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SaraTherase 16-11-2018 10:19 AM

When I help you, you are also helping me..
When I help you, you are also helping me. When you help me, I am also helping you.

You are under the impression that you have exhausted your stock of all resources in a given labour of love, but if you had persevered a little bit more in your devotion, no one could have foreseen the rewards of light which would gleam about your steps.

You are ill and are trying to obtain long-term leaves, but if you had continued a bit longer in service, no one could have foretold the treasure of new strength that would have appeared in your path.

You encountered tremendous difficulties in the practice of good works and tried to avoid them, but if you had persisted a little bit more in the construction of beneficence, no one could have foreseen the triumph which your hours would have reaped in the living sources of charity.

You think you cannot tolerate the importunate friend, the obstinate son or the senseless brother, and inconstant wife or a foolish husband, but if you had endured a little bit more in the family struggle, no one could have foreseen the extension of the future jubilation in your domestic retreat.

You suppose that bad luck is following you and weep in despair, but if you cultivated a little bit more fidelity to your own obligations, no one could imagine the magnitude of your success in the morrow which draws near.

You feel a tremendous fatigue and are unwilling to lend your ears to the long-winded companion, but if you prolonged your sacrifice a little bit more, no one could foretell the abundance of the harvest of blessings that would arise from your brief moments of kindness.

Observe that you yourself in order to accomplish something or other, incessantly requires a little bit more kindness, a little bit more cooperation, a little bit more time, a little bit more affection from your fellow man.

Genius is the patience which knows no end. It is only just that you desire a little bit more happiness, but for this you must aid the happiness of others a little bit more. Take note of the lessons of life, and you will realize that the victory in good is always to work according to your duty and to serve a little bit more.

~André Luiz

Bubbles235 17-11-2018 04:43 AM

Wow I love it! :angel1:

janielee 22-09-2020 04:33 AM

This is beautiful, SarahTherase :smile:

Shinsoo 22-10-2020 09:29 PM

A good reminder. I seem to be running into this today as a theme, lol

I've been feeling kind of restless and guilty for not working as much as I could--but I also must remember that I am dealing with a lot of headaches and such too. And receiving a butt ton of information that needs time to be processed thoroughly.

Take care of oneself as well, thank you <3

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