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quiver 04-04-2020 02:38 AM

Moldavite enchanting weird expieinces / astral sex
Hey guys,
I don't even know where to post this but would love to hear if someone had similar experiences (not necessary with moldavite)

So basically I have this thing where I occasionally go out into astral while falling asleep/waking up and this "entity" gets into my bed and starts touching me, its like an astral lover sort of thing. I never see anyone its invisible - I just feel like someone is touching me, hugging me or lifts me above my bed e.t.c I remember it since forever it is very familiar to me
It doesn't feel in any way dark or demonic or whatever, it usually happens at some spiritual transformation points and feels as an encouragement/sign of connection w the flow of life etc I don't practice anything because tbh I always had lucid dreams, astral projection and all of that naturally so it just shows up at times.It sort of been with me as long as I remember and is something familiar

Recently I noticed connection that when I hold/sleep/meditate w moldavite it always shows up. It feels like a tingling on the Left side of my body when I fall asleep/wake up, than that tingling sensation grows into this feeling of someone touching you, or laying next to you touching that lefts side of your body and now the plot twist - I always try to initiate sex w it, and it sort of complies to my wishes and then I wake up e.t.c, but that tingling feeling/vibration on the left side lingers on for awhile. Iv been trying to find something on forcing an invisible presence to have sex with you in astral but literally found zero experiences lol

Did anyone experience similar stuff? With moldavite especially amplifying it?
I read here someone mentioning feeling of invisible touch when meditating with moldavite. Now in my case it is not connected to just working with moldavite but moldavite definitely provokes it to happen.

taav123 05-04-2020 09:00 AM


I have had several experiences of astral sex. In my experience, crystals mostly make it easier to access a higher dimension, where sex is energetically possible and very easy. While in the uplifted experience, thinking about sex in the physical looks quite random and nonsense....

Moldavite I don't know, I have never had it. I hear it's a direct experience to connect with the Pleiadese extraterrestrials. I have used selenite, clear quartz... and I have gotten this connection with higher realms.

This experience of astral sex both with and without the crystals has been very healing and beneficial for me... i mean i really felt the love and healing energetically, finally getting the connection i always wanted.

quiver 05-04-2020 06:42 PM

hey taav123, thanx for your reply, can I ask if your experience was intentional?(obi, lucid dreaming practice, crystals e.t.c) or just randomly happened and you established it from there?

re moldavite - I can't say it does something special for me, I never felt the "moldavite rush" or obsession with it but I connected that from time to time when I work with it I get these touching experiences that I have outside of working w moldavite intensify for me.

It's not my fav fav crystal but I love it in the same way I love all of the tektite stones.

One other thing moldavite does for me (and that goes for any tektite) I can sort of wake up suddenly in the middle of the night or right before falling asleep as if I been hit by electricity, the jump up from the bed sort of thing :)
however none of these things is consistent, it happens sometimes and sometimes I sleep/meditate w it and its ok, nothing special happens.

I'm just wondering if anyone had the experience with touching sensation w and out moldavite and how are they connected in terms of intensifying it?

taav123 06-04-2020 01:00 PM

It just happened. I know the person physically. We once had sex at her place in my dream. It was very highlevel sensation and feeling. We now often meet in dreams...

quiver 06-04-2020 06:35 PM

curious, I do suspect itís a real person as well

whimsy_tales 23-04-2020 12:40 AM

I’ll wear my moldavite when I’m needing a lot of strength to complete a difficult task, so have fallen asleep with it on me many times... also interested to hear whether intentional or not, as sometimes my dreams have unintentionally been centred on tantric sex/rising sexual energy whilst I’m still wearing. Not quite astral projection for me but definitely borderline I’d say :smile:

taav123 08-05-2020 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by quiver
curious, I do suspect itís a real person as well

Few nights ago we again meet in dream and had sex, with my current real life partner holding our fields. There was tension from her. I woke up in this dream but then I was still sleeping, then I actually woke up. Very interesting.

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