggest lessons, was to not take things so personally and serious. Instead of getting upset, I needed to laugh and let things roll of my back....and forgive people. Loving yourself is loving God, it's a drop off water from the ocean, a spark off the sparkler, a flame from the fire. That is who we are.

So now, I think the consequences of the soul of suicide, depends on the choice for each individual on what they decide is the correct, amd challenging way to overcome their own insecurities, and negativities. What is right for me, or another, is not right for all. So the decision lies in the hands of the soul.

You see, we are made in the image of God...of the highest energy, light and frequency. We are born, or made from love...the spark off a bigger a bigger source. We shouldn't have any self doubt, amd we should know our self worth...instinctively. However,mthroug this life we don't, or we forget. That's what leads us downward, is forgetting who we are....amd I think it's understandable, given the amount of negativity and pain we go throu here on earth...However, I think it is very God like, to know your worth and try to rise above negative and hurtful things that happen to us. Self love is important, many suicides are very far from that love God has for us when they die...and I think we all know what that feels like...we have all been there at one time or another.

linen53 12-06-2018 04:43 PM

I keep my television on during the day just as background noise and saw a guy named Kevin Hines who tried to commit suicide in 2000. You can read his amazing story here. http://www.kevinhinesstory.com/

The point is Kevin suffers from mental illness. His suicide attempt was prompted by his manic episodes. The roller coaster ride just became to much to bare alone.

He has since learned to reach out when he needs help. He says he has stopped people in the airport when his mood plummets to tell someone he needs help 'now'. He and his wife travel the world educating people on mental illness and suicide.

In the case of mental illness things get very complicated and messy. Because Kevin, once he jumped off the bridge, while in midair regretted his decision to commit suicide.

The mental illness just makes life so miserable they can't imagine a life into old age with so much raging inside their heads! The voices, the mood swings, the negative thoughts, the self hate, well, I just can't say enough for what people like this must have to endure on a minute by minute basis.

Kevin has an excellent support system. His close friends, family and his wife all know that they might get called upon at any time of day or night asking for their help.

In the case of suicide due to mental illness I have nothing but compassion for them whether they succeed or not. They took on a big chunk of misery and sadness in their current lifetime. If they endure to the end of their lives then I have nothing but praise and admiration for them and they will never have to go through that lesson again! If they don't make it, well, there is always next time.:hug:

linen53 12-06-2018 04:51 PM

Kevin Hines: Cracked Not Broken. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEHy8JI9j9U

Starman 12-06-2018 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by Greenslade
Surely suicide and what leads up to it as as valid an experience as any other, if it is predetermined and there are such things as Karmic Obligations/Life' Purpose? In those contexts wasn't suicide not chosen by us as Spirit prior to coming here?

Only if predetermination is the paradigm that one embraces, and every spiritual practice does not embrace predetermination. I started a thread on this topic and already a couple of people have alternative points of view, and I am fine with that because I am not posting here to convert others to my point of view. I believe that there is infinite diversity in creation and beyond, and just because I see things one way does not mean that my way is the only way.

The argument against predetermination involves taking responsibility for our own actions, or as many believe "free-will" determines things. I posted what I did in reference to me having seen so many people die in so many different ways. In combat I saw guys shot with high caliber bullets many times, piercing vital organs and they lived, while some other guys were hit by a small piece of shrap mental and died. A guy was leaning againt a long thick plank of wood and a bullet traveled through three planks of that long thick wood, struck the guy and killed him. I have seen people die in the freakiest of ways while others lived after going through the same thing.

My conclusions are just my beliefs, which I try not to impose on others, and my beliefs are not fixed nor static. We do not see life as it is rather we see life as we are, according to our conditioning and how we filter our experiences. Hopefully, we are all evolving and evolution has a way of changing our point of view. Those who commit suicide often have a fixed, unwavering, point of view.

linen53 12-06-2018 09:58 PM

Music to my ears Starman. We all have a right to our own beliefs. Arguing about points of view are meaningless. Respect one another.

