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Michael K. 03-03-2022 12:05 AM

Defect looking for a character.
What meditation has uncovered from me within is that we all go through four major changes that begin with the sequence of Transformation, this sequence of transformation is the longest and ongoing sequence of them all, and the sequence embraces multiple incarnations over a vast period of relative time this is what has been revealed to me over four decades of daily meditation.

The entire 7.7 billion human beings are all actively engaged within this sequence of transformation, and will remain so until they fully realize and translate out of expression some time in the distant future.

There are four major sequences that we will all engage in eventually these are firstly transformation, transmutation. transfiguration, and lastly that of Translation which is the hardest one to become expressed within duality based relative words.

I will follow on with the other three sequences later and mention the ratio of those involved within the sequences, which is 7.7 billion involved in that of transformation, about three billion involved within that of transmutation, about 500 hundred thousand engaged within the transfiguration process
and zero human beings engaged in the final translation phase.
I will follow this on later today.

regards michael.

Michael K. 03-03-2022 02:39 PM

Defect looking For A Character.
The transformation sequence that the whole of humanity is actively engaged in is an ongoing sequence and will remain so for many life times to come, each day we experience different things and actions that very slowly build up an inner insight into the complexities of expressed life.

Running parallel with this sequence of humanities gradual transformation through engaging in endless experiences, there is also the current and flow which comes from the second principle which is that of the transmutation which takes place within the lives of those who have begun to look within themselves taking stock of their lives, and seeking insight into who they really are.

Those souls who have taken up either meditation or yoga, or just reading spiritual books, and searching web sites for spiritual answers to their endless arising questions. These soul often unknown unto themselves have already begun with their inner searching, a process that is gradually changing them from the inside out.

Unbeknown to these seeking souls their dense physical atoms are being replaced by more less dense ethereal atoms, this is an automatic process that has been engaged within mankind for thousands of years. This sequence is known as that of transmutation, the dense physical vehicle is gradually transmuted into a much finer less dense format.

Those seeking souls whose numbers run into countless millions are all being gradually transmuted into finer more refined bodies and with this their insights gradually veer towards inclusiveness rather than the ego driven exclusiveness. This second stage is well and truly alive today, and the gradual awakening of mankind is in full progress.

Something is happening today that was impossible years ago, and that is the principle of ASCENSION can now be actually SPEEDED UP, because of all the information and books and websites that teach about spiritual awakenings
whereas years ago it was one soul at a time that awoke, now days thousands are awakening on mass, ascension for many is speeding up.

I have covered the first two stages of mankind's unfoldment which is that of transformation and that of transmutation, next i will attempt to venture into
a largely unexplored area of mankinds unfoldment which is that of transfiguration and how that takes place.

regards michael.

Michael K. 04-03-2022 12:32 AM

Defect Looking For A Character.
I have covered the first two stages of mankind's unfoldment or rather ascension which are that of transformation and that of transmutation, both these stages are of course fully ongoing and also running in tandem with the other two stages which are that of transfiguration and lastly that of translation, which is the most difficult one to even begin to describe.

Today I want to share about the principle of transfiguration. If you put the word transfiguration into any search engine, all you will see being referenced is the Transfiguration of Jesus, and barely anything else.

The reality is that thousands of souls down through the ages have all become transfigured, and there are varying levels of transfiguration from the lowest SAMADHI level up to its highest peak where it transcends the transfiguration stage and enters into the uncharted waters of the ultimate destiny within man which is the TRANSLATION of flesh into the of PURE SPIRIT ENERGY and evaporating completely from this relative universe, and back into the Absolute.

When we have been deeply meditating for some years we begin to enter the state called SAMADHI, there are many levels or stages of SAMADHI, from the highest state where the meditator has surrendered totally to the universe as you enter high SAMADHI the atoms in your body become super excited and start to glow within a violet blue electric light, the deeper the SAMADHI goes the more excited the atoms become, Then a point of TOTAL STILLNESS OCCURS.

And within that stillness cold fusion IGNITES and thereby occurs a blaze of GLORIOUS WHITE LIGHT that shines out and completely transfigures the one who is within this glory of ATONEMENT. Those who attain this state of perfect fusion , are often reluctant to return to normal living

This has briefly outlined the process of fusion and that of transfiguration but there is one higher stage which is reached after the highest state of transfiguration and ultimate SAMADHI have been reached and then transcended by that which I call TRANSLATION. I will do this last stage later today.

regards michael.

