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spiritoceanrainfall 04-08-2022 10:50 PM

Ra / Quo
Anyone here read anything channelled by LL research.
There has been a huge amount of information channelled by this group, a lot of which resonates with me.

hazada guess 05-08-2022 08:50 AM

Just had a quick look at LL research. It looks like a very interesting site. I'll look more closely when I have time. Thank you spiritoceanrainfall.

spiritoceanrainfall 05-08-2022 09:09 AM

Its basically like a phd in how the universe and spiritual world works. A lot of interesting information. Glad you found it of use. :)

hazada guess 05-08-2022 09:13 AM

Browsing through it now. It's VERY interesting. I highly recommend it.

Aknaton 07-08-2022 03:06 PM

Yeah, I read quite a lot of their material. Ra's five books, and also Q'uo, Latwii and my personal favourite... Yaum. Yaum seems to drive the vague points of the others home.

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