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sky 15-06-2018 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by water drop
Thank you , even though it seems like you are trolling .

I have tried to help you, I posted a video, I have answered your questions many time's, spent my time without a thank you and you accuse me of trolling, thank you. I have practised Qigong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu Fan and Tai Chi Sword for 20+ years and taught Qigong for 8 years, no WD I am not trolling. You are very rude and ungrateful.

Che Lazou 15-06-2018 11:30 PM

getting more chi
Water drop, it all depends on what you mean by chi, different sources give different definitions and categorisations. The most common translation is "energy" and even in Western physics there are innumerable forms of energy. One translation that has been suggested with reference to acupuncture is that chi is "essence of air" which could be thought of as meaning "oxygen" so in this case simply breathing more would give you more chi. When it comes to "electrical" and "magnetic" forms of chi things get more complicated, one can even push Western physics to its limits and talk about so called "dark energy" but then one is in the realms of pure speculation as far as analogies go. Concentrating on chi as "oxygen" is a good place to start as practice can certainly make the oxygen flow in the body more efficient and this flow interacts with the nervous system which can also be fine tuned by practice. Different foods can make oxygen flow more efficient too. It sounds so reductionist, but it is a mistake to think T'ai Ji isn't scientific just because it has a different geographical heritage. If you prefer a more poetic word you could think of chi as simply "breath" or as I said earlier on "essence of air". As a final note, according to Einstein, even "matter" is energy, so in that sense almost anything could be considered chi. As you are starting at the beginning think of chi simply as "breath" and you won't go far wrong. It might seem strange to think of concentrating "breath" in the dan tien instead of the lungs, but oxygen does flow there and by focusing one's attention one can become aware of the interaction between the nerves of the dan tien and the oxygen that has been breathed in and strengthen that connection. As I said, matter is energy, and T'ai Ji is a physical art, even Western physics becomes mystical when you try to say what directs energy movement and interactions. Thinking of it in Western physical terms does not detract from the practice if it helps. However, as one of my previous posts might serve as a warning, being unbalanced with regards to head analysis and sensitivity to chi with the rest of the body, could send you crazy. Thank you.

Rah nam 16-06-2018 05:33 AM

some times to many questions lead to confusion

wax on wax off

water drop 16-06-2018 12:02 PM

yeah it can but im basically asking the same thing from the start

about the instructor saying to push chi back to the universe and that we dont gather chi at all just take and give same amount and it clashes with other stuff just now watching a youtube video in minute 3-4 of the video they talk about taking chi from food and breath (just an example i heared about gathering chi from many different sources)


in my mind i thought this probably have some replies for example replies like

1 . we dont really gather more chi we just learn to move it more in the body increasing the ability to exchange chi we have with chi in the universe around us

2 . we gather chi from the enviorment from food from breath through qigong exercises - the more ch the better

3 . there isnt really chi its just a way to help poeple feel their body more and advance in their spiritual quest


and sky you wrote some rude stuff - but i dont want to talk to you and you dont want to talk to me so just ignore me and i will ignore you

SilentWolfMan777 29-03-2019 01:39 AM


Originally Posted by water drop
I practice for a long time buddhist meditation my goal there is enlihtemnet - just recently changed teacher to one that emphasis the gathering of energy which he said is chi/qi

thats why i really have a big intrest in it - but i also have a small one to help with my health probelms as qigong/tai chi as a form of exercise

i dont have a teacher about chi - so you dont contradict a steady teacher

i go free once a week to qigong in the park and there i heared the breath in breath out - also i was recently in 4 lessons in 3 different teachers one of qigong and 2 of tai chi - based on teachers etc i would probably do tai chi class but they dont go to much into spiritual stuff there and once a week qigong in the park but its not like a lesson but like the instructor there said for "fun"

my main thing at the moment i guess is to gather chi cause when you have more of it you can do more stuff like chours around the house etc = motivation thats what my buddhist teacher says and it seems true

so the whole breathing out chi from the hand confuses me and im trying to understand what is the deal with breathing out and pushing the chi out (as the qigong instructor in the park says in class) if we are trying to increase it

I will call it Ki, since I prefer the Japanese discipline.

The reason they told you to breathe it in and then out is because when you cultivate Ki, you are strengthening your etheric/energy body to move More quantities and more refined levels of Ki within and through it.

Some is naturally stored in the Hara (Lower Tan Tien) but the point is to widen/wake-up the meridians, and clear out blockages. Moving the energy back and forth does this well.

Once your energy is moving smoothly, this will also train you to be more receptive to the motions of your inner energy.

lomax 12-06-2019 11:09 AM

I like to get energy from trees,by using my palms.The energy rush is enough to keep me for at least two-three days.
I noticed that it overdrives my sexual appetite,and my body starts to produce larger amounts of seminal fluids.

