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Greenslade 03-01-2022 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by Sir Neil
One of the consequences is the lack of resolution of the issue which drove the person to suicide. It just gets rolled over into a subsequent life, to be resolved there instead.

If you're going in that direction, what if suicide is a Life's Purpose/Karmic Obligation? Considering that (allegedly) we are Spirit on a human Journey and committing suicide is an experience, from the perspective of Spirit - and not from a human perspective - are there valid Spiritual reasons and/or 'lessons' to be gained? What makes suicide a lack of resolution, what are the reasons - other than very human ones - that suicide itself might not be a resolution?

And whatever happened to Unconditional Love?

A long time ago, a wise woman once said to me "If you want to understand Spirit you have to think like Spirit."

JoeColo 15-01-2022 06:36 AM

Here are two Channeling Erik videos about suicide:




Edit: Warning: the first video in my opinion promotes suicide. The second video is somewhat off-point much of the time, talks about crystals, chakras, etc. However, if these help suicidal people, maybe not so much off-point after all.

JoeColo 16-01-2022 01:06 AM

Have you heard about Channeling Erik? He was an example of suicide being planned and agreed to before birth. He had been reasonably happy as a child, but had bouts of severe depression as a teenager. Severe depression early in life appears to be a common marker in most cases where suicide was agreed to before birth. (I'd estimate these are less than 10% of cases. Erik agrees.)

Again, it's bizarre to me that if, as so many say, suicide is cheating the soul out of experiences it wants or needs to have, then why do souls usually seem to not make any effort to prevent their incarnated selves from committing suicide? In pretty much every other way, souls enforce their choices on their incarnated selves.

New realization: on the one hand, souls make choices for their incarnated selves, such as being harmed in some way by someone else, even if just an insult, that their incarnated selves unable to prevent with their actions. On the other hand, souls are unable to prevent actions of their incarnated selves that have results that the souls don't want, up to and including suicide.

My soul didn't stop me from committing suicide, but he "eased up" with the difficult stuff at just the right times, so I wouldn't do it. Souls do not have the ability to prevent their their incarnated selves from committing suicide, but they can make considerable efforts to guide them away from doing so, as mine did.

I don't believe people are judged by God for having committed suicide, but they're usually in a very dark place after having done so. The thing about being in a dark place in the after-life is that, not only are you in your own misery, but you're subject to being preyed upon by unsavory or even demon-like spirits inhabiting those regions. I think that in many if not most cases where suicide is planned before birth, a rescue from the dark places is planned, also. It must have been so for Erik, or he might have avoided going there to begin with.


JoeColo 16-01-2022 01:12 AM

Sinead O'Connor suicidal after her son committed suicide:


Are we ever going to "fully fund" mental health care, which I think the last time we did was in the 1960's? We went from over-zealous involuntary mental hospitalization, to even worse, over-zealously under-funding it. Many who should be in mental hospitals are in prisons instead.:icon_sad:

Note: I'm not now remotely suicidal, nor have I been in any way so in many years, nor am I preoccupied with suicide in any long-term way. It's just that I have a good-sized batch of info and opinions about it now. I think I've posted all that I have now.


Sir Neil 22-01-2022 04:06 PM

[quote=Miss Hepburn]A concept, sorry Neil... Not necessarily.
But how would you explain karma? And people manifesting the same situations over and over again? If a situation keeps on arising, it is because it hasnít yet been resolved and needs to be. The reoccurrence is an opportunity for that. Once that has happened, then the cycle of knowing has been completed and another of the laws of the Universe mastered.

If a soul were not ready to 'go back to the same situation'...he would not have to ...
I would argue though that if a soul was already in the situation, then that soul WOULD be ready to learn and resolve. I believe that you never manifest a situation which you can handle. God is loving, I agree, and it is there to help, guide and provide for us during these circumstances.

Miss Hepburn 22-01-2022 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by Sir Neil
=Miss Hepburn]A concept, sorry Neil... Not necessarily.
But how would you explain karma? And people manifesting the same situations over and over again? If a situation keeps on arising...

I'm not sure who is saying what here...this has happened before.

Simple " " marks would help if you don't know how to use the quote button, lower right.
Whatever I said, regarding whatever, I've long forgotten.
A ''Re: post 21'' would also help..
Thanks, for next time in advance, tho.

Altair 22-01-2022 05:17 PM

At the top of a post there is a date which shows at what time the post was posted. It will depend on the thread, but replying to a discussion post many weeks after it was posted does not make a lot of sense. People lose context over time, there is such a thing as conversation flow. The posts are stuck in time but the soul can be out of it.

lostsoul13 23-01-2022 09:19 PM

I believe suicide is a karma free way in our reincarnations- everything happens for a reason- the objects wouldn’t be there if the inevitable wasn’t superior to allowing it to happen in the first place!!!

Rah nam 23-01-2022 10:13 PM

To the last post, I would say, every action we take in this reality influences what we know as karma, one way or the other.

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