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Dargor 01-06-2018 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by linen53
By physical vs spiritual world I think you mean a place you incarnate vs a place you go after you have completed an incarnation. I think. Let me know if I'm wrong.

It was a place people go after they have completed an incarnation. There was a bluff that separated me from the murmuring people. In their case they were obsessing in gossiping/murmuring. They lived in some kind of village of some sort out of my view.

They all wore gray/brownish robes with a rope like belt tied at the waist. No children. All adults.

So the planet was physical, but the people native to it outside the bubble/dome and you yourself were non-physical? Sorry if I ask too much questions.

linen53 01-06-2018 04:44 PM

Never can ask to many questions Slayer.

The planet was a physical place, dirt, gray clouds, no sun. The issue was no distractions for the murmurers (except me).

The people there were not native. They were placed there just like I was. Call it a place to go when you die. In their case they just needed to be narcissistic and fit into a tight clan with their rigid rules and 'safety in numbers'. It's where they were in their evolution. I'd say they were very young souls which had incarnated some, but not a lot.

Not a good thing, not a bad thing, it just Was.

See, the whole point is, we have endless time. Time to learn every lesson to the minutest detail. Then we move on to the next lesson.

They were there to murmur/gossip, I was there to be left alone (except their pesky visits) and to think.

Rah nam 01-06-2018 11:55 PM

In the astral realm you can create what ever you want. A house with a lawn in the front, the lawn will not grow, or you can have a cup of tea, and pretend to drink it but you will not get the sensation you will get in this realm.
Even so we call those realms non physical, they are technically physical, just less so.

7luminaries 04-06-2018 04:16 PM

Very nice thread...really have enjoyed the thoughts, sentiments, and experiences shared.

Peace & blessings all :hug3:

Starman 06-06-2018 03:25 PM

It seems to me that most human beings practice some type of high risk suicidal behavior regularly, even though they may not think of themselves as being suicidal, still they may have a secret, or subconscious, death wish in practicing such behaviors.

Driving recklessly or with road rage, smoking and ingesting other known carcinogens, injecting heroine or taking other deadly substances, thrill seeking, and a host of other high-risk behaviors. Intention is key because usually people who do these things may say they do not intend to take their own life, yet the behavior they practice throws caution to the wind.

It is widely believed in the mental health field that a person who can take their own life has a high probability of taking the lives of others, and often murder-suicides have been seen on the news. Suicide bombers as well as people who kill loved ones and then kill themselves have demonstrated this.

Then there is “suicide by cop” when a person does not have the nerve to take their own life so they point a toy gun, or unloaded gun, at a police officer hoping the officer will kill them. As a former ambulance paramedic, I have seen first-hand everything I am mentioning here in this post. Intentions may come on suddenly and a person kills themselves without much thought or that person may ruminate about killing themselves.

I would guess that just about everyone at some point in their life will have some sort of suicidal ideation, or ideas and feelings of taking their own life. Suicidal ideations should always be taken seriously and the more details a person has put into such ideas the more apt they are to carry out such ideas. In the U.S. it has been reported that approximately 2,000 people attempt suicide everyday, but this is only reported cases and the total actual number is possibly double or triple that.

I believe in suicide prevention, primarily because we live in a temporal existence and no matter the situation, even this too will pass. I have also seen lots of debilitated people, missing arms, legs, or wheel chair bound like Dr. Stephen Hawkins, rise and achieve great things unimaginable.

Still I have mixed feelings because while I believe in, and practice, suicide prevention, I also believe that a person has the right to determine when and how they want to die. As far as what happens to them in the afterlife, human death is a highly subjective and intimate experience which I believe has countless possibilities, just like human life.

SerendipityLizard 07-06-2018 02:33 AM

Well, I have a different opinion to those who have illnesses who want to take their own life.