I use a combination of mental and psysical contact with a tree,and then i feel my self filling with prana.
If there's an area the needs the prana,the flow will gather first there,and from that point it takes it's own route.

I love it.

ajay00 18-09-2019 10:39 AM


Originally Posted by water drop
the more chi the better ?

is there a limit to how much chi you can get ?

why in some qigong excercise in a class i went to the instructor told to breath in chi from the surroundings to hands than release the chi on the out breath -- if you want to get as much chi as possible ?

what are some good ways to get chi except tai chi and qigong exercises ?

Chi is also known as prana in sanskrit.

Here is an article by the enlightened sage Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on increasing prana.


Practice of meditaiton or awareness/mindfulness can also increase prana.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has also stated the beach to be a source of rich prana. So spending time in nature or the beach can also increase prana levels.

I have spend a lot of time in the beach and even slept over there and have found my prana levels tangibly increased. It also helps my meditation a lot.

Matty 04-06-2021 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by water drop
my main thing at the moment i guess is to gather chi cause when you have more of it you can do more stuff like chours around the house etc = motivation thats what my buddhist teacher says and it seems true

Society teach's us, more like reinforced improper teaching, that energy=actively moving Such as sports, chors, yard work etc etc.

Energy is more than just movement of the body. The mind,body, and soul all have enormous amount of energy, and with purpose. Society underestimates the amount of energy the mind and soul uses and produces. For instance how much mental energy it took Einstein to produce Theory of relativity, that professional athletes would been worn out from trying to keep up the same level of energy.

My point is ,in a way underlining nature if Tai Chi, how do you use your energy and how you direct it towards where you want it.
To touch on the topic of how much energy can someone acquire, to go back to Einstein- E=mc2...you can do the math if you like. The real question is how much energy can you handle, which is one of the other benefits of Tai Chi is that it's not about acquiring energy but being able to hold or maintain the energy.
I'll use lighting as an example. Humans can't take the full energy of a lighting bolt all at once
But if you take that same amount of energy from a lighting bolt and disperse it overtime untill all the energy has passed through you. The amount of energy at a time will be different for different people based on there threshold.

(I like to try to give visual aid as well, I am a perceptual thinkiner. I try to touch base in different levels of thinking... after all it takes energy to think)

flow.alignment 06-06-2021 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by water drop
the more chi the better ?

In general, yes, because there isn't really a downside to gathering more.

If you want it for health, there are 2 aspects - clearing blockages by circulating it and increasing the amount you have.

In the beginning, some say it's more important to circulate the chi you have to clear blockages since building the amount you have before circulating it can be a more unpleasant experience (but also possibly clear the blockages faster).

But lets say your blockages are gone and you're experiencing abundant energy and radiant health. At that point, gathering more might not have a practical use besides replenishing the chi you lose from day to day activities.

Those who use it for martial arts or emitting it to treat other people's medical issues will need more and it's more important for them to maintain their levels.


is there a limit to how much chi you can get ?
I'm not aware of a practical limit.

There are people who practice gathering exercises for 3 hours or more a day for years without issue.

The dantian and your channels aren't a set size that can only hold so much. As you gather more, they expand to accommodate it. Your experience of energy at the dantian gets stronger and grows larger in size and greater amounts flow through your energy channels.


why in some qigong excercise in a class i went to the instructor told to breath in chi from the surroundings to hands than release the chi on the out breath -- if you want to get as much chi as possible ?
That's a good question for the instructor who was teaching the exercise.

The qigong exercises I'm aware of, usually you visualize gathering chi and (if chi is expelled) sending out "bad" chi.


what are some good ways to get chi except tai chi and qigong exercises ?
IMO, the best way is through qigong because it specializes in it (so is more efficient) and it is more likely to handle it in a safe way.

For example, people can unintentionally gather chi through long term practice of seated meditation, but because they aren't aware of it, they don't store it at the dantian.

A result is they still have blockages and may have chi building up in places that don't hold a lot of energy (like their heads, which may be why they experience a pressure in their heads while meditating).

If they practiced qigong, they are more likely to have worked on clearing their blockages and gathering their chi at the dantian near the end of their practice session.

Not all qigong exercises specialize in building the amount of chi you have. Exercises that focus on circulating chi can slowly gather more, but other exercises are better at gathering. For example, standing qigong (zhan zhuang) or meditating while focusing on the dantian with proper breathing (abdomen expands when inhaling and contracts when exhaling).

sky 06-06-2021 03:14 PM

Not to forget you have Three Dantians ( Three Treasures ).

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