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Law of attraction Explained

Deepak Chopra:Law of Attraction Explained in 12 minutes

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"Just because I don’t talk about the negativity going on in this planet it does not mean that I am ignorant to what is going on.

Yes there is a very real “battle” going on between realms and dimensions, and yes, this planet is currently being subjected to great manipulation and fear.
Some of it comes from “experiments” that have been conducted for far beyond what most of us are capable of comprehending, and others are purely operating from service to self and power over (separation), instead of power with (unity).

Either way, there are many agendas "battling" each other, and a lot more going on than meets the eye.

On the other hand, I am just as equally HYPER aware of what lies beyond these stories being played out:

Beyond the agendas, the games, and the experiments there is only stillness and observation, there is only BEINGness.
There is only One who remains in serenity, observing its fractals figure their way back home.

This is not about living from ignorant bliss, or turning a blind eye, but about understanding that once you are aware you have the free will to choose what you will empower.

Yes, awareness to what is going on in this plane is very important, and it is the first step, but not the only (!) and there is a very fine line between being aware and being powerlessly stuck in this awareness.

Awareness to what we wish to change is the first step, but after that we need the awareness of HOW to change it.

More than talking about destruction, calamities and manipulation we need people showing us how to take our power back.

I am calling now on you to be one of these people!

There are many parasitical energies that feed off of our attention to fear, and it is precisely because I am so hyper aware of this that I am zealous and vigilant to feed the positivity and the love.

As souls who CHOSE to be here, our point of evolution and mastery lies in, yes, being aware of the games and the agendas, but not stopping there, and rather using them as tools, as stepping stones to rise above and evolve.
Therein lies our true mastery and power!

It’s about seeing beyond it my loves, and this is only done through the heart.

The power is YOURS, not the president’s, not the country's, not the “E.T.'s” not the military’s, but YOURS, and you get to choose what you will feed by virtue of what you focus on.

I am simply choosing to feed LOVE, and the understanding of who we really are.
It's time to awaken the giant within! Who’s with me?

Lets spread empowerment! Please share if you agree."

-Raquel Spring

Well said, my friend :smile:

O 28-06-2017 10:33 AM

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