I remember a podcast that talked about the opinions of doctors on how they’d like to die, and the majority had very different ideas from the general population not in the medical field. They opted that if they had a terminal illness of no signs of recovering, they’d volunteer to be euthenized.

As doctors, they’ve seen several people dying and have died multiple times before. Most people want to extend their lives more and more, but what is the point of living if you don’t find joy in it? Most at their worst would be stuck in their beds all day barely moving, and have to face their loved ones with horror at their condition.

What better an ending to life with a higher vibration if people don’t overextend their lives? They could say their final goodbyes to their loved ones, dedicate their money and resources to donations as their last charity, and peacefully pass away.

Choosing death is not always a decision made out of fear. Sometimes it’s made in the feeling of bravery — whether it’s like the cases above, or whether someone sacrifices their lives for others to save them.

markings 07-06-2018 09:40 AM

I think the simple consequence of suicide is that one is dead.

Everything else is pretty much made up, mostly to keep one from doing it. A biological imperative translated into the mental sphere.

Greenslade 08-06-2018 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by innerlight
None of us really knows for sure, because we are all still living. So no answer is 100%. In my most humble opinion, I would say, a person would end up in a state of low vibration. Because if you are open to the idea of suicide, even if it's to end illness, physically or not, you are in such a state where you are so down from it, you are giving up so to speak. Well, that is a crass term to bluntly say "giving up" because I know it is more than that.

Not all suicide attempts are successful and I've talked to people who have tried to commit suicide. It's also a fallacy that people are in low vibration, that's human judgement. My friend's brother tried three times to commit suicide and each time there was absolutely no outward clue that he was unhappy, often once the decision has been made people sometimes move forwards with a complete clarity of mind. In my friend's borrher's case it was a surprisingly-well planned and executed attempt and only a highly improbable freak of chance stopped it from happening.


Originally Posted by innerlight
In that state where the turmoil is so deep, and so strong, it's going to leave a mark on you, even after you pass. Putting you in a low vibration. I would not be surprised if many that do, that end up up taking them selves, have a higher chance of becoming earth bound, and just wandering around for a time, until they regain themselves.

The turmoil isn't always so deep because suicide doesn't mean the person has to be in turmoil. I wasn't when I made my attempt. It happened just before I joined the RAF, and I was looking forwards to a completely new Life t the time. I had every reason not to commit suicide but when the decision was made I knew exactly why I wanted to do it. I knew someone who had tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, she was schizophrenic and 'God' told her to do it. Mental health is stigmatised so few people will talk about it openly, and that can lead to people withdrawing into themselves and not seeking the help they really need.

What few people think about is that suicide and what leads up to it - whatever that may be - is an experience as much as any other. Does Spirit attach stigma to suicide or does Spirit perceive suicide as a 'valid' Life's experience? Is there a reason you as a Spirit can't experience suicide as part of your Life's Purpose/Karmic obligations? And if so, does that still make suicide low vibrational? Because really, if you define something as 'low vibrational' that's judgement and it's a reflection of you and that's what many people who use the term don't understand. Gotta Love the irony. Who says they have lost themselves? Suicide is a sovereign choice just the same as any other choice that's made - including the one to be Spiritual.

In Spirit there is Unconditional Love, and that means Love without conditions. Judgement is a condition, the stigma attached to suicide is a condition, not applying many of the cornerstones of Spirituality that we'd apply to ourselves as 'Spiritual people' is a condition. It's in threads like these where we really need to stand back from ourselves and take a damn good look at ourselves in the mirror because the subject of suicide is not about 'them', it's about us.

Starman 08-06-2018 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by Michelle11
My personal opinion is that we aren't judged for bailing. In fact it is sometimes a possible life potential given the stage we are at with a life lesson. It's never encouraged or wanted but sometimes the odds are stacked against us and our human brain sees no other options to fix our troubles.

