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Patrycia-Rose 03-08-2022 03:10 PM

Carl Rohrig Tarot

Does anyone have this tarot deck? It seems it is only available in Spanish or German, and English version very rare if you can find one.

I am studying an online tarot course which uses the Spanish version and in one way, it does enourage you to look deeply into the imagery rather than relying on knowing the title of the card. That approach does work but I am googling translation into English just to see what it is. I have never worked with the tarot before, so if a card translates to 'ace of cups' it doesn't mean anything to me but I am aware of some of the more popular cards such as the fool, tower, death card etc.

The Rohrig Tarot seems to have a lot of positive reviews on the many different sites, but I am interested if anyone has this deck and any thoughts, experiences etc.

FairyCrystal 03-08-2022 03:56 PM

I haven't got it, don't know it. It looks intriguing, nice artwork, but doesn't resonate with me in the sense that I'd want to buy it.
So I can't be of help. Maybe someone made a manual in English that you can download or something?
But I'd do what you say you do: combine default interpretations with the imagery.

Wishing you joy in getting to know this deck!

Patrycia-Rose 04-08-2022 08:38 AM

Thanks Fairy, I wouldn't have been drawn to it normally, it's just that the deck comes with the online course but I think the course is going to be beneficial as several weeks prior, I'd been seing a sword in the upright position and slightly puzzled as to why I was being shown this. Then when I began the course, the very first card discussed was the Ace of Swords showing a sword in the upright position! I took that as a nice bit of synchronity. I am hoping to log on later for lesson number 6.

FairyCrystal 04-08-2022 09:15 AM

You were given a beautiful sign!
If you like it you may come to use this deck a lot nonetheless because you're really getting to know it through this course :)
I had a similar thing when I found this beginners book on Tarot with images of the Robin Wood deck. I bought the deck (I was looking for a deck that really resonated btw) and I've worked with that deck for years on end.
That book was like a course, many exercises on how to connect with the cards etc. It did the trick for me for sure!
Hope you get the same out of your course.

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