Michael K. 05-03-2022 12:13 AM

Defect Looking For A Character.
This last and final stage of mankind's journey through ascension which is what I call the TRANSLATION SEQUENCE, it the hardest one to put meaning words to that will make some sense of. I an attempting to describe a process that is beyond relative words to describe, but I will do my best. all this sharing here is
what has been uncovered from within me over the past 47 years of meditating.

When the highest state of transfiguration is realized and the ultimate SAMADHI has been achieved. It can lastly be transcended by what I call the TRANSLATION sequence. This sequence when fully engaged , you then reach a point of NO-RETURN to mortal life. You are in effect and in fact "SPIRITED out of the relative universe, and vanishing from relativity like a shooting star flashing across the firmament .

How then is this ultimate state achieved which when activated translates the flesh body into pure spirit energy, and takes it out of this relative universe, through the MEMBRANE that separates relativity from the Absolute and carries that BEING- dissolving along the way all the five KOSHAS or sheaths as it flashes back into the Absolute Brahman.

As the sequence engages it starts dissolving and translating the physical body back into pure white light spirit energy, all the five Koshas are dissolved along the way along with the physical body that is translated from flesh into pure white light spirit energy.

To add some detail into this picture which enables the sequence to engage I will add here. The one who is engaging in this sequence of translation needs to first surrender totally and absolutely to the ALL in ALL, then ALL RESISTANCE must fall to ZERO-POINT, And this point must be held, when this occurs a vacuum open up in the inner void, and this creates a gravity well that attaches the being to the membrane that separates this relative universe from the absolute.

A tear then opens within the membrane to emit this seeking into the ALL In ALL. The being is then basically EVAPORATED out of relative existence and back into the arms of BRAHMAN. This sequence of translation also acts as that of PERFECT FUSION and room temperature. This way also cancels out any more visits to the astral realm and cancels out all KARMA, You are are ATONEMENT within the ALL IN ALL.

Regards michael.

Unseeking Seeker 05-03-2022 01:40 AM

Thanks for sharing your remarkable insights, Michael! I’ve never read the likes of this before, as expressed so lucidly.

Now to plot our coordinates, with reference to all this …

hazada guess 05-03-2022 02:39 PM

Interesting,Michael K.

Michael K. 06-03-2022 05:30 PM

Defect looking for a character.
The four rites of passage for which all of humanity will eventually become engaged in, which are that of Transformation, Transmutation, Transfiguration, and lastly that of Translation, were difficult to express and write about, in particular the last two, which were transfiguration and that of Translation.

Although there is only one basic reference for that of transfiguration which relates solely with that of Jesus which is mentioned in search engines, there is zero reference anywhere for the last rite of passage which is that of Translation of flesh and bone into PURE SPIRIT ENERGY.

Here with the last two rites I had to rely solely on the spiritual wisdom that was uncovered from within me while in deep meditation and the inner voice of my guru who is ISHWARA.

With the sequence of translation ascension takes place totally, there is no ascending into the astral realm, this is only a gross ascension which hold the soul for a period then sends in back to understand deeper who he/she really is.

Translation means that the holy fire of spirit consumes all the outer koshas or sheaths, including the physical body, and thereby a point of no return is reached and the one within the translation leaves this relative universe and
is dissolved back into BRAHMAN, this ascension is final and complete.

I am considering writing a book about this called the four rites of humanity
but first feel that i need to gather some more insights into this future project.
Regards michael.

hazada guess 07-03-2022 03:43 PM

take your time Michael, it's all good. Though there is one thing I personally think you may have wrong. It's the membrane bit.(Think density's).But who really knows. That's what makes it so fascinating.:smile:

Michael K. 07-03-2022 05:09 PM


Originally Posted by hazada guess
take your time Michael, it's all good. Though there is one thing I personally think you may have wrong. It's the membrane bit.(Think density's).But who really knows. That's what makes it so fascinating.:smile:

Bless you hazada guess and thanks for your kinds words of encouragement, the membrane idea was presented to me in meditation a while ago, it was less than an atom thick and seemed to be a film that separated relativity from the absolute, it is that place where all the known laws of mankind breakdown I saw it as though there was the relative universe then the membrane which had in its centre what i termed as a borderland between the absolute and relativity in these border lands all our known universal laws melt away in this placeless place,

regards michael.

SilentDrum 08-03-2022 02:21 PM

Thank you Michael for sharing. I always find it inspiring that addiction can sometimes lead to God and / or a serious spiritual path.

I'm surprised with this

Originally Posted by Michael K.
With the sequence of translation ascension takes place totally [...] Translation means that the holy fire of spirit consumes all the outer koshas or sheaths, including the physical body, and thereby a point of no return is reached

That would imply that Jesus hasn't ascended yet since people keep meeting him during NDE's and he keeps appearing to people.

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