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ckitty 01-11-2019 07:42 PM

New to this, need advice on a card
...if getting advice on a message meant for myself is a thing?

I'd been doing my daily read for myself to get acquainted with my deck and the cards and when I went to blow out my candle, it just wouldn't blow out. After the third time, I decided to shuffle and ask if there was more I needed to know and got a jumper. Eyes closed, I set it aside, and drew 2 more cards, with no particular spread in mind.

The first (the jumper) was the 4 of Wands - I've been getting this card almost non-stop in my practicing. In fact, it was just in the previous spread as my "present" card.

The second - The World

The third - Reversed Queen of Pentacles (as a note, this deck has been pushing pentacles at me hardcore. I'm getting very well acquainted with this suit.)

Now, seeing the first two cards, I felt things - this instant rush of joy and relief. Just really pushing that I have, or will have, reason to celebrate. (the reading that lead to this one was also taken as a pat on the back and encouragement)

The Reversed Queen of Pentacles, however, was a total blank for me. I am very new, so lacking any intuitive sense of her place in the message, I looked up her significance but am still drawing a blank.

Interpretations would be very welcome and appreciated.

55Degrees 02-11-2019 04:25 PM

Both cards (4 of Wands and The World) relate to a level of completion.
Where the 4 of Wands is a card of celebrating a milestone or a rite of passage, The World is more a celebration of an entire chapter of life coming to fruition.
Queen of Coins reversed is a card of unfulfillment, disatisfaction or insatiable thirst.

Maybe the cards are telling you there is an issue in your life that, no matter how much you attain, how much you should crlebrate, it won't leave you satisfied. The desire to do more, to know more, to have more will override that feeling of joy.

Just my 2 cents worth.

ckitty 02-11-2019 07:13 PM

Thank you so much for your reply and your insight. Being new, I have been going off of the information provided in the little booklet that came with the deck/its website, and didn't initially know anything like that regarding the queen of pentacles. As such, I was associating her with those meanings, most especially self care. Upright = care for others, Reversed = care for self (rather than straight up, gurl, you selfish) -- obviously not the only interpretations up on the site, but one of the aspects. Their interpretation of the reversed coin queen was pretty forgiving, more outward versus inward.

I woke up today and "self care" hit me in a new way (I learned from this that I associate self care with being medicinal, rather than a reward) and I thought I got it: you're doing a great job, treat yo'self. Like, have an at home spa day.

Now I'm doubting that :D

Though, your suggestion makes me wonder, once more, how she applies, unless maybe as a warning to not go too far, which, again... doesn't quite resonate with how I live my life. This is probably what I get for not designating a spread and just pulling cards.

As it is, I'm bad at celebrating things and am frugal (one of the reasons I bought this deck to start me off was because it was inexpensive... the other being because I was feeling purple. also, see: *at home* spa day :icon_lol: ) and careful, on multiple levels.

So, back to the big ol :confused: for me. Maybe I'll ask for further clarification today with an actual spread in mind. And again, thank you so much for answering. I do truly appreciate it.

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