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Michael K. 27-02-2022 12:41 AM

Defect Looking For A Character.
In 1974 I was given just three months to live by my doctor. I was suffering from chronic alcoholism, i went to an AA meeting and was told by a burly Scottish gentleman that I was a defect looking for a character, and if i sat down and took the cotton wool out of my ears and stuffed it in my mouth, i might just hear something that would save my life, by the grace of a power greater than me, i took that mans advice, and have remained sober and well for nearly 48 years. Sharing our experiences is called the language of the heart, it comes
from the heart and not the head.

Before attending my first meeting in AA in absolute desperation i fell to the floor in my room and asked the great spirit of this universe the Father of us all for help, as i was beyond human aid, as i did this a mighty weight descended upon me and a loud inner voice said "what do you know"? I went to say something and the pressure upon me increased, so that i could feel my bones cracking under the immense strain and pressure, the voice said again what do you know? I in fear of being crushed more said NOTHING I know NOTHING al ALL.

With that the weight immediately left me, and the voice said now go to bed and you will be healed. I did as this mighty inner voice said and lay on my bed, and then I SAW the inside of my head, i could see my addled brain clearly and suddenly a great blue ray of strobe light lit up the inside of my brain and i was told that the brain damage i had incurred through my drinking was now being repaired, i then fell asleep.

This was the beginning of many encounters with the great spirit of this universe, and the start of me beginning to take up meditation which i have been doing daily for the past 47 years. In that time i have been made aware
of many things, One of the first things that was shown to me by the spirit was that I was a SOUL with a physical body vehicle, and not a body with soul, there is a big difference.

I then discovered through the contact with my intuition and the higher self that through that inner small voice leads to the full recognition of becoming a
fully realized soul, this then led onto my writing over ten thousand blogs on
Soul Realization over the past 15 years or so, I was told by a wise old soul long ago that we need to "PASS IT ON" all our experiences with our brothers and sisters, if you want to keep what you have, "then you must in turn give it all away in service" and that humility is the way of the wise.

I hope this post will help other here to share their experiences with us all, i have so much more to add here, which i will do at a later date, sharing is caring and what comes from the heart goes to the heart.

warmest regards michael.

Traveler 27-02-2022 01:39 PM

Very moving, Michael. Thank you for sharing.

Unseeking Seeker 27-02-2022 03:09 PM

A miraculous recovery from the brink, back to sanity, by divine grace!

Michael K. 28-02-2022 12:46 AM

Defect looking for a character.
Meditation has been the science of unification for me as i have been involved with the practice daily for 47 years. I was a fragmented tormented soul when I started looking into that silence within. I found meditation a unifying tool that could resurrect this defect and allow me to bring out a character that lurked within me that was at the beginning a fragmented disjointed wreck a shell of a being.

Within months of taking up meditation I began finding that I was detaching from my physical body in meditation, and then actually leaving my body and travelling within an inner astral body. I too became aware of a presence within me, I felt overshadowed by a divine entity, This i discovered soon afterwards was in fact my higher self, which i further discovered was in fact my divine immortal soul.

Soul realization impinged upon my aware consciousness at first it appeared as the inner small voice of my intuition, then this seemed to expand within
my awareness and take the form of being my divine immortal soul.

This primary awakening took place in 1975 and has grown over the past four decades or so. What I have discovered so far is that I have learned nothing
over the past 47 years of meditating, rather I have just uncovered what was already there, hidden by a dense layer of ignorance, now I am back in one way where I was in the beginning when i fell to the floor and asked for help from the SOURCE of all life, and was told that i knew NOTHING, well fast forward 47 years and now I still know NOTHING, but also have ACCESS to ALL.

regards michael.

Michael K. 01-03-2022 12:36 AM

Defect Looking For A Character.
Meditation has opened up so many doors that all lead to an infinity of NOTHING and that this NOTHING actually dissolves the ALL into becoming NO-THING,
one thing that nothing has revealed or rather uncovered within me is that
unconditional love which is Absolute and omnipresent and is motionlessness
that when it comes in contact with perpetual motion which is what this relative universe is, it transmutes its primordial signature and becomes known as that of consciousness

Consciousness therefore is LOVE in MOTION, and this motion is further reflected back within us as thought, ego, and mind. When I enter into stillness in meditation, the inner part of what I am comes into contact with stillness which is that of LOVE, here consciousness surrenders its motioning ability and melts into the armless arms of unconditional love.

regards michael.

Unseeking Seeker 01-03-2022 02:42 AM

Great post # 5

Michael K. 01-03-2022 11:54 PM

Defect Looking For A Character.
Meditation has uncovered from within me the understanding of deep listening and inner silence are akin and the same as that of surrender to the universe.

And that when a certain 'point' is reached within the silence and the listening grows intense, the surrendering aspect opens up a doorway within this stillness
this 'doorway' is also akin to what quantum science refers to as Zero point energy ZPE, 'YOU' in effect and in fact become 'super conductive' and this 'doorway' that opens, leads to a 'download' of cosmic consciousness and wisdom. The acute stillness and the intensity of the listening causes a surrender at great depth, and this ZPE creates a vacuum within inner space, and as nature abhors a vacuum, there ensues a download of super consciousness and wisdom. I have personally experienced this phenomenon and also experienced the bringer of this download which is the NOUMENON.

This defect writing this has been able to uncover a character through the noble science of meditation.

regards michael.

Unseeking Seeker 02-03-2022 01:35 AM

Great going Michael! Hope you don’t ask us to read Kant’s philosophy though! Looking forward to some understanding on the Noumenon.

Michael K. 02-03-2022 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by Unseeking Seeker
Great going Michael! Hope you donít ask us to read Kantís philosophy though! Looking forward to some understanding on the Noumenon.

Thanks for your input here Unseeking seeker, I promise not to bring Kant into the picture, the NOUMENON post will be coming up next.

regards michael.

Michael K. 02-03-2022 07:38 PM

Defect looking for a Character.
All my sharing here is what i have uncovered while meditating for the past 47 years. Insights and downloads of cosmic consciousness and void awareness.
We are all familiar with the presentation of phenomena, and almost unknown experience of its first cousin the NOUMENON.

My impersonal experiences of the NOUMENON are as follows, The NOUMENON is the "PRESENCE" of PURE AWARENESS being used as a "medium" of potentiality which fills the relative universe with ITSELF, then condenses down into tangible substance, which we then recognise as that of a phenomena.
It can also be described as, The NOUMENON is NOTHING that has the potential to BECOME ALL! Or the NOUMENON is the Absolute power of NO-THING having an effect on SOME THING then this SOME-THING becomes what we call Phenomena.

I think that has covered the NOUMENON equation quite adequately, so time to move on. In the next part i want to cover the four aspect of human growth. which are that of transformation, transmutation, transfiguration, and lastly that of translation
.regards michael.

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