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Rsandee 31-07-2022 10:30 AM

Life is short
I dreamed about a dimly lit street, the street lamps exuded a dark orange light. There was a guy there with blond hair. He knew about my life and my future. I asked him if there was a chance I could be with my ex again in the future, if I didn't blew it. He said "absolutely no way", "the path for you is to meet other people". It was silent for a while until he said that yes, I would meet her again, yes we can be together, but he added that life will be short. I was startled by this, thinking I will not live long. He said that life is always short if you are with your soulmate.

Is this a sign? That there is hope? Or is it what I want to hear?

JustBe 02-08-2022 02:53 AM

Your life is a continuum so any dream or reading for that matter is only in that moment. Everything can change and move beyond those points your intersecting. Or they can manifest as a creation.

So which is it going to be. We may not know entirely.

Often dreams trigger how we feel about messages to let hidden emotional attachments go. Maybe that’s the trigger.

Life is short so enjoy it all

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