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JustBe 31-07-2022 01:17 AM

Those knots
Those entangled webs
That weave and forge
Our home within
We can not afford

To hold onto others
Crying out for love
There suffering torn
Ripped apart
Projecting upon
Your broken heart

Repairing you
Cannot dismiss
That others in you
Where they tore and hit
Do leave traces and marks
Entangled rifts

As your mind
Your body
Your emotional drives
All your networks
Cannot survive

If you can’t look at the other
Who forged disrespect
Who harmed your heart
Turned your body
Into a mess

Turn your mind
Your body
Your heart
Your home

Back to you
The one alone
Forgiveness is breaking through
The broken mess
Made by two

Made by all
In you as one

You’ll find no other
When it’s all undone..

Unseeking Seeker 31-07-2022 01:29 AM

Deep poem ~ loved it, JustBe!

The recognition that there is no ‘other’ leads to peace and acceptance but in the meantime, until getting to such a knowing, practice of forgiveness is the next best option.

RedEmbers 31-07-2022 02:18 AM

Yeah, quite true.

JustBe 31-07-2022 02:20 AM

Yes indeed depth derived from being in my own.

I was inspired by a friend who’s ready to forgive.

So her opening inspired my awareness to write this out.

Unseeking Seeker 31-07-2022 04:19 AM

The forgiveness trap
The sense of injury we feel,
owing to belied expectation,
by ego thought spirals amplified,
leads to our suffering and agitation.

Thus arises the real reason to forgive,
for us to heal our wounded heart.
So, is forgiveness selfish?
Let the debate start!

A flying wasp stings
or a stray dog bites us.
We feel pain but shrug it off,
accepting what is, making no fuss.

So, it’s not pain but the expectation,
we have from souls in human form,
that causes us mental anguish,
when denied embrace warm.

If we let go of expectation,
accepting each soul as they are,
then irrespective of their behaviour,
we’ll exit narrowness and cease to spar.

The need for us to forgive is obviated,
for we never ever feel injured at all,
humorously viewing play of life,
in monk mode, standing tall.

Acceptance, not forgiveness,
is then the attribute to ingrain,
looking at spirit and not outer form,
soaring at heights, free from ego stain.

Unseeking Seeker 31-07-2022 04:21 AM


forgiveness a virtue
virtue an attribute
requiring identity
needing healing
thus choosing
as a tool

no matter

Ho’oponopono forgiveness prayer
has four seemingly easy steps
softening attention in silence
first of all we say ‘I am sorry’


many stuck at the first step
conceding we have erred
making hearts asunder
for what matters the truth
if love itself stands abandoned

we pause

reflecting that we are all one
the one we love is in anguish
leap out! reach out in embrace
brooking not for an instant, delay
say, say, please say, ‘I am sorry’

load lightens

our heart begins to tremulously smile
vibrationally, we draw near our love
‘please forgive me, my dear heart’
simply know this: ‘I love you!’

then, the quietus

having stepped forward into the mist
suffused with God’s love vibrations
in gratitude we say ‘thank you!’
lingering for eternity thus

time dissolves

the void of oneness alone remains
pulsating with omnipotent power
our lower ego mind vaporises
we accept all as they are
transcending the need
to forgive, because
there is no one
here within

save love

JustBe 31-07-2022 07:26 AM

Beautifully expressed and those steps are so true..

JustBe 31-07-2022 07:42 AM

The liberation
In letting
All the pain
that you
Inflicted by another’s
This pain creating
your divide
Imprinted footsteps
causing fuss
Blame and victim hood
your cuss!
No longer can
the flame inside
Bare this hidden
broken divide
Let all those hindrances
Fall away
Eternal love
Is your
Guide and way..

JustBe 18-08-2022 05:31 AM

Freeing the heart of its surrounded jail
We’ve tried our best to hold back the wails
The cries of hope, the cries of pain
The walls erected in griefs name
Yet walls and grief and hearts denied
Cannot Fully, come alive

The heart in resonance to all of you
Feeds the flow of life renewed
Hearts that continue to feed those breaks
Without dropping down those walls of hate
Walls of discomfort, walls controlling life
Through your veins, the breath of life
Cannot thrive and feel the boost
Of a heart no longer
In a hanging noose!

A heart derived as loving care
Sits in gratitude and a humble chair
Never squeezed so tight, it cannot flow
Never held in angst or dreams of woe
A heart that’s opened will always know
That all those streams, it has to flow
In repair, one can never ever
No longer care for the heart
That’s weathered!

JustBe 18-08-2022 10:04 AM


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