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Clio_86 06-11-2021 12:28 AM

What are "Shadow People"?
I've seen shadow people only a few times. One of the first times I saw one, I had a lot of disruptions in my apartment... like pictures falling off the walls, etc. Another time I saw one, I wasn't in a very positive mindset. However, today I saw one and I was not scared. I just shrugged it off. I didn't feel like it was that negative. However, I don't understand what "shadow people" are or what kind of energy they are.

I will also note, just in case it matters, I've seen the ghost of a woman in my apartment a couple times over the last year. However, the "shadow people" I believe I've encountered since are not this same energy.

asearcher 10-11-2021 10:22 PM

I've wondered the same, a medium said that one around me was of negative energy that referring to have been a man once or felt like that. I agree, mine has not been in a very positive mindset, and even if one happen to be so, then you kind of know something is going on (not positive) close by.
The medium kept pushing the envelope, and in return - got suddenly sick, as if it was warning, and had to cut it off.
Lots of times I have not been sure if I really see it right or imagination but have felt a sort of presence, felt something, and someone watching me. But then told myself silly to think that. If I have seen some then they move real fast.

Clio_86 13-11-2021 12:29 AM

Yeah, I often see or feel things but dismiss them because of how quickly it happened. I also try to be logical and come up with an explanation. Once in awhile, certain things happen which are incredibly vivid and I can't explain it.

I only post about these more vivid moments. :)

asearcher 13-11-2021 06:46 AM

Yes, of course, I understand :) I have seen one kind of slow down before vanishing which was something i did not think they could do

it is always that battle in the brain, one is shocked and can't believe it, the other goes but i see it right - and look for natural explainations, and finally one can not find any other answer than that there is something going on (paranormally).

desert rat 21-11-2021 10:32 PM

I will give you my theories hear . The sole of a once living person, left over energy from a once living person, human created through forms , still living people in their Astral bodies, Astral critters, multi dem life forms.

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