The person who commits suicide is not necessarily mentally ill, although they may be temporarily disturbed. Professional people with relatively high educational levels commit suicide more frequently than those with lower educational levels, and men are more successful at suicide than women; largely because men generally use more violent means of taking their lives than women. But the one thing about suicide, as you have mentioned "our human brain sees no other options to fix our troubles," and this is dependent upon whether or not we are able to see any other options given our state of mind.


And that is the point. Suicide itself isn't the issue. Suicide is one solution to a problem we perceive is insurmountable. Some people resort to other solutions like drinking, running away or even homicide. As with any destructive driven solution, after we have committed suicide we can appreciate that it isn't a solution that solves anything and only serves to cause tremendous pain and suffering to our loved ones left behind so on top of regret for giving up we may also feel guilt and shame for hurting others but we aren't ever judged by anyone but ourselves and maybe some humans but never by spirit. It's understood how hard this experience is and no one is ever forced to take on a difficult life nor cast aside if they fail to be able to tolerate it once in it.
A very astute observation. I also embrace that we are not judged by spirit, and while we may be judged by others, it is our own conscience which we have to come to terms with. I had a client once who put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, the bullet went in one side of his head and out the other side, not leaving much damage. This guy was so embarrassed and he felt so humiliated. He felt even more worthless than he did when he attempted suicide; telling me that he couldn't even commit suicide correctly. This was his judgement that he imposed on himself, just like the judgement he made to end his life..


As for the lesson getting harder after one has suicided I suspect that would depend on where the soul is at and what the soul chooses. Lessons get harder in an effort to wake us up. Humans can be very resilient and adaptable and can learn how to live under very harsh circumstances. The status quo is often preferred over the unknown so we can turn a blind eye to our troubles because facing them is scary then living with the pain. Especially if we have learned how to suppress our feelings. So the ante gets upped or better said, we choose to up the ante as a means for drawing out the pain we so deftly learned to control so we can deal with it. But if we are already in a state of abject pain odds are we may not choose a worse life but maybe even one less painful to give us a better shot at sorting our human self out.
So I think what you are saying here is that suicidal ideations, or thoughts of suicide, may be part of a growing process? Suffering can be a great teacher.


The truth is our soul isn't damaged, broken or unevolved. It's only the human perception that misleads us into believing those things and it is the goal of the soul to shift those perceptions so that more of its true nature can be expressed in the human form. But a human brain that is wired for survival can get caught up living in fear and it's a challenge for our soul to break past that bodily instinct. But in the process of realizing it's true nature in the human form we may make unhealthy, unhelpful, unloving choices to fix and/or solve our troubles until we finally see the only real solution is to throw love at it. Life is a process of trial and error. We will fail many times in the process of learning what works by experiencing what doesn't work because we only have an appreciation for what does and doesn't work by experiencing it for ourselves. At least that's my perception of things.

Well said, this is an excellent post. Often what we call a problem is not the problem; often the problem is our perception of the situation and not the situation itself. I do not believe that our deeper being is damaged by us taking our life, although our perception may be skewed. But it is interesting that one often takes their life to escape a situation, not knowing what they are escaping to. There is a perception that death will automatically bring a relief from what they are trying to escape, but thinking the problem/issue is the location ignores that the issue may be more internal than that. The feeling which one probably seeks in taking their life may be similar to the comfort of returning to the womb, a carefree state.

Suicides are on the rise; this week alone in the U.S. we have heard of two prominent public figures who have taken their life. But the biggest increase is among teenagers and the elderly. Celebrity suicides can impact, and influence, those in the general public who are suicidal themselves. An while it appears that most suicides are due to depression, I think we need to start looking at mental illness the same way that we view physical illness, notwithstanding, not all suicides are due to mental illness.

linen53 08-06-2018 09:19 PM

And so another member here brought to my attention that Anthony Bourdain has commit suicide. He just didn't appear to be 'depressed' or 'suicidal' which adds more credence to Greenslade's thoughts.

I didn't comment on your comments Greenslade but agreed with what you said wholeheartedly.

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