Colorado 13-06-2018 02:40 AM

Please read the link between mental illness and diet, it’s not pseudoscience....I can attest to this first hand. Research diet, candida, parasites, etc for further information on anxiety, depression and mental illness.

God knew what he was doing when he set up the earth, and all it’s natural resources that we evolved from. The laws of nature did not set up fast foods, ice cream, breast milk from different dpecies(unless it was a life or death situation for an infant) or processed foods, chemicals, etc. The link between mass diagnosis of mental illness, is the diet. We were made to overcome stress...with the right nutrients and vitamins. We were not made to eat the way we do today, it’s atrocious what our diets are. I have raised an autistic child, and have suffered severe bouts of depression and anxiety after eating large amounts of dairy and sugar, and other garbage foods. Eat from the earth, and watch these symptoms ease up. Research what I just wrote for yourselves.

linen53 13-06-2018 03:10 AM

Processed foods.......that is the key Colorado. That and grains. There is a reason why cows have 4 stomachs.

Colorado 13-06-2018 03:18 AM


Originally Posted by linen53
Processed foods.......that is the key Colorado. That and grains. There is a reason why cows have 4 stomachs.

Right Linen, thanks for responding...I just wanted to add something I have seen and witnessed directly to mental illness. Ice cream will be the death of me. If I go into a bipolar manic episode(really) look no further than the trash can for 3 boxes of empty ice cream cartons, an empty large milk shake cup, and cone wrappings, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a tub of whipped cream. ( I know how to do it up) True story. It usualky starts with some kind of celebration when it starts, a birthday party, vacation with relatives, graduation party, etc...and spirals out of control.he proof is in the pudding...Literally. I am careful of what I eat, some days I fall off the wagon....and go into a gluttonous, out of control, manic chocolate crazed eating bipolar ice cream lunatic....it only happens when I eat wrong. I mostly stick to herbs, chicken, greens, and pay d arcovteas, greens, fish, Omegas, B’s, vitamins, and nutrients. No problems, depression or god awful anxiety, insomnia, etc.... as long as I eat clean.

I slmost never eat out, no soda, chips, donuts, cereal, breads, alcohol, sugar, dairy, grease, etc....no gas station foods, pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers or condiments. Boring life? No...I do not suffer from fatigue, depression, hormone, or debilitating anxiety like I use to. If I start feeling unusual stress levels, anger, sadness...I look at what I’ve eaten in the last few days...and combat it with healthy anti fungals, herbs and pay d’ arcovtea...the effects are immediate relief...and to get the he junk out of my system. Diet is the underlying root of how well we function, deal with stress, and how healthy our minds are. Eat clean...can’t stress it enough.

Starman 13-06-2018 09:18 AM

It is not only what we eat but also how we eat. A lot of people inhale their food after a couple of
bites or chews, I used to hang out with a bunch of hippies back in the day and what they would
always say about eating is that we need to "drink our solids and chew our liquids."

That means chew our food until it is semi-liquid and swish what we drink around in our mouths mixing
it with saliva before swallowing it. Food and drink mixed with saliva makes for better digestion. You can
tell how stressful a persons' life is just by watching them eat. An alot of people do not get the nutrients
out of food because of the way they eat.

Breath control can lead to emotional and mental control. Having worked in crisis intervention myself,
the first thing that most counselors do when working with someone who is in crisis is slow that person down.
Get them to try and be in the moment. Suicide is all about rejecting the future for one reason or another.

We can start nurturing good mental health just by slowing down the way that we eat. Savoring the moment
and not being focused on whats' next, can go a long way towards keeping us mentally and emotionally
balanced. In my opinion food and drink should be treated like drugs; they change the chemistry of our body
like drugs. Even water has a mental and emotional effect on us, especially if we are dehydrated. Food can
heal us or make us sick.

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