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Guff779 02-08-2022 12:47 PM

Will there be punishment
Hello members,

I helped my younger cousin with some assignments in first year, done half of his exam and two exams in his second year and a big project for him final year. All online. He's got his achievement

I will help students in the future. Maybe some will ask me to do all.

Will these people have to pay the price in another lifetime or if they learnt something they will not.

Spiritually and karmic what happens here with my younger cousin

JustBe 02-08-2022 01:03 PM

The system has a leak obviously if you can do that. If the earth school allows you to get away with such things than they possibly might eventually source such matters and might put a stop to it. How? I’m not sure?

The karmic link might be that your helping in this lifetime because you didn’t help him in another? Did you think about it that way?

Guff779 02-08-2022 02:50 PM

Hey, thank you.

I didn't think of it like that, no.

asearcher 02-08-2022 05:32 PM

Hi, the only consequence I can think off is further ahead the ones who was supported or helped by you did not learn everything they had to learn on their own perhaps and it will show later on, when they do not have you by their side, when they do need to be equipped. Then again they might avoid that or know that and do something about it before it gets to that?

Added: too if they feel quilt in some way for having asked and been given your support/help and not done it by themselves? Quilt can result in consequences/karma too, I'm afraid, but how knows maybe for the better at the end of the day? :)

lemex 02-08-2022 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by Guff779
Spiritually and karmic what happens here with my younger cousin

Karma applies to all. Karma interacts with karma as well, does it not. Do we even contribute to it. What about repeating karma. Look to karma as the whole it is. Remember punishment is not what happens.

Native spirit 02-08-2022 09:18 PM

I think you need to be careful because what has your cousin learnt.from you doing his Exam?.
If you get found out Both of you will get in Trouble he could even be kicked out of collage because of it.
Every action has a Consequence.


Unseeking Seeker 03-08-2022 02:59 AM

Rather than the word ‘punishment’, let’s use the word ‘correction’ or rather ‘self-correction’ from the soul’s point of view rather than ego’s impulse.

Some asks for help. You offer it. Then the question about ethics comes in, judgment comes in, with several interpretations, the Rashomon effect. Analysis is paralysis.

Life is short. Free flow, enjoy! In resonance with love.

asearcher 03-08-2022 03:36 PM

I thought of another thing, you Guff, feeling worried, making this thread wondering about their karma in this, that is you too feeling quilt having been part of it somehow maybe? so no good there either, I'm afraid? But this is what mistakes are for, when it feels bad we don't repeat it, hopefully?

I'm a screw-up myself so I'm not one to judge :) This too is what life is for, making mistakes and then moving past it.

astralsuzy 04-08-2022 11:39 PM

I agree with Native spirit.

Justin Passing 05-08-2022 06:08 AM

As Native Spirit pointed out, actions have consequences. When you take action you're accepting that, and it's part of the reason why it's quite important to always be able to feel good about what you do. If you've got mixed feelings, or you don't feel good about it, don't do it. And generally, if you feel a need to keep it secret, definitely don't do it.

It's kind of like gambling or taking a risk. If you aren't ok with ALL the possible outcomes (winning and losing), don't do it.

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